The perfect wedding: how to make a wedding bouquet? Wedding - the most important, long-awaited and happya holiday in the life of any person, on which the main person is always the bride and groom. The bride attracts a lot of attention, all eyes are always on her, so anyone who plans to put on a wedding dress and go under the crown wants to look perfect. The image of the bride must necessarily be harmonious, ideal. In addition to wedding dresses, bridal veils, shoes, make-up and manicure, the wedding bouquet is also important, which completes the accent of the wedding set of any bride. By tradition, the choice of a wedding bouquet falls on the groom. However, modern brides increasingly take on this responsibility, as the bouquet should be in harmony with the dress and hair. Is a direct reflection of character and naturebride, so her participation in the compilation of the bouquet plays a very important role. The first thing you should pay attention to is the aroma of flowers. They should not have a sharp, too sweet smell. Also, the choice of colors for a bouquet depends on what time of the year the wedding celebration is planned. So, for example, do not include the winter bouquet include lilies of the valley or tulips, even if you have the opportunity to purchase them in the cold winter. Such flowers will look harmonious solely with a light air wedding dress. As for the color scheme, it is easiest with her choice in the summer, as this is the brightest, mottled season of the year. In the summer wedding bouquet you can include almost any kind of flowers, from roses to chrysanthemums. In autumn the choice becomes somewhat limited: in the autumn bouquet should be present gladiolus, asters, chrysanthemums, solidago, dahlias, amaranthus. Winter requires cooler neutral shades, so in the winter, give preference to the cream and white colors. The choice and composition of the bouquet is also affected by the color of the bride's hair. Blondes suitable colors are more gentle, brunettes - bright, dark. Brown-haired will look good with a bouquet in a rich, warm color scheme. To compose the perfect wedding bouquet, consider the growth and composition of the bride. Brides are small, slender will look good with a modest, small bouquet. High brides should just the opposite is to include in their bouquet flowers on long stems with large lush buds. To make the bouquet look more lively and original, in addition to flowers, it is possible to include such decorative materials as pearls, guipure, down, rhinestones and other various plants. If you want a bouquet in retro style, then you should add silk ribbons to it. Quite a common mistake of many brides - too many additional decorative ornaments in a bouquet. By the way, the ability to properly hold a bouquet also depends very much. Quite often brides mistakenly hold the bouquet too high, at the breast level. However, to make the image look harmonious, the bouquet should be kept just above the waist level. Since preparing for a wedding takes a long time, it is quite often that brides simply do not have free minutes to compose an original and interesting wedding bouquet. In this case, it is best to entrust a professional florist who will make a bouquet for you based on your wishes. We advise you to read: