an onion mask for hair growth Dreaming of a healthy and long spit to the waist, butdo not have the patience to grow a head of hair? Has passed half a year after a hairstyle, and hair did not grow on any millimeter? Use popular methods and means, recipes which got from grandmothers and moms. In their times it was not exactly customary to wear hairpieces, wigs, and even more so, there was no way to increase the curls. They collected medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits that grew in the fields and orchards, and made of them healing masks, rinses, etc. Onions, nettles, dandelions made the hair soft, silky, shiny and incredibly beautiful.

Why hair grows slowly

Because of stress, lack of vitamins, problems withhealth, etc. causes the hair to start growing much more slowly than before. And it is not necessary to buy expensive drugs to revive the "asleep" hair follicles. It is enough to constantly make therapeutic masks, massages, eat fruits, vegetables, and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, to date, girls prefer to purchase cosmetics, which include harmful to health surfactants, supplements, dyes, and popular methods are preferred less and less. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that, for example, an onion mask is a reliable and proven way to accelerate hair growth, improve the scalp, and get rid of dandruff. It is recommended to do it in the summer, when, due to direct sunlight, the hair becomes dry and lifeless, and in winter, when the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body affects even the hair. Phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, copper, vitamins C, B2, B6, PP1 - this is only a small list of what is contained in this vegetable. a mask for growth of hair from an onion

Indications for use of onion mask

No matter how well you do not care for your hair, whatwould not be used expensive cosmetics, no matter how many vitamins were not used, it still makes sense to make a mask based on onions. Depending on the rest of the ingredients, it nourishes, revitalizes, moisturizes, relieves dandruff, makes the head of softness, like that of small children. In order to prepare a healing mixture on your own, you will need from the strength of five to seven minutes, no more, and add to it you can have everything that you have in refrigerators, from eggs to honey. Of course, to wait that after one or two procedures you bring your braids in order, it's not worth it. I'll have to show maximum patience until the result is noticeable. Usually an onion mask for hair growth is done once or twice a week for three to four months. Also, do not be too enthusiastic, trying all kinds of money on yourself. In the event that a particular recipe suits you, stop only on it. And do not forget to take small breaks (one to two months) so that your hair can rest. Magic recipes of natural beauty

  • Mustard with onion

Such a mask will not only affect the growth of hair, butand relieve the fair sex from one of the biggest problems - increased fatty hair. So, you will need ordinary mustard powder, which you can easily find in any store, oil (olive, sunflower), egg. Two tablespoons of mustard diluted with two tablespoons of boiling water, add butter and a well-beaten yolk. The resultant mask is completely enough for ten to fifteen centimeters of medium-rich hair. Please note that it is not worth it to apply the ends themselves, just rub it into the roots and skin, after which a plastic bag or special film is put on the head, on top - a warm towel, best of all - terry. Do not worry if you start a little oven, pinch or itch, as this indicates that the mask for onion for hair growth has begun to work. I'll have to endure about fifteen to twenty minutes.

  • Grated onions

The usual onion mask for the growth of hair -A great option for those who do not want to mess with preparing complex recipes. One large bulb rubs on a small grater or grinded on a blender, the resulting gruel is applied to the roots of hair (for half an hour - for dry, for an hour - for fatty). If your hair is very dry or if you have recently cleared, it is recommended to add a little vegetable oil, which will soften the effect of the mask a little. After the procedure, thoroughly wash the braids with lukewarm water. It is recommended to use this product from onions not only for growth, but also from the loss of vegetation.

  • Yeast with onion

Yeasts have wonderful healing properties,so the mask of these two magic ingredients will make your hair look unusually beautiful. Twist in a meat grinder or rub on a small grater two or three onions, then strain them through the cheesecloth. In the resulting liquid, add a teaspoon of yeast (but only dry), butter (can be olive) and two tablespoons of hot water. After the mixture has completely cooled, put it on the roots for half an hour, depending on the type of your hair.

