vacuum face cleaning A fairly common procedure inCosmetology is a vacuum facial cleansing. The main purpose of this procedure: cleaning the face of dirt, opening pores, removing dead cells and reducing the fat content of the skin. In general, vacuum cleaning is the very first procedure, which is prescribed by all cosmeticians without exception in the process of caring for problem or oily skin. There is only one "but": before carrying out the cleaning it is necessary to undergo a complete examination with specialists. This is done to exclude vascular diseases and allergic reactions. Only serious salons conduct such examinations, so you can focus on this, as an indicator of guaranteed provision of professional cosmetology services. The procedure for vacuum cleaning of the face is conducted for both women and men.

The principle of vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning of the face is carried out by specialdevice, the tip of which has an increased suction force. It is this tip that cleanses the skin - it draws out excess fat and impurities from it. Due to the fact that the skin is exposed to vacuum, blood circulation improves, a pink complexion appears and lymph drainage occurs. The procedure itself is painless and does not fall under the concept of risk, it is absolutely non-traumatic. This makes it possible to clean as often as necessary. You can not worry about the unpleasant sensations - you just have to "lie down and relax," and then get out of the salon of a young, refreshed, simply unearthly beauty! face cleaning vacuum

Indications for the procedure

Bold skin type - this is the main indication toprocedure. After all, with mechanical cleaning of the face, the sebaceous glands are damaged and the pores are closed. This leads to the fact that the skin begins to release fat with redoubled strength and speed. The protective reaction of the skin will work and the consequences will be severe: acne, acne, open pores. And the vacuum method works neatly and carefully, protecting the skin from damage.


As before any other cosmeticprocedure, the person is steamed - the vacuum will not be able to conduct proper cleaning on the stiff and dry skin. Steaming is usually done with the use of herbs - chamomile, string, thyme - this ensures a reduction in inflammation. And when steaming, the vacuum penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, cleansing and healing it. Dirty skin a priori can not even visually look healthy. Vacuum cleaning of the face gives the skin a healthy appearance, pink cheeks and velvety. It is the vacuum that stimulates the skin, accelerates blood circulation and lymph circulation, conducts a light skin massage, and this leads to the fact that the skin starts to rejuvenate, and the body produces new skin cells. No cleaning procedure (of course, except vacuum) can guarantee this. useful vacuum cleaning of the face

Features of cleaning

Despite the almost fabulous effect,Vacuum cleaning of the face also has contraindications. For example, such a procedure can not be prescribed if the patient has dry skin. Such a skin is very easy to injure even by the safest device, the result is cracks, bleeding, bruises. If the skin is inflamed, there are allergic manifestations, vacuum cleaning is also prohibited - it will only aggravate the situation. If there are vascular diseases, then this procedure is also prohibited - the vacuum will expand the vessels, injuring them, and on the face there will appear "stars" and "strings".

Frequency of procedures

Only a cosmetologist can recommendan individual schedule for carrying out such vacuum procedures. But, according to the general opinion, the face cleaning can be carried out as many times as required and when necessary. Simply put, if there are signs of pollution, high fat content or euthanasia, you can safely go to the next procedure. Vacuum cleaning very well "gets along" with other procedures for the treatment and recovery of the skin. For example, if a procedure is performed to exfoliate dead cells, then immediately designate and vacuum cleaning of the face - like a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum will clean both cells and contamination, as well as relieve inflammation after the initial procedure. These two procedures are complex. Outcome: your face will shine with health and cleanliness!