Diet of Xenia Borodina Ksenia Borodina is a popular TV presenter.They started talking about her in enthusiastic tones after she lost twenty kilograms. One of the leading "House 2" after giving birth was greatly transformed, before the whole country appeared refreshed and prettier. is one of the most popular on the internet. According to Xenia, she did not expect at all that she would achieve such an amazing effect. Previously, she had already tried diets such as kefir and Kremlin. They did not go for the future, they did not bring results. But the cucumber diet turned out to be exactly what you need. For breakfast, she had two cucumbers with a slice of brown bread, and for lunch, a cucumber salad and vegetable soup. Once a week, Ksenia allowed herself some lean meat. She liked this diet so much that cucumbers became her favorite vegetable. The advantage of the cucumber diet lies not only in the rapid loss of excess weight, but also in the metabolism and skin color. For those who have big problems with obesity, Borodina recommends starting to lose weight using a vegetable or fruit monotrophic diet. Its essence is to consume fresh fruits of one type during the day. This summer diet involves drinking plenty of fluids. You can eat a handful of nuts or seeds if hunger does not leave you alone. A weekly abstinence from regular food will save you five to seven extra pounds, tested on the stars. We advise you to read: