breast reduction surgery Despite the fact that many women aspire toto increase the bust by resorting to the services of plastic surgeons, quite a lot of ladies suffer from the large size of the breasts that nature gave them, and many of them seem to be helped only by a breast reduction operation. Too much bust can cause a lot of inconvenience. Often women complain about the doctor's pain in the muscles of the neck, discomfort and tension in the shoulders, fatigue arising in the back. To this can be added a strong diaper rash under the breast in the summer, stoop and even a breach of breath. It is all these negative phenomena that lead to the fact that women with this problem begin to think about reducing the mammary glands. The possibilities in order to reduce the bust, in fact, not so much. Women who have a solid physique, can help special exercises to reduce breast. These include exercises of a power character with the use of dumbbells. The muscle tissue of the mammary glands receives a load, and the fat cells dissolve - so the size of the bust changes in the direction of decrease. The main indications for mammoplasty - plastic surgery on the mammary glands - are deforming changes in the skeleton, arising from the heavy load. According to cosmetic indications, such a plastic surgery to reduce the bust is much less common. After it, the mammary glands become much smaller in size, look more proportionate and attractive. During mammoplasty of this kind, one more defect is simultaneously corrected: the stretching of the areola of the nipple.

Preliminary consultation

Before preparing for a woman's breast plastic,be well informed about the technique of such intervention, of all possible complications during and after the operation. The patient should understand that she may not get some "magic" changes after mammoplasty. At the consultation, the assistant doctor checks the breasts and develops a plan to remove a certain volume of tissue. The patient, together with the doctor, discusses the locations of the incisions in the operation, so that the type of breast is subsequently more aesthetic. The plastic surgeon should explain in detail to the woman what scars may appear after the intervention, and also what should be done to ensure that the postoperative period has passed without complications. On consultation before carrying out of reduction of a bust the analysis of possible risks should be carried out, after all they are present at any surgical intervention. The patient must provide all the necessary tests and results of the examinations. Such actions are necessary to exclude all contraindications that a plastic surgery can have. Breast reduction surgery

Stages of preparation before mammoplasty

A woman who is overweight must necessarilylose weight before surgery, otherwise the results of plastic surgery may be unpredictable with the possible subsequent weight loss of a woman. In this case, the bust can just hang. A prerequisite for preparing for a breast plastic is a conversation with a doctor who will anesthetize the operation - with an anesthesiologist. This is necessary so that the doctor can correctly choose the appropriate drugs for you and his dose. Before the operation, a woman should have a good rest. Meals for a few days before the appointed day should be full and contain the necessary amount of vitamins. If the patient smokes, then this habit should be abandoned, since smoking complicates the healing process of the wounds, which will inevitably appear after the reduction of the mammary glands. You can not take medications that dilute blood, such as aspirin, before the operation. Such drugs must be discontinued at least fourteen days before surgery to prevent the risk of bleeding .. A woman who has made plastic for breast reduction during the post-operative period is recommended to wear special compressive underwear. This bra is made of natural fabrics with wide straps, which supports weakened after surgery breast. After surgical intervention, the mammary gland is slightly swollen, so you need to accurately pick the right bra size for this period. Subsequently, edema decreases, and the size of the bra will need to be taken less. Often, compression linens are sold directly in the clinic, in special pharmacies, which relieves women from the need to search for it and simplifies the task of selecting the right size. plastic surgery for breast reduction

Course of breast reduction surgery

Such an intervention involves general anesthesia,so the day of surgery in the stomach of the patient should not be eating and liquids. Therefore, you can not eat or drink before the day designated for plasty. On the day when the operation will be performed, the bust is measured and a photo of its condition "before" (so that it can be compared with the result that the plastic surgery will give). The surgeon makes a marker on the mammary glands of the patient necessary marking, after which the woman is transferred to the operating room. In breast reduction surgery, as we have said, general anesthesia is performed, involving intravenous or inhalation anesthesia, which is given to the respiratory tract. Breast reduction surgery usually lasts two to three hours. The time spent on the operation depends on the surgeon's experience and the amount of work that must be done with the particular patient. After surgery, doctors recommend the first day in a hospital. In the first time after surgery, pain in the mammary glands can be felt. Such soreness usually passes in a few days. To ensure that the recovery period is faster and the risk of complications is lower, it is necessary to strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. You can start your main job after about a week or two after the operation. After mammoplasty, heavy physical labor and prolonged exposure to sunlight or a hot place should be avoided. Do physical exercises can be only a month or two after surgical manipulation of the mammary glands. The effect of the operation performed on breast reduction can be assessed no earlier than six months after the intervention. We advise you to read: