perspiration increased treatment It is unlikely that there will be at least one person whois delighted with such a phenomenon as sweating. And only if it is too abundant - and even shout at all. And this is very, very often - according to statistics, about half of all adults suffer from excessive sweating. Of course, you can adapt to this peculiarity of your organism - to exhaust mountains of deodorants, to wear certain clothes, to be ashamed of wet spots. But does this make sense? This all creates a certain discomfort - both physical and psychological. Therefore, increased sweating should be treated. Pay attention - just treat! It is foolish to try to cope with perspiration with antiperspirants, mask with deodorants - this is only a very temporary measure. Fortunately, there is a cure. And quite diverse - so to speak, for every taste and color. You can seek help from a doctor, or you can try to pacify your sweat glands with the help of traditional medicine recipes. Which, by the way, are often no less effective. The only condition for such treatment is that you should not have any allergies to this or that component of the chosen remedy. increased sweating treatment

Traditional sweating treatment

If you do not trust the traditional medicine, you can try the following ways to treat sweating. However, you should consult your doctor first:

  • Zinc ointment

If the sweating is not very strong, but stillprevents you to live peacefully, try the most common zinc ointment - it acts surprisingly effectively. It is used very simply - on clean and shaved armpits, apply a thin layer of ointment and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. It is best to do this procedure once a day, for five days. As a rule, this is enough.

  • Pasta Teymurova

If zinc ointment did not help, you can trytreatment with Teimurov paste - it is much stronger. The treatment is as follows: apply a thicker layer of paste to the vegetation-deprived and clean armpits. Leave it until it dries dry - usually about an hour. Then rinse with plenty of water and apply a moisturizer or baby cream. A similar procedure should be done every other day, until the sweating disappears. And all the time, watch the skin - if there is irritation (redness and rash), the procedure must be stopped. And do not continue treatment for more than one month - it's better to repeat one more week.

  • Ionophoresis

In some cases, you can try iontophoresis. The essence of the treatment is as follows - the area of ​​increased sweating is affected by a weak discharge of electric current. in a number of cases, such treatment helps to forget about the problem if not forever, then for a very long time. It goes without saying that the doctor should take care of the treatment.

  • Injections

If you want to solve the problem drastically, you canresort to an injection of Botox. A special drug is injected under the skin and simply blocks the transfer of impulses from nerve cells to sweat glands. Plus, that about 6 months you do not remember what sweat is. A minus in the cost of the procedure - it is quite large.

  • Surgical intervention

In particularly severe cases, when other methods are nothelp, the doctor can decide on a surgical procedure. The doctor cuts out the sweat glands, thereby depriving them of the ability to function. However, it is worth noting that such a method of treating sweating has been used more and more rarely and rarely - only in the most extreme cases. sweating treatment

Folk methods of treatment of sweating

If you do not want to experiment with your body, try to eliminate sweating with the help of folk recipes. All of them are practically safe, so they can be used without fear.

  • Oak bark

Acquire in the pharmacy oak bark, preferably alreadyground. Or grind to powder state yourself. Then place five tablespoons with a slide in a saucepan, fill with a liter of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and boil until half of the water is boiled. Then cool the broth and strain it with a gauze pad. In the evening, after the shower, make a compress with oak broth. To do this, prepare several gauze napkins of suitable sizes. In a medium capacity, pour a little oak broth and soak a napkin in it, attach it to places of increased sweating. The duration of the compress should be at least 20 minutes and do not forget to change the wipes as they dry up. These compresses must be done for at least a week in a row. As a rule, this time is enough to reduce sweating, but if necessary, it can be extended for another week.

  • Soda paste

No less effective way is soda paste. In order to remove excessive sweating, prepare the following formulation, for which you need two tablespoons of soda, one tablespoon of sour cream and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients until the pasty state, then immediately apply to the problem area. After about 15 minutes, rinse the skin with plenty of water, pat dry with a towel, allow to dry and apply a moisturizer. Or even a little sour cream - it also perfectly moisturizes. Do this twice a week - if you do it more often, the risk of irritation is high.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon juice may well become a kind of"Wand-zaschalochkoy." But only in emergency cases and only for two or three hours. If you use this method more often, you can get skin burns. The recipe itself is very, very primitive - cut the lemon in half and wipe off the actively sweating places to moisten them with juice. For several hours, your skin will remain dry. But then the action of lemon juice will end. Therefore, use this tool is only occasionally. Do not forget to rinse the skin and apply moisturizer.

  • Egg white

It is difficult to say unambiguously why the proteincopes with excessive sweating. But the fact remains. Therefore, if you have a mixer and egg in your house, you can try. Why a mixer? Yes, because using a whisk to whip the protein into a thick foam is very difficult - for sure you will not have enough patience. Once a day, apply protein foam to the problem areas and leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

  • Lime honey honey broth

The first thing you can think about when you hear about thisbroth - it's about treating colds. But believe me - and the increased sweating does not much favor a lime color, and honey too. To prepare the decoction, three tablespoons of lime-colored color are placed in a saucepan, pour a glass of water and bring to a boil. After that, cover the pan with a lid and boil over low heat for about five minutes. Then pour the broth into the thermos, add a tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly until it completely dissolves. Insist a decoction for at least three hours, and then strain. Dampen the gauze in the broth and apply to the problem areas of the skin for 20 minutes, not forgetting to change as it dries. To get rid of sweating, it is necessary to repeat this procedure at least twice a day, for three weeks. By the way, if you are wiping the face with the same solution, she will answer you with gratitude and a beautiful appearance. In a word, a miracle, not a recipe. But only in the event that you do not have an allergic reaction to honey. We advise you to read: