masks for hair at home Women's attractiveness is dependent on manyfactors, but one of the very first is the hair, which must always be well-groomed, strong and shiny. Unfortunately, nature did not give everyone a healthy hair, and many simply lost this gift - numerous painting, chemical perm, fixing tools did their job. And the influence of the environment also has a tangible effect on appearance. In order to restore hair and restore their health, we must take care of them, feed with useful substances. And this will help hair masks. I must say that there are a lot of them, they were tested by our ancestors. You probably noticed how thick and healthy your grandmother's hair was? So it's worth to try it, especially since it's very easy to prepare such medicines, and the price for them is not very high, in comparison with professional balms and masks.

Strengthening the hair

If your hair is brittle, and the tipssektsya, it's time to help them and strengthen a little. Here an ordinary chicken egg, preferably rustic, with a bright orange yolk, comes to the rescue. No wisdom here - the hair masks at home are attractive and attractive, that do not require either the presence of special skills, or the acquisition of expensive ingredients. It's enough just to put the egg on your hair and wait 5-15 minutes. Everything is the right effect! To put an egg it is necessary on dry hair (and, without a difference on dirty or on pure or clean) therefore as with wet it will simply slip. Pre-egg it is necessary to beat up a little - only not up to foam, and simply with a fork stir the yolk with protein. It is necessary to wash the egg with lukewarm water, since it can be "cooked" in hot water, and you will collect whitish rags from your hair. By the way, the egg can be mixed with other components, thereby you simply strengthen the effect of such a mask for the hair. For example, add milk or honey to the egg - the hair will not just harden, but will shine. Olive oil also gives its effect - the egg mask will not only strengthen, but also nutritious. For thin hair, weakened and brittle, it will be very convenient to mix a mixture of eggs and bananas. hair masks

For shine hair

It happens that both the hair is thick, and do not break, andthe tips do not split, but there is not that shine and radiance that is inherent in healthy hair. In order to achieve the desired effect, you do not need to pay for balms and shampoos for shine. Open your refrigerator, probably there is a pack of kefir. Here they will be treated hair - cheap, and the effect is simply stunning. Kefir should be a little warm - leave it in the room for a couple of hours or warm it up in a water bath, and now just apply on the hair. In this kefir must be rubbed into the roots of the hair, as if a little massaging, distribute along the entire length. Try not to let any strands stay dry. Now cover the head with polyethylene and tie a towel - the mask should be warm, warming. An hour or two (you can do more) can forget about your hair - do business or just relax on the couch with your favorite book. Then all should be washed off with warm water with shampoo, use after a mask for hair balms or special rinse aid is not needed. To conduct this procedure should be once a week, for two months. You will see for yourself what hair will become: shiny, thick and heavy.

From hair loss

Many women face hair losswhen combing and washing your head. The special hair mask intended for strengthening will save the position. The reasons for the fallout may be different. These are stressful situations, lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, and poor nutrition, and hormonal failures. In any case, you need to help the hair to get the former beauty and strength, then the appearance will be more attractive, and the hair will become even, obedient and shiny. Try chocolate wrapping. Yes, do not be surprised, the substances found in cocoa help to strengthen and nourish the hair. The usual drink, the one used for baking, will not work - it has very few nutrients. A hair mask involves the use of real bitter chocolate, with a cocoa content of at least 70%. Melt it in a water bath and pour a little milk - for a chocolate bar weighing 100 grams, you need to take only 50 grams of milk. Mix everything to make a homogeneous mass, then apply to the head. Now you need to create a compress effect - wrap your head with a towel and sit for two hours. After that, wash your hair with warm water and shampoo. Take into account, this mask for hair is rather fatty, washed off hard, but what an effect! Even after the first time you will notice that your hair has become stronger, they shine and drop less when combing. Repeat the procedure can be once a week, at least for a month. hair mask at home

A few tips for caring

Masks for hair at home should beconduct courses, regularity - the key to success. You can not do them from time to time. Once every 5-7 days for any mask will be quite enough. But the course should last no less than two months, and even better about six months. You can, of course, alternate hair masks and use different recipes, but still it will be safer to try first one, and after the end of the course - another. In winter and autumn, you need to hide your hair under the cap - from a sharp temperature drop, they become brittle and dry, which can lead to loss. Of course, at any time of the year, loose hair looks much prettier, but it's better to suffer a couple of months of colds than restore your hair all your life. After all, problems from hypothermia can be so deep that no hair masks at home will help. When washing your head, be sure to thoroughly rinse the shampoo - if its particles remain on the skin or in the hair, it can cause dandruff and dryness. By the way, any hair mask should also be carefully washed off, if necessary, you can use shampoo. But that's something you can never combine with a mask - it's balms and rinsers with vitamin complexes. Masks for hair at home can help in solving many problems and return hair shine and radiance. But if you feel that even after prolonged use nothing happens and there is no improvement at all, then it is necessary to consult a trichologist - a doctor who treats the hair. He will help to establish the cause of the problem and will tell you how best to treat, which hair mask will suit in your case. After carrying out procedures to strengthen hair or to give them shine, try rinsing your head with infusions of herbs - chamomile, string, wormwood, burdock root, sage. At home, these infusions can be prepared independently - buy a herb in the pharmacy and brew it according to the instructions. Need a hair firming mask? Then use the root of burdock to rinse it - it has a strengthening effect. And if you have dandruff, then apply chamomile infusion. As you can see, there are a lot of hair care products, they are so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. If you are not constrained in the means, you can ask for help in a beauty salon, where the masters will offer you professional masks for the treatment and strengthening of hair. But first, try home masks, they certainly will not harm, and you will always have time to spend money on expensive funds. We advise you to read: