Soon summer - it's time when thick sweaters will beremoved to the far shelf, and light topics and T-shirts will take their place in the wardrobe. Many certainly decided to go on a diet to get rid of the fat accumulated during the winter. But does everyone know how to get out of the diet so that the weight does not come back? After all, according to statistics, about 90% of people who diet and lose weight successfully, after 1-2 months, recruit it again. Let's try to figure out how to save the result for a long time with the help of simple recommendations.

Why does weight come back?

This question is plagued by the majority of those who lose weight andthinner. The fact that the body during the diet works in an economical mode, that is, it reduces the maximum energy costs and reduces the level of basic metabolism. This can be seen from the worsening of the condition, weakness and fatigue, which often happens to be a faithful companion of the diet. When the diet is over, the body continues to save for some time. And all the "extra" that you eat, it seems to be an excess. The clever organism begins to stock up on the "rainy day" and puts all excess in fat. It turns out that the more often a diet repeats and the longer it lasts, the more insistent the body makes reserves. And the question of how to get out of rigid diets becomes even more urgent. how to get out of a hard diet

The first rule: do not relax!

The last day of your diet has come, and your favoritejeans are easy to fasten. I want to fly with joy and ... I have. There is something that was banned throughout the time of weight loss. And you think: I'm going to waste today, and tomorrow I'll be plastered to the full! Stop and throw these thoughts out of your sweet head. The fact that the diet is over does not mean that you can eat everything that is in the refrigerator. A few more days you will have to limit yourself, unless of course you intend to keep the result.

The second rule: to get out of the diet should be smooth

If the diet has come to an end, the next fewdays, it is necessary to gradually and gradually increase the calorie content and volume of food eaten. This does not mean that you need to increase the calorie intake due to chocolate and other forbidden foods! It is important to know with what diet to get out of the diet correctly. It is best to leave the usual foods that you used throughout the diet, increasing only their number. If you were on a mono-diet and can not already see any products, replace them with other, similar in properties and composition. But not all at once, but gradually. To introduce new types of products is recommended for 1-2 per day, but not more. It starts with foods that are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Basically it is greens, various vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat, sour-milk products with a low percentage of fat. But the different pasta, flour, smoked and sweet is best left for later. The duration of the diet can be from 2 to 10 days. It directly depends on how tight the diet was.

Third rule: optimistic attitude!

You worked hard on yourself and achieved results. You know that you can go this route and accomplish the task. So is it worth starting doubting your strength at the end of the diet? Definitely - no! At you all will turn out, and your harmonious body remains with you for a long time. The main thing to remember is that you need to maintain the result with exercise and proper diet. with what diet to get out of the diet

The fourth rule: liquid

Your helpers in the exit from the diet will benatural juices, fruit drinks, compotes and other liquid. First, it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Secondly, the juices fill the stomach, creating a saturation effect. As in the case of ordinary water, which is also necessary in the process of going out with diets. Also, true friends should be low-fat soups and various soups, purees.

The fifth rule: do not overeat

Listen to your body. Of course, I want to eat more, because you have limited yourself so much time. But keep in mind that during the diet the stomach has decreased and is no longer able to contain the previous volumes of food. Overeating, you will stretch it again, which will lead to frequent feelings of hunger and, as a consequence, to weight gain. To hear the signals of your body, sit down at the table without a book, a newspaper, without an interesting broadcast on TV. Do not eat at the computer. All this distracts you from the process of eating, and you can skip an important signal about satiety. Here are such simple five rules. And now you know how to get out of the diet. Agree, it is not difficult to perform them, and it's worth it. After all, you have gone through a difficult diet and achieved excellent results, so why not spend another week to save this result for life? Good luck in a slender body!