treatment of genital warts in women Condylomas are outgrowths on the mucous membraneexternal genitalia, which can be located singly or in groups, merge into one large condyloma. This is a venereal disease that is caused by a virus. Condylomata in women can be harbingers of cervical cancer. The causes of the appearance of condyloma are known - it is a human papilloma virus, which is almost everyone in the body. In addition to the appearance of genital warts, human papilloma virus can cause warts that can be flat, simple and plantar. One of the most serious diseases is cervical dysplasia and an increased risk of cervical cancer. The HPV virus is intracellular, it enters the cells of the epithelium, multiplies there and causes the above-described diseases. on examination with a gynecologist

How long does the incubation period and complications of the disease last?

From the moment of infection until the moment of the first condylomaswomen can take several months. In the beginning, even no changes are visible, so condylomas can be attributed to a hidden infection. The first signs are minor rashes of pink color, they grow slowly and increase in quantity. The rate of growth of genital warts in women will depend directly on the state of its immunity: the weaker the immunity, the more rapidly growing warts. Because of the long incubation period and the latent flow without symptoms of disease, diagnosis and treatment are difficult. The causes of the appearance of genital warts are not only unprotected sexual intercourse, infection can also occur when the virus is transmitted from mother to fetus. If the disease is not found on time and does not begin treatment, then you can earn significant complications. Condylomata in women can become an obstacle to intimate life, because a woman often complexes with a cosmetic defect. Condylomata can itch, cause a burning sensation, sometimes start to bleed if they are injured. In any case, this is a disease that must be treated immediately, immediately after detection. If you do not start treatment on time or do not finish it, you can relapse - the appearance of new peaked formations. There can also be suppuration of the appendages, the appearance of sores, which will eventually bleed. Pointed condylomas are the formations of the epithelium, which rise above it and have a pointed form. Most often, the formation is located on the pedicle, less often on a wide base, the leg of condyloma is blood-supplying. At first, the formations are small and soft, gradually they grow, increase in size and can even merge into groups. Papules may be in the groin, in the vulva, small and large labia. If a woman independently discovers information about her education, she often refuses treatment. Therefore, the process can be delayed, condylomas will grow further and cause more and more permanent discomfort. at the doctor

Diagnosis and disposal of genital warts

Treatment of peaked epithelium outgrowthsis performed only after confirmation of the diagnosis. Since the cause of the disease is a virus, it can not be detected by simple methods. For diagnosis, PCR is used - it is the detection of fragments of the virus. After receiving the results of the analysis, the attending physician is assigned complete, consistent and effective treatment. To be treated it is necessary at the doctor-gynecologist who will carry out all procedures and appointments correctly and in full. Self-treatment is contraindicated, because this can lead to complications. Treatment of formations can be carried out in different ways. The most common treatment of formations with liquid nitrogen, which is applied to the affected area. This method does not cause pain, they can handle quite large areas at the same time. Now a laser has often been used to remove growths, but this method requires additional anesthesia, scars may remain, which does not speak in his favor. Possible exposure to condylomas with drugs that contain acids in a concentrated form. They burn directly affected areas, treatment is carried out by courses. At the same time, the doctor prescribes drugs that will support the patient's immunity. The method of removing condyloma from a female doctor is selected individually for each. The sex partner is also treated necessarily to avoid repeated occurrences of the disease.

How to avoid a recurrence of the disease?

The most reliable way to prevent the recurrence of condyloma in women is the use of a condom during intercourse, as well as the presence of a permanent sexual partner.