sesame seeds useful properties Sesame seed is one of the oldest in the worldspices. However, historians still argue about why people grew sesame seeds because of their taste qualities or healing properties. The fact that people knew about the useful properties of sesame in ancient times, there is no doubt - there are a lot of legends, one way or another related to sesame. Before we talk about how useful sesame seed, let's remember what this plant is. Sesame refers to the annual. Valuable in sesame is its fruit, having the form of oblong bolls. Depending on the variety of sesame seeds vary color - black, white, yellow, brown. They grow sesame seeds in Transcaucasia and Central Asia. Typically, sesame seeds are grown to produce sesame oil. It is sesame oil that is used to treat very many diseases. Although in Russia sesame seeds are most often used for confectionery purposes - for sprinkling bakery products.

Useful properties of sesame

One of the most valuable qualities of sesame oil -it's its fatty oils. These oils contain organic acids, glycerol and many other substances. In addition, sesame contains a powerful antioxidant, such as sesame. Useful properties of sesame effectively reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, prevents the development of cancer and pathologies of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the sesame seed includes proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins E, C, A, as well as group B. It does not lack minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Thus, sesame oil is not only a medicinal, but also a preventive agent, which is practically harmless and has no contraindications. Interested? Then let's talk about the useful properties of this amazing plant more. With the help of sesame oil, it is possible to remove toxins from the body, normalize blood pressure level, metabolic processes, cholesterol level, and help prevent various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. And due to the fact that the sesame seed contains a large amount of calcium, its oil is used to treat osteoporosis, build muscle and so on. Also, sesame seed oil is used to treat hemorrhoidal nodes, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Seeds of sesame are added to various ointments, creams, emulsions. In addition, the useful properties of oil from sesame are used in cosmetology - for the manufacture of cosmetology. sesame seed

Folk recipes

There is a fairly large number ofvarious recipes of folk medicine, using sesame oil. But remember that self-medication can not be done in any case. Be sure to seek help from a doctor who correctly diagnoses the disease and prescribes the necessary treatment. And folk recipes can only be a supplement, and even then - only after the approval of the treating doctor. No useful properties of sesame seeds can replace a doctor's consultation.

  • Cough remedy

Coughing periodically bothers everyone without exceptionpeople, and it is often very difficult to get rid of it. But it is quite real. For cough preparation, prepare the following remedy. Wash and clean one large tuber of raw potatoes. Rub it on a fine grater, after which carefully mix with a tablespoon of sesame oil. Heat this mixture in a water bath to a temperature of 40 degrees. Lay the mass in a thin layer on the chest and back of the sick person, and top cover with a plastic wrap. Fix the compress with bandages and put on a warm T-shirt. Ideally, the compress should be left for at least 8 hours, so it's best to do it before bed. In parallel, carefully rub your feet with warm sesame oil and put on woolen socks. The use of this recipe is acceptable in all age groups of people. Those people who tested these recipes on their own, say that cough is significantly reduced by the second day, and disappears without a trace - a week later. And it does not matter what caused the cough - allergy, bronchitis or pneumonia. This recipe is effective in all cases.

  • Angina

Do not forget about sesame seed oil andwith angina. As, however, in other cases, pain in the throat. The preparation is simple. Boil one glass of water and dissolve in it three tablespoons of sesame oil. Cool the resulting solution to an acceptable temperature and very carefully - within 10 minutes - rinse the throat. The pain will recede after the first rinse, but the treatment must continue until complete recovery.

  • Stomach upset

From such trouble as frustrationdigestion, not insured by any person. And then the sesame seed will come to the rescue. Thoroughly grind two tablespoons of sesame seeds and mix with one tablespoon of honey. Dissolve half a teaspoon of the mixture in half a glass of cold boiled water. Take this remedy every several minutes, in small portions. The glass should be drunk within an hour. Take the drug is necessary until the disease does not recede. As a rule, the use of this tool allows you to cope with the most powerful cough.

  • Other disorders of the digestive tract

If a sick person has ulcerative colitis, ulcerstomach or duodenum, or a banal gastritis, he should pay attention to sesame oil. Take it must be on an empty stomach, one teaspoon before breakfast. After that you can eat no earlier than 30 minutes. For evening it is necessary to prepare infusion of a camomile. It is prepared very simply - pour into the thermos one tablespoon of chamomile, pour it with one glass of boiling water and close the lid. After three hours, the infusion should be filtered with gauze and add to it one tablespoon of honey. Infusion should be drunk before bedtime. The course of treatment should last at least 10 days, and if necessary, it can be repeated as often as necessary. Useful properties of sesame have no "back side of the medal" - side effects.

  • Ear pain

In the event that a person experiences painfulfeelings in the ears, it will help the following. In a water bath, heat the sesame oil and bury it in both ears every three hours. For the night in oil it is necessary to moisten small tampons from cotton wool. They should be left overnight. If the ear hurts the child, you can do the following compress. In oil, moisten the gauze napkin, place a layer of cotton on top, cover with polyethylene and fix with a bandage or a kerchief. The use of this remedy often helps even with the strongest otitis.

  • Blood clotting

In the event that the doctor diagnoses youblood coagulation, you will need sesame oil. It must be drunk during a meal by one teaspoon. The course of treatment should last at least 21 days.

  • Skin diseases

No less effective is sesame oil and for variousskin irritations and diseases, for example, with dermatitis or eczema. To do this, prepare the following remedy. In a plastic container, mix 100 grams of fresh grape juice and aloe. Leave to stand for about an hour, then add the same 100 grams of sesame oil. Thoroughly mix everything and put in the refrigerator for three days. The resulting mixture must be lubricated affected areas three times a day. It is very useful for such treatment and for dry skin. In parallel with this, you must take half a teaspoon of sesame oil, three times a day. The proper effect of treatment will only take place if it is complex. As a rule, the first results are noted after 3 to 5 days, but the full course of treatment should be at least a month. Be sure to take note of these recipes. And perhaps, in practice, make sure that sesame is a wonderful healer. And in the event that the application is correct, the benefit from it is invaluable. We advise you to read: