American diet There is public opinion that Americans oftenall eat at fast food restaurants and do not watch their weight at all. And the proof of this is the abundance of obese Americans. But, as it turned out, Americans are also not indifferent to what figures show scales when weighing. And on diets they sit no less than the inhabitants of other countries. One of the American diet for weight loss has even won worldwide fame due to its simplicity and effectiveness. And to comply with it you will not need any overseas products, nor a prolonged debilitating fasting. The American diet is quite loyal to all those who lose weight. In addition, it allows for some two weeks to lose weight by about five kilograms.

The Meaning of a Diet

The essence of the American diet for weight loss lies in the observance of several rules.

  • Nothing to eat after five o'clock in the evening

The first three days of observing this rule will beit is difficult, but for the sake of losing weight, you can tolerate a little. Moreover, women who have gone through the American diet say that by the end of the first week they practically did not feel hunger. If the clock ran far beyond the 17.00 mark, and there is still want, drown out a glass of hot tea without sugar.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Someone can surprise this condition. After all, usually lose weight by losing excess fluid in the body. But the American diet is not aimed at a quick loss of kilograms, but on stabilizing weight and improving health. Therefore, in two weeks you can lose weight slightly, but at the same time you will feel light and increased efficiency. The exception to the American diet is coffee, carbonated drinks, sweet tea - they need to be limited or excluded.

  • Give up fatty foods

Here, the diet of the inhabitants of distant America is very loyal. She admits that you can afford a few slices of fried potatoes or a couple of spoons of a harmful salad with mayonnaise. Have eaten something fat? Nothing wrong. The main thing - to seize all this with several slices of pineapple or grapefruit, capable of breaking down fats.

  • The most serious contraindications

For two weeks, it is forbidden to consumefood salt, pepper, oil, fat, alcohol and vinegar. As for the products, the American doctors offer their own variant of nutrition, which they consider useful and right for the process of losing weight. American diet

Menu of the American diet

Among all other American diets - not the mostlong-term: it is designed for two weeks. Nutritionists decided to simplify the task of losing weight and make a single breakfast for all 14 days of the diet. Every morning you should start with a cup of coffee with milk, two apples (or one orange), a slice of bread (or toast) and one soft-boiled egg. But lunch and dinner during the diet are quite diverse. The first day

  • Lunch - fish (fried or boiled) in the amount of 200 grams; Celery, seasoned with lemon juice (100 grams); unsweetened coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - one hundred grams of boiled meat, seasoned with a teaspoon of onions and one yolk; a piece of toast or plain bread; apple or a glass of low-fat milk.

Second day

  • Lunch - 200 grams of stewed spinach; 150 grams of lightly fried calf liver; two boiled potatoes; Coffee or tea without milk and sugar.
  • Dinner - salad from beets, carrots, tomatoes andcabbage (finely chopped), seasoned with a tablespoon of refined vegetable oil; a cup of low-fat yogurt; one egg, boiled soft-boiled, a slice of toast or plain bread; slice of lean ham.

Day Three

  • Lunch - 200 grams of lean roast meat; leaves of green salad, seasoned with lemon juice; A glass of tomato juice; orange, apple or grapefruit to choose from; coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Dinner - a glass of low-fat yogurt; 2 eggs hard boiled; two tomatoes without salt; two slices of bread; apple or pear to choose from.

Day four

  • Lunch - 200 grams of fried or boiled chicken; 150 grams of cabbage (you can with lemon juice); a piece of plain bread or croutons; a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - 50 grams of cottage cheese, which if desiredcan be complemented with Bulgarian pepper, green onions and raw egg yolk; 6 pieces of radishes; a glass of milk with a low fat content; a piece of bread or croutons.

Day five

  • Lunch - 250 grams of grated carrots; 150 grams of lean boiled meat; two potatoes boiled "in uniform"; one cup of coffee or tea without sugar and milk.
  • Dinner - fried eggs from two eggs with vegetables (any choice); a tomato salad with green onions, seasoned with lemon juice; an Apple.

Day Six

  • Lunch - 200 grams of boiled fish; 150 grams of salad (you can fill with lemon juice); a piece of bread or croutons; a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - 150 grams of boiled lean beef withgrated on a small grater horseradish; 100 grams of green salad (you can both in pure form and with the addition of lemon juice); a glass of milk with a low fat content; an Apple.

Day Seven

  • Lunch - 200 grams of boiled chicken; 100 grams of boiled rice (without salt); 100 grams of green salad, seasoned with fresh lemon juice; one apple; one glass of milk with a low percentage of fat.
  • Dinner - a glass of natural yogurt; two small cutlets (preferably steamed); an Apple; a piece of bread or croutons.

American diet for 2 weeks

Diet as a lifestyle

The menu is designed for seven days. However, such a food system should be kept for at least two weeks. Only then will the American diet be effective, and the floor scales will begin to rejoice when we weigh. This system of getting rid of excess weight gives an excellent result, ensuring systematic weight loss and maintaining a good state of health. The effect of the diet is not instantaneous, but it is easy to keep, following the rules of nutrition. The American diet is quite simple. Stick to the seven days of the appointed menu, and at the beginning of the second week, go back to the first day and repeat the proposed power system. Want to consolidate the effect of losing weight? Make the American diet a part of your life, and then you will enjoy not only your weight, but your health. We advise you to read: