kolca If you believe and follow long-standing traditions, thenon the eve of the wedding, you need to purchase two flat and smooth rings. They seem to symbolize a calm, even married life. Of course, the classic design of wedding jewelry will remain in our memory forever, and someone, choosing rings, may prefer it. However, modern jewelers-designers are paying more and more attention to the fact that traditional forms of marriage rings are no longer as popular as they used to be. In their place come original, exclusive models - the spouses believe that special accessories should be purchased for the main celebration of their life. And, indeed, on the windows of jewelry boutiques they amaze with intricate ornaments and an unusual combination of colors of noble metal. There is an opinion that exclusive jewelry should be distinctive - not like “everyone is wearing it”. Today Valtera is considered one of the most popular jewelry brands. In Moscow, there is a whole network of stores selling exquisite jewelry of this brand. Among their collections, one of the most demanded by buyers is a collection of wedding rings. You go to or on their official website and get lost inrepresented by diversity. Here you can see not only the wedding rings for the young "under the favorite classics", but also completely unimaginable models executed on exclusive sketches by European and domestic designers. Which of the rings are considered the most relevant and in great demand?

  • In trend - gold rings in the form of a rim,inlaid with a central gem. As a rule, these are modernized models of the past: in combination with pink or yellow, rings with one diamond and a scattering of small ones that adorn the gold rim;
  • Vintage ornaments for the wedding are no less popularThey look luxurious due to the "aging" effect. Vintage rings are decorated with curls and patterns, ornaments and diamonds and are usually quite wide;
  • Hit the last decade - wedding rings fromcolorful gold of interesting design. Spiral patterns, floral reliefs, geometric patterns - all jewelry fantasies are embodied in one ring in gold of different colors;
  • The rings of yellow gold and silver come into fashion - the lemon or white shade of the noble alloy is marvelously combined with diamonds and other precious inserts.

You can always become the owners of uniquewedding accessories. But keep in mind that such designer masterpieces stand somewhat more expensive than classical ornaments, since they are made according to individual sketches. At its wedding collection store Valtera offers discounts of up to 50% - so luxury can be affordable.