chocolate fasting day Chocolate is the subject of controversy about harm and benefit,which made him a legendary product. Do you know where the history of chocolate comes from? Even the ancient Maya Indians paid attention to the small oblong fruits of the exotic tree. The bitterish drink of these fruits was an expensive treat, only the most distinguished members of the tribe - chiefs, priests, leaders - could afford it. This drink was called "chocolatl" - a bitter drink, and it was not at all habitual for us cocoa, but the Indians simply adored it. What is a chocolate unloading day, no one else suspected, but the fans at the drink was enough. The Aztecs also considered it simply magic and were firmly convinced that the fruits were sent from paradise. In addition, cocoa beans were real money: just for 10 grains you could buy a large rabbit, and for 100 - a healthy and strong slave.

The birth of chocolate

In Europe, the drink of the Indians did not receive duerecognition - it tasted bitter, and the secular ladies were afraid to drink it because of the belief that later they would give birth to a black child. But one day the French doctor guessed to add sugar to the bitter cocoa, and then the most favorite product of children and adults appeared - chocolate. Many doctors and researchers around the world argued about the benefits or harms of chocolate. So this question remained open, but the fact that chocolate is a paradox product is an indisputable fact. Judge for yourself:

  • It is believed that chocolate causes allergic reactions, but Japanese doctors are using this sweetness to treat allergies in children;
  • Everyone believes that chocolate is harmful to the teeth, and recent studies have confirmed that it has bactericidal properties and is a prevention of caries;
  • "From chocolate we get fat" - it's stupid! The increase in body weight does not come from sugar, milk and cocoa, but from an unreasonable amount of sweets;
  • Ate a lot of chocolate candy and you "sprinkled"? Yes, any dermatologist will confirm that from natural chocolate there are no pimples!

And it is chocolate that is attributed to the property of aphrodisiac - by the way, it really is. He was always carried with him, even Giovanni Casanova - the most famous lover of the world. chocolate day off

The benefits of chocolate

Previously, chocolate was sold only in pharmacies - hecontains a lot of minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium) and vitamins B and PP. If you eat chocolate in moderate amounts, then memory improves, cholesterol formation decreases, attention is increased. In addition, chocolate facilitates the condition of a woman during PMS, increases sexuality. Dessert from cocoa beans helps even with stomach cancer - this is the latest research. Chocolate is a smart remedy for depression - eat a tile of "bitter sweetness" and you will feel like you are feeling better - this is due to endorphins, the hormone of happiness. And in Switzerland, in all spa salons, chocolate wraps have been used for a long time - the skin becomes simply velvet like a baby. Miracle? Yes, but it is available to everyone!

Unloading day on chocolate

Yes, yes, do not be surprised! The happiness has come also for lovers of sweet! Unloading day on chocolate is nice, tasty and effective. Just need to know what features carry such days. Let's look at them in more detail. Chocolate unloading day can have a negative effect on the liver - before you start consult with your doctor to eliminate any problems. Days on chocolate exist in two variants. In the first - it is necessary to eat for a day not more than two chocolate bars, 40 grams each. You can drink coffee with milk and without sugar. With the second option, the unloading days consist of consuming 10 grams of chocolate before dinner and before dinner, about 10-15 minutes before meals. To ensure that such days are effective, buy only bitter chocolate, the content of cocoa in it should be at least 80%. But milk and white chocolate hide away - it contains a lot of sugar.

Features of the "chocolate hunger strike"

It should be noted that mono diets are quite heavy fororganism. Therefore, for the sake of own calmness, it is necessary to make an examination with a doctor - there may be some restrictions. For example, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, chocolate is unlikely to be appropriate. But in general - it's so cool when you eat sweet with the thought of losing weight! For three unloading days on chocolate, you can lose from one to one and a half kilograms of excess weight. Such a day would be good to spend before the holiday, the triumph - you will look simply amazing! But the number of unloading days can not be exceeded - no more than three in a row. And they can be repeated only after a two-week break. unloading days on chocolate

Macaroni and chocolate diet

If the unloading of the body on one chocolate is notdesirable, then replace the "sweet days" with a more gentle way of losing weight, for example, try a macaroni-chocolate diet. It consists in mixing products and snacks. Such a diet includes the following products:

  • Any pasta - no more than 200 grams a day;
  • Sauces for them that contain low levels of fat;
  • Vegetables and fruits in any quantity;
  • Water or juices;
  • Chocolate - no more than 30 grams a day.

On such days you will not have to eat alonechocolate. Diet allows you to mix all of the above products, as well as a snack between meals. Its peculiarity is in "piece-wise" nutrition. You can eat often, but little by little, you can prepare from these products any dishes that you prefer. Thus, you will not feel hunger at all, and chocolate will help the body to make up for the energy that is missing in these days. As you can see, it's quite possible to arrange chocolate unloading days, even necessary. It's so nice - to lose weight with pleasure! And in order to be sure of the truth of all of the above, just try 20 minutes before eating to eat at least 20 grams of sweetness, and you yourself will notice how much less you will eat. The constant use of dark chocolate helps to reduce the daily intake of calories by 15%. Just know in all measure - in any case you can not eat exclusively chocolate - there will be an opposite result, and health can be seriously spoiled. We advise you to read: