cutting with hot scissors You probably heard in the hairdresser about thisservice as a haircut with hot scissors. This procedure appeared in Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra. At that time, cutting hair with hot scissors was very different from modern service, since then they had no idea about electricity. The slaves of the ruler then simply heated the tool for a haircut on fire, and then the hairdresser did her haircut. Many centuries later, an entrepreneur from Switzerland recognized this kind of haircut, and he decided to revive this procedure in modern hairdressing salons. Of course, the haircut with hot scissors in the form as it is now, during the reign of Cleopatra did not exist. Now the haircut is performed by special electronic devices. Outwardly they look like ordinary scissors, but the metal in them is sealed under plastic. The mini-computer monitors the temperature regime, which sets the temperature appropriate for the type of hair and keeps it at the same level all the time the haircut is done. There are such devices of two types: mobile and stationary. In this article, you will be able to find out whether the haircut is useful with hot scissors or not, how this procedure is done, and whether it helps to get rid of some problems with the hair. About all this, read on.

What is the essence of cutting with hot scissors?

Has a haircut with hot scissors reviewsmillions of women, and in most of their responses, these are positive. So what is the essence of this procedure? To understand this issue, you must first consider the structure of the hair and the dependence of hair health on the condition of their tips. The structure of the hair is a thick rod, its walls are covered with a lot of microscopic scales. If the hair is healthy, then all the scales are very closely adjacent to each other, so the hair shines. But such procedures as washing the hair with soap, drying with a hair dryer, using planks, straightening forceps, hair dyes, mousses, gels and so on, affect the structure of the hair in the best way. The result of such a negative effect on the hair leads to the fact that the scales on the hairs are separated from each other and the hair can be compared only with the brush. Naturally, the shine of hair in this case disappears, they become dull and cut. In addition, very often you have to deal with such a problem as split ends of hair, when you grow your hair for a long time. And in order to restore the external beauty of hair, one has to shear a rather large part of the hair, as a result of which the hair growing is prolonged for a very long time. Haircutting with conventional scissors, of course, also helps to improve the condition of the hair, but only the effect of such a haircut is much less lengthy. This is due to the fact that the usual scissors leave an "open" cut of hairs, as a result of which the scales of hair quickly split and the hair is much more affected by negative factors. The result: the hair very quickly lose its healthy appearance. So what gives the haircut with hot scissors? This procedure allows to solve the problem of split ends for a long time, because during hair cutting with hot scissors on the tips of hair, the scales are soldered, so that moisture and useful substances remain inside the hairs. After several sessions of this procedure, the structure of the hair is completely restored and healthy shine, elasticity and smoothness return to the hair. And how do the haircut with hot scissors? Technically, Thermotrip looks like this. During the usual haircut, the hairdresser takes strands of hair and cuts them off, but during the feathermower the master takes as much as possible small strands, twists them into flagella, and then these brushes ruffle. Such discomfort leads to the fact that all the cut ends of the hair begin to stick out, so that they can easily be cut off, what the hairdresser does in this case. Overall, cutting hot scissors reviews is mostly positive. Women who undergo this procedure say that the hair not only looks healthier, but grows faster, and the haircut keeps its shape much longer. Therefore, cutting with hot scissors is an advantage that is undeniable, can be recommended to everyone without exception.

