the reasons for the appearance of game dependence Ludomania or gambling is a pathologicalpeople's addiction to gambling in casinos, bookmakers, gaming and computer clubs, and lotteries. This is a frequent desire to play, accompanied by nervous breakdowns and leading to a mental disorder. Distribution of advertising about quick and easy winnings, pleasant pastime in gambling establishments has done its job. treatment of game addiction

Game dependence and its formation

People began to visit casinos and bookmakersoffices. Some play for quick and easy winnings, others - to relax and escape from everyday routine, the third - from boredom of home life, the fourth - for self-assertion. The reasons can be many, and not always they lead to the desired result. Game addiction, like alcoholism and drug addiction, destroys a person. In the process of the game, there is relaxation, a sense of emotional comfort, and as a result, people are striving again and again in casinos and game clubs to distract from real life, not noticing that they are gradually moving away from reality. Gambling addiction is a serious social problem that poses a threat to the part of the population where gambling establishments are located near, and there is also access to virtual gambling through the Internet. A person does not immediately become addicted to gambling and may not become one. The development of dependence is facilitated by certain factors, both psychological and social. Getting used to the game is very fast, sometimes in a few weeks. A person makes bets, wins or loses, and again makes bets, but does not think that it can lose not only money, but mental health. Game dependence develops in 4 stages: winning, losing, insanity and hopelessness. Win - when they think that it will always be so and good luck favors. Loss - that it will be possible to recoup and return at least lost money. Madness and hopelessness - when everything is lost, there is no money and there is nowhere to take them, losing not only material means, but also work, family, friends. This leads not only to severe mental disorders, but also to suicide. Game dependence becomes the main component of a person's life, and this leads to the risk of losing all social contacts. treatment of game dependence by book therapy

Gaming addiction: methods, treatment

The treatment of gambling is a long and complex process,however attainable. A person possessed by gambling needs support and support not only from relatives and friends, but also qualified specialists - psychotherapists and psychologists, together with medical treatment. A good tool in the treatment are different variations of individual and group therapy. The most effective methods of treatment: behavioral, psychoanalytic, book therapy, rational psychotherapy. Also an effective method of treating gambling is the society of anonymous players, where people share with each other their own experience of getting out of the state of dependence. Game addiction is the scourge of modern society. The path of recovery from ludomania is not connected with dissension.