watermelon diet Now became a very popular watermelon diet. Many are confident that using it you can get rid of excess weight quickly and without much difficulty. And doctors believe that it is impossible to sit on a watermelon diet for a long time. Otherwise, there may be sad consequences: frequent headaches, forgetfulness, irritability and even fainting. Therefore it is strongly recommended to stick to a watermelon diet for 3-4 days. During this time, you can reset from 3 to 5 kg. Moreover, with the help of a watermelon diet, there is an opportunity to improve your metabolism and remove toxins from the body.

What should I look for when buying a watermelon?

Nutritionists are advised to sit on such a diet inAugust or in September, because it is during this period that watermelons are ripe. Specialists who took part in the transfer "Control Purchase", argue that after buying a watermelon, you must check it for nitrates. To do this, you need to put a piece of pulp into cool water. If a piece in 40-50 seconds will exfoliate, it means that there are nitrates in it. The flesh in the water should always keep its shape. It is worth noting that it is best to buy a watermelon weighing 6-7 kg. If less, then it can turn out to be unripe. And if more, then 100% of it added chemistry. Usually, this is done with a syringe. Wash the watermelon carefully. Otherwise, after using this large berries, nausea may appear. This is due to the fact that the watermelon peel contains a large percentage of bacteria that destroy the human body. It is strictly forbidden to buy a cut watermelon! As the statistics show, it is in the halves of watermelons that a huge number of microbes are contained. Moreover, watermelons can be carriers of various diseases. After the watermelon has already been purchased, you can start to compose a diet for 4 days, because you can not limit your body to eating other foods that contain nutrients. slimming on a watermelon diet

The scheme of watermelon diet

Of course, it is better to start the diet on Monday. On the first day for breakfast you will need to eat 2 slices of watermelon (small size) and drink a glass of mineral water. For the second breakfast you should eat a peach. But at lunchtime you can afford not only 3 slices of watermelon, but also glazed cheese. You need to drink only water. The afternoon tea will have to be missed. But you can have dinner with a slice of watermelon and a slice of rye bread. Dinner should be exactly at 19:00, not earlier and not later. I want to note that the feeling of hunger will arise in 2-3 hours. Many break down and start eating all the food in the house. You can not do this. The process of losing weight should be approached seriously and thoroughly. Of course, on Tuesday it will be much more difficult. You can have breakfast only with a slice of watermelon. But for a second breakfast you should use a banana. In the lunchtime it is allowed to eat a rye crumb (not more than 200 g) and 3 slices of watermelon. Before lunch, not so much time. After all, at 17:00 hours you can eat low-fat yogurt (no more than 150 g). For dinner, it is better to drink a glass of watermelon juice. On this day, hunger will make itself felt. However, if you occupy yourself with an interesting affair, the person will not even understand that he is hungry. Wednesday is considered a day for heroes. After all, 87% of women drop their diet on the third day. Of course, if you fail, do not blame yourself. After all, you can start from the beginning. And it is desirable to prepare yourself in advance for a diet. For example, do not eat after 18:00. Or stop using confectionery. On the third day of the diet, you can eat a little more. For breakfast, you should use 3 slices of watermelon, 5-6 pieces of dried apricots and grape juice. The second breakfast is almost no different from breakfast in the previous 2 days. Just on Wednesday you need to eat an orange. At lunch already allowed to eat 5 slices of watermelon and 100 grams of black bread. The afternoon tea will have to be missed. But you can have supper with three slices of watermelon and raisins (no more than 200 g). Drink only water. But it is advisable not to use liquid before going to bed. Otherwise, circles under the eyes may appear. In one of the diary of a slimming man it was written that from excessive drinking of water, he had severe swelling on his face. So you have to limit yourself in the water too. Not more than 2-3 liters of water per day. And, finally, the last day is Thursday. It is final, so you should limit your diet. For example, for breakfast you can eat only 1 piece of watermelon. When it's time for a second breakfast, you'll only have to eat half a pear and nothing more. In the lunchtime, 2 slices of watermelon are allowed. Of course, you can not miss a mid-morning snack. When his time comes, you need to drink a glass of watermelon juice. Some do not know where to buy it. Although it is sold in all stores and is called "Good". Almost every supermarket has such a drink. So it is unlikely that this will create complexity. You can have dinner with three slices of watermelon and rye crumbs. It remains only to withstand the evening and night. Done! You can safely stand on the scale and watch how much you dropped. A high probability that in 5 days it took 5-6 kg. results of weight loss on a watermelon diet

How can I switch to normal diet after a diet?

After a diet, do not eat everything. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will again come in double size. Therefore, you must first "go" to sour-milk products. That is, the first 2 days of eating cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and yogurt. It is very important that these products are low-fat. Then gradually you need to eat soup on chicken broth, porridges (buckwheat, rice and pearl barley), fruits and vegetables. It is not advisable to eat something salty or spicy. This can cause an appetite. You just have to limit your portion and not put too much food on the plate. Doctors say that this diet is not suitable for all people. Therefore it is strongly recommended to consult with a specialist. Watermelon diet is very complex, and not every person is capable of sustaining it. So do not overestimate your strength. Experts have found out only one drawback of the watermelon diet for weight loss. It is forbidden to use it for people who have kidney disease. This is due to the fact that the kidneys are heavily weighted to cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins and toxins. For those who have diabetic disorders, it is not recommended to sit on such a diet. However, despite this, watermelon diet is still effective. Thanks to her, really really lose weight. Why? Probably, it should be said that watermelon is low-calorie, because in 100 grams contains only 36 calories. Moreover, this large striped berry has a diuretic effect. Simply put, it perfectly removes excess fluid from the body. But it is water that adds 2-3 extra pounds to a person. Another watermelon interrupts the feeling of hunger, due to the fact that its juice fills the stomach. Therefore, there is complete confidence that the diet will help. Also, she has enough good and positive feedback, which motivates you to try this method for losing weight. It is better to do prophylaxis for your body at least four times a year. That is, to sit on a diet and do unloading days. After all, it helps to improve the metabolism, as well as the removal of all toxins. However, before you sit down, you should take tests and see if there are any contraindications. Otherwise, there may be side effects. So it's better to secure yourself beforehand. And if it turned out that the watermelon diet suits you, then this is a great success, because you can remove only a couple of extra pounds in just 4 days.