Pros and cons of cutting with hot scissors

shearing hot scissors reviews Cutting hot scissors is not onlyone of the newest procedures for hair care, but also one of the most popular. In addition, to the cautious question of women "is it harmful to cut with hot scissors?" You can unequivocally answer: "No!" This procedure has a curative effect on the hair, which we already told you above. The healing effect of cutting hot scissors becomes noticeable after the first such procedure. Well, the peak of efficiency from this procedure is achieved after 2-3 haircuts, which guarantees complete disposal of such an unpleasant problem as split ends of hair. In addition, after 4-5 haircuts the total volume of hair is noticeably increased - approximately twice. This is due to the fact that the pressure in the tips of the hair increases, and the thickness of each hair becomes uniformly the same throughout the entire length. And if the haircut with hot scissors replaces any haircut with ordinary hair, the hair will fall out less, will be stronger and thicker. If you ask on the forums on the Internet about hair cutting with hot scissors, the reviews of women will surely make you think, and it would not be time for you to take this procedure into service with your beauty. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to such a haircut to people whose hair is not only visited, but also very fragile in themselves. Usually so long hair is so fragile. But also for those who have short hair like this haircut, too, will not hurt, as cutting with hot scissors promotes a more light and long lasting hair styling. This procedure is also useful for the treatment of hair immediately after a chemical wave or dyeing, as the haircut with hot scissors favor on such hair is unquestionable: the dried hair and the ends of the hair are removed. Well, we figured out if haircut is useful with hot scissors. But, as they say, every medal has a reverse side. Cutting hot scissors minuses are not bypassed. The biggest disadvantage here is the complexity of this procedure - it lasts for more than two hours. And the longer the hair and the worse their condition - the longer it takes for a haircut. In addition, one can argue about the benefits of this procedure. Of course, it is impossible to state firmly whether the haircut is harmful to hot scissors. Here everything is individual. In most cases, cutting hot scissors has only positive results, but it also happens that after such a procedure the hair on the contrary becomes more relaxed and begin to fall out more. That is, the haircut with hot scissors reviews have and not quite good. Some explain such a weakening of the hair by the fact that the breathing of the hair is carried out just through the tips that are "sealed up" with a hot scissors, which prevents oxygen from entering the hair. But in the first place, such a negative happens only in cases when a hot haircut is not done by a sufficiently qualified specialist. So, to determine whether haircut with hot scissors helps to give your hair a healthy look or not, you can do it only after you have passed this procedure yourself. In addition, do not be mistaken in that cutting with hot scissors will save you from the problem of split hair forever. Alas, this is not so. Thanks to this procedure, the hair just does not split much longer, but sooner or later it happens. Therefore, it is important to think about how to maintain the health of hair in addition to thermotricking.

What do you need for healthy hair in addition to thermotricking?

Do you know now whether the haircut is hotscissors to become more healthy. In order for the health effect of the thermo-strings to last much longer, you need not only to regularly perform this procedure, but also follow certain rules for hair care. The need for regular hair trim is associated with the fact that when a certain length is reached, the protective layer of hair ends begins to break down. In addition, do not dry your hair with a hair dryer - let them dry up better. If the use of a hair dryer for any reason becomes very necessary (for example, when you are going somewhere, and you do not have much time), then the temperature of the hair dryer should be set to medium, but not to the maximum. Also, severe damage causes hair contact with hot metal - for example, straightening forceps or curling irons. In this case, it is better to use apparatus with a ceramic coating, rather than metal ones. Well, it is important to avoid unnecessary stress, because stresses not only worsen overall well-being, but also affect the condition of hair, nails and skin. In addition, it is useful to drink vitamins and use hair care products that are suitable for your hair type. Yes, and do not abuse alcohol and cigarettes, because these bad habits also do not contribute to the health and beauty of hair. Well, here is our article about hot haircut coming to its logical conclusion. Now you know everything about thermotrip, including whether the haircut has hot minus scissors. And to all that has been said, I would like to add that the frequency of this procedure is strictly individual. It's all about not only the technique of haircuts, when thanks to the twisting of hair in the flagella hair along the entire length of them get rid of the cut hair, but also in the speed of hair growth. In this regard, someone visits a thermotriction specialist every six months, and someone has to do this every 3-4 months. And more often in this procedure need hair, which are regularly exposed to a chemical wave or color. In general, take care of your hair and its healthy shine, and silkiness will attract not only the attention of men, but also deliver you with their magnificent appearance a lot of positive emotions. Be beautiful always and everywhere! We advise you to read: