rice diet for 7 days More than half of the inhabitants of our planet every dayeat rice as food. After all, with the right preparation, this product does not bother at all, on the contrary, it can serve as an excellent side dish for many dishes. And, of course, we can not fail to mention the benefits of rice for the human body. What is its uniqueness? First of all, rice combines well with meat and fish, as well as with vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is a source of energy, because it contains many of the microelements necessary for human health: carbohydrates, B vitamins, various acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc. For people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors even recommend eating rice because it creates a special protective film in the stomach. Similarly, scientists have proven the benefits of rice cereals in the prevention of cancer, in the treatment of people with intolerance to gluten and vegetable protein, which is not contained in rice. All these advantages, of course, make this product always relevant. But the most important advantage of rice is that it helps to lose excess weight and cleanse the body, practically without harm to health. Rice diet is in the first place in popularity, and today we will talk about it. But first you need to focus on the rice itself and understand what is most suitable for the diet to be as effective as possible.

Which rice is most useful?

It all depends on the processing of rice cereals. For example, white polished rice is not as useful as wild or unprocessed, although it is most often used in cooking. Why is that? Before getting to the store shelves, rice is cleaned and processed, this is done to ensure that the finished product is stored longer. And useful properties "leave" from it in the process of this purification. Therefore, the rice diet will be more effective and useful if you use brown rice in it. You can buy it in any supermarket. Of course, and he is an order of magnitude higher than white rice. But your health is priceless, right? rice diet 7 days

Rice diet for 7 days

So, we came directly to the description of thediet. The duration of your "hunger strike" is only 7 days, for the sake of a beautiful figure you can and suffer a week, especially since it's not such a diet and strict. We will begin, as usual, on Monday ... Monday

  • Lunch: boiled rice - 60 grams, flavored with lemon juice or zedra, apple, green unsweetened tea;
  • Lunch: rice with olive oil - 60 grams, vegetable broth, vegetable salad;
  • We have supper: steamed rice with carrots and zucchini - about 150 grams, vegetable broth.


  • Lunch: boiled rice, also 60 grams, seasoned with low-fat sour cream, orange;
  • We have lunch and dinner the same way: any vegetable soup and about 100 grams of boiled rice.


  • Lunch: boiled rice with cinnamon, apple, unsweetened green tea;
  • We have lunch: rice stewed with mushrooms, salad of fresh cucumber, dressed with olive oil, vegetable broth.
  • We are having supper: steamed rice with broccoli, a glass of broth.


  • Lunch: boiled rice, flavored with a teaspoon of grated almonds and a handful of raisins;
  • Lunch: rice with carrots, steamed - 150 grams, green salad, radish and vegetable broth;
  • We have supper: rice with parsley greens and a glass of broth.


  • Breakfast: rice porridge with milk, a salad of fruits and rice flakes;
  • We have lunch: 150 grams of steam rice with vegetables and any greens, broth;
  • Supper: rice, seasoned with grated walnuts, celery, green onions. Spinach.


  • Breakfast: a salad of rice, a pair of dates, a pair of walnuts, figs and pears;
  • Lunch: rice with vegetables - 60 grams, absolutely any vegetables, you can add mint and olive oil;
  • We have supper: a portion of rice with apples, it is possible to season with honey, broth from vegetables.


  • Lunch: a portion of rice in 60 grams with yoghurt, lemon juice and a spoonful of honey;
  • Lunch: a portion of steam rice in 150 grams with tomato and green beans, vegetable broth;
  • Supper: a portion of steamed rice in 150 grams with olives and zucchini, dressed with olive oil. Broth from vegetables.

This is not a very strict diet. Of course, it is a little monotonous, but the effect is excellent. In just 7 days you will lose 5-6 kilograms, and this is not so bad, you must agree! The peculiarity of rice is that it brings a sense of satiety and allows you not to feel hunger for a long time. In addition, the rice diet is also good because it reduces the need for fats and sugar, while preserving all the energy necessary for the body. useful rice diet for 7 days

Two variants of the purifying rice diet

The first of the diets lasts three days, during which timeyou need to eat only boiled rice. Every day - one glass of this useful cereal without any seasonings. Portion is divided into several equal parts, washed down with juice - apple or orange. The diet is very strict, so it can not be kept for more than three days. You can repeat not earlier than a month. This rice diet allows you to lose about a kilogram per day. It is good to sit on a similar starvation on the eve of the holiday, New Year, for example, that the favorite dress was just in time. The second option, which can offer a cleansing rice diet is not so strict, it is designed for seven days. One day diet assumes a pound of boiled rice, in which you can add lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The main thing is that the percentage of these products should not be more than 200 grams per day. You can drink mineral water, natural juices of self-cooking, green tea without sugar. Such a rice diet implies a repetition in fourteen days, if this is necessary.

What are the results of the diet on rice?

As mentioned above, rice diet allowsget rid of extra pounds in just a few days, and it happens without harm to health, even on the contrary, the body will be cleaned of unnecessary slag, and you will feel more vigorous and healthy. In order for the results of the diet to please you as long as possible, within the first two to three weeks after applying it, you must limit yourself to eating meat, fatty and dairy products. Of course, this article does not represent all the diet options on rice, you can choose the diet that suits you best. By the way, before the beginning of a diet consult with a doctor-dietitian, he certainly will tell you how to act to get a stunning effect! We advise you to read: