haircuts for curly hair Curly hair is very beautiful, but alsoattention they require a lot. After all, the hairstyle of a woman should always be flawless, and curly hair is rather obstinate and disobedient. Many ladies suffer, stacking them and trying to create a masterpiece. Meanwhile, a haircut made on curly hair will help you maintain the natural beauty of your curls. Haircuts for curly hair are completely different - short and long, with bangs and without. Just remember one rule - whatever haircut you choose, in the morning you still have to do the styling. The fact is that the haircut on curly hair does not tolerate hats and headscarves, and after sleeping looks very bad - the prickles stick out in all directions, and even the comb can not save the situation. Of course, fashion accessories in the form of rubber bands, hairpins, hoops and invisible hair can turn even the most disheveled hair into a decent hairstyle. But if you want to do without any additions, then you have to spend every morning a little time for styling. A good styling depends, first of all, on the haircut.


If you have short curls, you can tryThe old, time-tested "asymmetry". The fact is that such a haircut on curly hair can sometimes do without laying. Curly hair will fall a neat wave on one side, and not too stick out. In the morning, it will be enough to moisten the hair with water and wring them a little with your hands. All - to the exit ready! From behind you can make a very short head, and you can leave a few stitches - effectively look fashionable "doggies" in the form of curlers. By the way, such haircuts curly hair look perfect if you apply several types of paint - for example, the back of the head and a short side black, and the side is more authentic - light colors. Extravagant, fashionable and even creative! haircut for curly hair

Bob on short hair

A very popular haircut is curly hairby the type of "bean". But here you need to find a really good hairdresser, a master experienced enough, because for curly hair this haircut is considered difficult. In general, for a hairstyle for short curly hair is characterized by some untidiness - well, it is impossible to lay absolutely all the curls and make the hairstyle an example of accuracy. Bob on curly hair can be short and medium - it's up to you to choose. Or consult with the master (with full confidence in his competence). The short bean looks playful and fun, curls have to be laid every day, use a lot of fixing means and, possibly, a hairdryer, curling irons. Yes, yes, do not be surprised - it is by forceps you can put curls in the right direction. Behind the bean can be short (the back of the head will be shaved) or elongated - a few ringlets will come down the neck. A good option, and the first and second - just with the shaved head it will be necessary to use gel or wax cosmetic, because short curls have the property of prisposschitsya.

Bob on medium length hair

If you choose a bean for an average length, then hereit's not at all difficult - your locks will fall on your shoulders and beautifully frame your cheeks - it's hard to think of a more feminine option. Female versions of the bean (and originally it was a male haircut) imply some tenderness, so it's better to make yourself a bang. But here it will be necessary to straighten it a little with the iron - it's too bad! Haircuts from the category of short will bring some inconveniences when leaving and will require close attention. In addition, such a haircut on curly hair causes a strong impression that the lady looks like a teenager, and for an adult solid representative of any company is unlikely to fit. But everything depends on the stylist. Masters in beauty salons usually have sufficient experience and the ability to "tame" the hair and have the knowledge that allows you to make flawless haircuts.

Ideal for medium hair

The most successful haircut on curly hairit turns out at average length - it looks simply charming, sexy, and curls can be laid as you want. About the bean at medium length, we already wrote, but I want to add that with this haircut, you can pin hair, raise it upstairs and even improvise a little with daily hairstyles. Haircut on curly hair type Bob is considered the most popular, hairdressers immediately recommend it to their customers. And meanwhile, you can make and cascade haircuts - they also look perfect with the average length. Especially since cascades allow you to pin and tie your hair, use hoops and hidden hairpins - in general, you can form any hairstyle. Haircut on curly hair of medium length has an amazing property to transform even the most severe faces - ladies look feminine and cute, a little coquettish and intriguing. And, by the way, a bean is not an exception, but only on average length! haircuts on curly hair

Options for long hair

Long curly hair is the presentwealth, they look so beautiful, such hairstyles are always fashionable and you can show your imagination to the fullest. Haircuts of curly hair, the more long, implies a simple trimming of the tips, it is possible to form bangs and oblique temples. There is nothing unusual about hairdressers here and do not even advise - in fact, and so from curly long hair can not tear off! It is for long hair that you can use the iron and slightly straighten your hair, for example, on the top and back of the head. Fashionable haircuts for curly hair on long curly hair usually do not apply - even the masters do not advise shortening the length, often even insist on it. And, believe me, it's better to listen to them - they are right! Judge for yourself - all haircuts for curly hair are made taking into account the structure of the hair, and long hair (even if they are insanely curly) can be assembled into a bun, braid a braid and just pinned higher - that's the first version of the hairstyle. Haircuts curly hair limit the owner of such a miracle in the manifestation of his imagination - but long hair can be straightened completely and appear before everyone in a completely new way - here's the second option. And yet haircuts curly hair, especially if they are short (for example, a bean), deprive the lady of extravagance - well, what can you think of? But long hair can be used to weave African braids or make dreadlocks - it's pretty creative! From all of the above, we can conclude that the haircuts made on curly hair are divided into categories and types, you can choose absolutely any, especially if the original length allows. But do not get carried away and dream about a neat haircut that will just be enough to comb. Yes, if the hair is curling, then you have a real treasure - many women dream of such hair. But this treasure needs careful care - fashionable haircuts for curly hair can only help shape the hair, but the basic care will still fall on your shoulders. Owners of curly hair should give them enough time in the mornings - it is unacceptable to leave the house with a slovenly head, but then enthusiastic looks are guaranteed to you. A haircut is simply designed to help make your image more accurate, they help to emphasize your originality and style. So rejoice and be proud of your hair, a woman's spell is able to drive any man crazy and kindle jealousy in women. And if there is a successful haircut, then you just need to add a smile, sincerity and brilliance in your eyes - everything from the admirers of hanging will not be! We advise you to read: