romantic gifts for a guy What could be better than mutual love? It unites, inspires, gives meaning to life. However, when the couple have been in love together for a long time, their feelings lose their sharpness. Refresh them with romance. Since the female sex is more inclined to sublime relationships, it means that they should take the initiative in hand. Nothing brings back passion to the relationship, as attention and tender care for its second half. You can show them with romantic surprises to your loved one. Romance is not necessarily a dinner in an expensive restaurant surrounded by candles, a bath with champagne or a trip to Paris. There are many other gift options that can breathe new life into your relationships and transfer them to a different, higher level. Many romantic surprises can be created with your own hands or with minimal financial costs. In order to present them to their chosen one, there is no need to wait for a special occasion. Make him a gift just like that, from the heart, without demanding anything in return, except for his grateful smile and all-consuming love for you. you will understand that giving presents is no less pleasant than getting them, and your young man will not want to lag behind you and will please you with equally pleasant surprises. delicious dinner for a loved one

Edible surprises for the beloved

It is considered natural when a man invitesgirl in a restaurant. However, few of us, women, guess that every member of the stronger sex secretly dreams that his beloved at last treated him with his own prepared romantic dinner. Even if you do not shine culinary skills, do not rush to abandon this venture. A romantic meal can consist of the most ordinary dishes, however they need to be decorated in the appropriate style. Prepare pancakes or fried eggs in the form of hearts, bake cakes and decorate them with phrases with confessions of love. Dishes can be any, most importantly - beautifully decorate and serve your beloved. The main condition of a romantic dinner is its ease. After all, after it you have to do more intimate activities. If you want to increase your man's sexual desire, use aphrodisiacs in food preparation - foods that increase potency. The most famous and accessible to us food aphrodisiacs include eggs, oysters, shrimps, mussels, red fish, caviar, chocolate, bananas, avocado, mango and nuts. Well, do not forget that the main aphrodisiac of the whole event is you, so put on something attractive and seductive. After such a surprise, regular romantic dinners will enter into your habit. A sweet man will like chocolate with a confession of love. Buy an ordinary chocolate bar, in which there will be no additives such as nuts or raisins. Carefully unpack the wrapper and hold the treat in a warm place, so that it softens slightly. Take an acute sharp toothpick and bring it to the surface of chocolate, a declaration of love to your partner. When the inscription is ready, place the chocolate in the refrigerator. After it has solidified, wrap it back into the wrapper and seal it. A romantic surprise for your young man is ready. Now find an excuse to treat your beloved with chocolate. Let him be sure of your sincere feelings for him once again. romantic gift in nature

Gifts using photographs

If your novel has already turned at least 1 year old,then you can present your favorite photo-record of your relationship. Photo chronicles in the form of a romantic album will be made in any salon, but it will be best if you make it yourself, putting all your love for your second half into this activity. Reconsider all your shared photos collected for a certain period. It can be a year or a whole time dating. Select the brightest photos, distribute them by date and place in a specially purchased for this special case a beautiful album. Each turn of the album is decorated with romantic poems and drawings. If you have a writing gift, then, in addition to photos on the pages of the album, you can write about the most interesting events that have taken place with your couple. It's a good idea to post the story of your dating on the first spread, and then to remember how, for example, your loved one carried you in your arms because you rubbed your foot or how you introduced him to your parents. Such lovely memories can be many, most importantly - skillfully and competently describe them. You can give an album to your chosen one by the anniversary of your acquaintance, but you can make it and just do it, without any reason. Such a surprise for a young man will be truly unexpected. Now many companies offer services for placing photos on different surfaces. Choose the most successful photo on which you are imprinted with your favorite person and ask the master to paint her image on a T-shirt or a cup. Now your young man will warmly think of you every time he wants to drink coffee or wear a T-shirt given to him. If you want to make the surprise more intimate, ask your photo to be put on the underwear of the chosen one. a gift with your own hands

Surprises with fantasy

In the case where your lover isa person secured and surprise him with any presentation is difficult, give him your kisses. But do it in an unusual way. Take the simplest cardboard box of medium size, glue it with beautiful paper, decorate with images of hearts, kisses and other patterns on a love topic. At the bottom of the open box, glue a bright piece of paper with the inscription "I give you a million air kisses." Close your gift with a smart lid and bandage with a beautiful ribbon. Such a romantic surprise from you a man certainly will not expect. Make a list of the reasons for your all-consuming love for the chosen one. There can be as many as you like, but the more, the better. For example, 100. List the reasons for your feelings, name all that you like in the young man. This can be his sense of humor, punctuality, the ability to find a way out of any situation. Do not forget to remind your beloved that he is the most beautiful, intelligent, brave, sexy and so on. Men like women like compliments. With a calligraphic handwriting, write down all the reasons on a long scroll of paper, tie it up with a smart ribbon and give it to your loved one. He will be pleased. In order to diversify your intimate life, prepare your loved one a romantic surprise in the form of role-playing game. Play with him in the patient nurse, student-teacher, stewardess-passenger or other characters. Dress up your outfits for a meeting in advance and in the midst of your meeting, transparently hint to a young man that you are not averse to experiencing new sensations with him in bed. Most men themselves do not mind trying something unusual in their intimate life, but they do not dare to suggest experimenting first. Take the initiative in your hands and present to your chosen one a surprise in the form of sexual pranks. Romantic surprises in our turbulent time are necessary for maintaining healthy relations. It does not matter how old you are. Love needs to be constantly nourished with fresh emotions. Regular small tokens and gentle gifts made to your lover can bring romance and sensuality to your relationship, which many couples do not have enough. Be more imaginative, do not be afraid to give your love, and your partner will answer you the same.