brazilian hair straightening Brazilian hair straightening is a new,a unique procedure of its kind that allows you to straighten even the most naughty and curly hair for a long period, giving them a natural sheen and making them flowing and healthy. It is especially important in the summer, when after three hot months the hair is overdried with sun rays and sea salt. In addition, the structure of the hair is destroyed and because of the negative influence of spring sources, for example, unfavorable ecology. Our food, lack of vitamins, improper diet and bad habits further contribute to the fact that the hair becomes dull and lifeless. In addition, every day, we lay our hair using gels and foams, hair dryers and thermal protection agents, which also has a devastating effect on the hair. All these problems are familiar to almost all girls, so it is very important to monitor the condition of the hair and maintain it in excellent condition, which will help the Brazilian straightening based on keratin. Who is recommended for Brazilian straightening? The method of Brazilian hair straightening based on keratin is recommended to owners of all types of hair: wavy or straight, thin or thick. Hair color also does not matter - Brazilian straightening can be used as girls with colored hair, and with natural color. correct brazilian hair straightening

What is the secret of Brazilian hair straightening?

The technique of Brazilian hair straightening todayis considered the most effective among all existing. It allows you to straighten even the most rigid, naughty and curly hair, completely aligning their structure. This straightening restores the hair damaged by chemical preparations and devices for styling and drying hair. The uniqueness of the procedure is that it uses natural cosmetics, the basis of which is keratin, and it is known to be the main building material of our hair. Keratin allows the cosmetic complex to penetrate and fit tightly into the structure of the hair, filling the voids, making the hair dense and thick. Under the influence of a very high temperature, which can reach 230 degrees, keratin is folded, turning into a strong protective layer, enveloping hairs and sealing the existing lesions and split ends. As a result of this, the head of hear acquires smoothness, shine and literally shines with health. One procedure straightens 90-95% curls, and its effect lasts up to four months. The main advantage of the Brazilian hair straightening procedure is the lack of strong and aggressive reagents in cosmetic preparations that can lead to even more serious damage to the hair shaft. Comparing the technique with permanent alignment, it is worth noting that the keratin composition does not destroy the so-called disulfide bonds, but gently and gradually relaxes them and stretches them, smoothing the hair. Brazilian straightening heals the hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The smallest keratin molecules penetrate deeply into each hair, strengthening its structure and sealing the cuticle with a special protein layer. Due to this, the fluffiness of hair is eliminated, they are protected from static electricity and the negative influence of external sources, be it smoke, dust or UV rays. Carry out a similar keratin straightening can even be done on dyed, melted or clarified hair. Other salon procedures are not an obstacle to brazilian straightening. The next straightening further strengthens the effect of the keratin complex: the hair strengthens, becomes soft and pleases with healthy shine. However, it is important to know that Brazilian straightening can be performed only in salons of professional hairdressers who can offer certified products and possess special skills. professional brazilian hair straightening

Stages of the procedure

Now consider the technique of performing the Brazilianstraightening hair. First of all, in order to achieve the optimal permeability of the hair and its susceptibility to keratin, the master thoroughly cleanses the hair with a special shampoo. It penetrates deeply into the hair, clearing them of excess fat, dust and styling, thus preparing the hair for the procedure. The second step - from the roots of the hair and to the tips of the hairdresser is applying a remedy based on keratin. This is best done on slightly dried hair. At the moment, the best keratin products for Brazilian hair straightening are products MARCIA (Brazilian Keratine Treatment), as well as Brazilian Blowout. During processing with a similar composition, the hairs are covered with a dense protective protein layer, the task of which is to straighten the cuticle and straighten the curls. Now the hair needs to be dried with a hair dryer, and then proceed to the main stage - sealing the keratin using a special iron (temperature - 230 degrees). This part requires a lot of time, you need to carefully work out each of the strands from four to eight times, depending on the structure of the hair. Due to the thermal protective properties of the products, high temperature does not damage the structure of the hair. Are the locks smoothed? Now the master rinses them with water, the shampoo is no longer used. For a minute, a special mask is applied, which is then also washed off with water without the use of additional funds. And, finally, the final stage - drying and styling, before which the hair is applied moisturizing conditioner or whey, depending on the hair. Result - your hair is smooth, soft and obedient! Typically, the procedure can take an hour and a half. Perhaps the master will cope faster - it all depends on the length of the hair and their structure. For four days after the Brazilian leveling procedure, it is not recommended to wash your hair. In this case, the product will be absorbed densely inside the hair and fixed in them.

The rules of hair care after straightening

Of course, after such a procedure is requiredspecial hair care. This will allow for a long time to consolidate the result - ordinary cosmetics here is not suitable. Experts recommend that at home use Brazilian Blowout Acai products - shampoos and conditioners saturate hair with natural vitamin cocktails that allow hair to stay in excellent shape. Instead of the usual shampoos, use non-sulfate products, which allows you to maintain the desired level of moisture and balance of proteins, which are so necessary to keep the curls smooth and shining. After the shampoo, use serums that reliably seal the protein and nutritional components in the cuticles of the hair. How long will the effect last? All solutions that hairdressers use in the process of Brazilian straightening, are not aggressive. They envelop hairs from all sides even before you decide to wash your hair. The components will be washed out gradually, the necessary amount of keratin will remain in the hair. brazilian hair straightening at home

Extend the effect obtained

In order to extend the effect, repeatprocedure in about five months. However, if your hair is badly damaged, then you can do straightening again, three months later. Immediately after you have done the procedure for straightening the hair, you do not need to bathe in the sea, as the salt will wash the keratin, which did not have time to soak into the structure of the hair. It is not necessary at first time after the Brazilian leveling to go to saunas or pools, since bleach and steam can destroy keratin like sea water. You can dye your hair, but not earlier than one and a half weeks after the procedure. It is best to use bezammiachnye paint, because oxidizers strongly destroy keratin components. For shampooing, use shampoos without sulfates. Like any medical and cosmetic procedure, Brazilian straightening has its contraindications, the first of which is pregnancy and lactation period. Take care of the health of the baby and do not risk - postpone the straightening for later. It does not make sense to do straightening when you are going to the sea - it is better to conduct the procedure after the holiday. Many believe that Brazilian straightening based on keratin promotes active hair loss. In reality, it's not entirely true. Using correct and qualitative rectifiers, you will achieve that the structure of the hair, on the contrary, will be strengthened and the fallout after this will be reduced. If you use poor-quality cosmetics, then unpleasant consequences are quite possible. So do not save on your health!

Formaldehydes in the composition of solvents

Today in all media the issue is widely discussedinsecurity of compounds for the Brazilian hair straightening due to formaldehyde in their composition. However, today there are funds available for sale in which these harmful components are not available, cosmetology has long since passed to a new level, producing harmless products based on natural ingredients. Indeed, a few years ago, all hair straighteners were made on the basis of low-quality keratin in combination with formalin. Because of such a harmful mixture, the hair smelled unpleasant, but it was not so bad. They sliced, dried or very much dropped out. To the joy of all women, there are practically no such products on sale today. Bezformalinovye solutions for the first time began to produce laboratories of the USA, Israel and Great Britain. They also developed a radically opposite, new method of hair straightening, which does not require the use of harmful ingredients in cosmetics. In addition, natural oils, plant extracts and a special hydrolyzed keratin, which is obtained from high-quality sheep wool, began to appear in such rectifiers. Such keratin is often combined with plant keratin to achieve a better effect. At the moment, you can get improved, quality keratin solutions that will not affect the appearance of your curls in a negative way, but on the contrary, help them look brilliant! Brazilian hair straightening is a procedure that will help your locks always remain incredibly soft, well-groomed and obedient. Hair - the main female decoration, and your task - to maintain them in perfect condition. Then the admiring glances of those around you are guaranteed!