  • Honeymoon

This mask is used not only for growth, butand to lighten hair or to get rid of the yellow shade after unsuccessful painting. Grated bulb mixed with honey, melted on a steam bath or in a microwave. If you do not have a fluffy head of hair, just one teaspoon will suffice. The mixture is applied to the head for an hour, after which it is washed off with shampoo. To stimulate growth, this procedure should be performed no more than once, for clarification - twice a week.

  • Egg Salvation

A mask of eggs, butter and onions causes a tideblood, which in turn stimulates hair bulbs. Mix well with a mixer or whisk yolk with the rest of the ingredients (one to one), then immediately apply to the hair. After an hour, rinse off this product with water with vinegar and lemon juice. Two days after the procedure is not recommended to use balsams, conditioners, hair rinsers.

  • Garlic Recipe

For a similar mask, you will need severalheads of garlic to squeeze out a tablespoon of juice from them, one large onion from which will come two tablespoons of liquid, whipped yolk, two tablespoons of burdock oil, cognac and essential oil, so that after the procedure the hair does not smell too much. After you mix all the ingredients, apply the product on the roots for ten to fifteen minutes, which is enough to improve blood circulation. If you overdo the mask, burns may occur, so follow the instructions carefully. To wash everything off, just wash your head several times with shampoo for dry hair.

  • Folk remedy in a new way

For hair growth, use an onion mask (twotablespoons of juice), cognac, kefir, salt, honey and butter (preferably burdock, but you can castor). This tool is difficult to wash off, so it is recommended to use it on the weekend, when you do not need to go anywhere next day. It is applied over the entire length of the hair, including the tips of the hair, for an hour and a half. To make it easier to evenly distribute it, use a special brush or comb-comb. Repeat the procedure can be a week later. hair growth mask with onion

Onion masks: how to deal with the consequences

Despite the fact that the mask of the bow is prettyis useful and effective, the fair sex does not want to do it because of the unpleasant odor that remains even after the tenth hair washing. Of course, you can use a large number of shampoos and balms, but in this case the effectiveness of the procedure is minimized. Therefore, in order not to frighten passers-by with a marvelous aroma for the next two days, one should adhere to a number of rules that will help you get rid of the onion odor in the shortest possible time. Firstly, it is recommended to use the juice itself, rather than a chopped or milled plant. So you do not have to comb the remnants, entangled in the hair, which when heated start to smell unpleasant. Secondly, rinse your head with scarcely warm water, after rinsing your hair with herbal decoctions. Calendula, nettle, mint - all this not only eliminates the main problem, but also lends shine. If you even after these procedures still feel the smell, use citrus fruits. Lemon or lime juice, diluted in a liter of water - is the best remedy in this case. Another tool that girls use to get rid of the consequences is a mask of colorless henna. A packet of this mixture is poured into a porcelain vessel, we add a teaspoon of mustard, after which all it is poured hot water (but not boiling water), in which the freshly ground coffee was cooked, and leave it for ten minutes in a cool place. As soon as the mixture has cooled to an acceptable temperature for skin application, we add essential oil (pink, lavender) to it, so as not to simply kill, namely to remove the odor. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right flavor, because you will smell like them for at least a week. After you wash off the onion mask with water and shampoo the head with shampoo, apply this remedy immediately for fifteen minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash the hair with a copious amount of water with the addition of lemon juice. Usually, if the hair is not too thick, and the onion is not very caustic, once it is enough. Too often, henna is not recommended, and the odor is best removed with herbal decoctions. If you do not do any masks at all, the fragrance will not erode within two to three months. The second problem that can arise when using onions is dry skin. Avoid this can be with kefir, which is also applied to the hair immediately after the procedure. Please note that this option is not suitable for greasy hair type. As for the duration of walking with this fermented milk product, the longer, the better. Just do not forget to put on the bag and wrap your hair with a towel so you do not get smeared. We advise you to read: