vegetarianec Once people do not try to lose weight! Some "sit" on a kefir diet, others refuse carbohydrates, others eat , the fourth ... There are a lot of ways, and every personchooses among this variety suitable to him. However, many methods of losing weight are controversial. With their help, not so much you lose weight, how much health you will harm. Can this be said about vegetarianism? Immediately make a reservation that vegetarians are different. There are "pure" vegetarians: they do not eat animal food all. They are called vegans. There are pseudo-vegetarians who deny themselves only meat. Some - lacto-and ovo-vegetarians - allow themselves egg-containing and dairy products. In a better position are eating some products of animal origin, especially fish. But can you lose weight with this type of food? It all depends not on whether you eat meat or not, but on the type and method of cooking meat products. If it's a fat steak or a chicken leg with a roasted skin, in which the number of calories goes off scale - this one. But it's completely different when you use a piece of boiled veal or chicken breast. You can cook for dinner, not meat, and sweet appetizing pancakes. And do you think, do you have a chance to lose weight?

Why is there no fat among the vegetarians?

Vegetarians are supporters of a healthy imagelife. So, they are engaged in sports, eat moderately, do not eat much sweet and salty. They have a normal metabolism, so many diseases do not threaten them, including obesity. So, your choice of method of weight loss has stopped on a semi-vegetarianism. Remember the basic rules:

  • Avoid harmful foods from your diet.
  • Analyze your diet: eat more tightly in the morning and at lunch, dinner, on the contrary, should be low-calorie. If you want to lose weight faster, then one meal can be replaced with a cocktail .
  • Give up alcohol. It stimulates the appetite. In addition, alcohol contains many calories.
  • Move more. The movement "disperses" the metabolism. And it helps to spend fat accumulations faster.

What foods should be in your diet

  • Cereals, cereal bread.
  • You can boiled eggs and low-fat dairy products.
  • Fresh fruits and raw or stewed vegetables, berries.
  • Low-fat fish.
  • Legumes (peas, soybeans, lentils, kidney beans).
  • About 2 liters of any liquid per day.

If you can adhere to such a diet, then not only lose your hated pounds, but also improve the condition of your skin, strengthen immunity.