types of intimate plastics Intimate plastic is an area of ​​medicine,associated with gynecology, surgery and, surprisingly, not with psychiatry. After all, defects in the genitals can be the causes of not only health problems, but also psychological problems associated with dissatisfaction with their sex life. And as you know, the sexual sphere is an integral part of a person's life, which affects not only health, but also psycho-emotional state. Therefore, operations in the field of aesthetic gynecology have long been actively practiced in America and Europe. In Russia - it is still a relatively new phenomenon, but still the demand for such medicine is gaining momentum. More recently, women were embarrassed to talk about intimate genital plasty, it was simply not accepted. But now the situation has changed. Women want to be perfect and beautiful in everything. This applies not only to the face and body, but also to more intimate parts. Very often, external defects of the sexual organs negatively affect the sexual life of women. Complexes appear, a woman begins to be shy of her body and manifest herself in sex, and all this affects the relationship with the partner. Of course, surgery in the field of plastic gynecology cardinally does not change anything in the fate of patients, changes occur in the state of mind, which is important.

Types of intimate plastics

All operations in the field of plastic intimate partsbodies in women conditionally divided into 2 groups. The first group includes surgical interventions aimed at correcting the appearance of the genital organs (changing the shape of the labia - labioplasty, restoration of virginity - hymenoplasty, operations on the clitoris). The second group includes operations aimed at restoring the body's functions, which were lost after bearing the fetus, childbirth, and after the transferred diseases (vaginal surgery, defloration by surgical methods, correction of crotch dilations, etc.). Whatever the operation, you should take a very serious approach to choosing a clinic where experienced doctors will work and all the rules of sterility will be observed. After all, intimate plastic, made by unqualified specialists, can lead both to infection and damage to the nerve. different kinds of intimate plastics

Change in the size and shape of the labia

Everything in our body is arranged with meaning. And the structure of the genital organs is no exception. The normal position of the labia is considered to be when the large labia cover small. This situation limits the infection in the vagina. In addition, the labia creates a certain mode of temperature of the genitals. To a labioplasty women resort when they are not happy with the size and the form of sexual labiums. During the operation to change the shape of the labia, often too much excess fat is removed, or vice versa, the labia is filled with fat. Typically, the operation is performed under local anesthesia, and its duration is approximately 30 minutes. The most demanded operation in the field of aesthetic gynecology is the intimate plasticity of the labia minora. It is performed with lengthening or asymmetry of the labia. If the length of the lips when stretching exceeds 4-5 cm, the lips are considered enlarged, but it should be noted that the size and shape of the labia is an individual feature of each woman, which can vary with age and after childbirth. The operation to correct the labia minora lasts about 40 minutes under local anesthesia, after which intradermal cosmetic sutures are applied. Such intimate plastic practically leaves no scars, since the genitals have very good blood supply. After the operation, the patient will need to treat the wound edges with chlorhexidine or miramistin several times a day for 10 days. I'll have to forget about 2-3 weeks about visiting the pool, sauna and gym, as well as about sexual intimacy. Intimate plastic labia - this is the most popular procedure for women, which facilitates the process of intimate hygiene, makes it possible to wear frank underwear, thanks to the aesthetic genitals.

Intimate plastic clitoris

Clitoris in women is a small sexual organ,has a huge impact on sexual life, because his sensitivity plays a big role in achieving orgasm. Sometimes, in some women from birth or after childbirth and trauma, the clitoris is hidden either by a fold of the skin or by scars. And it causes the woman problems at sexual contact in reception of sexual sensations. In such cases, the intimate plastic of the clitoris consists in exposing the clitoris. Sometimes, women are operated to increase or decrease the clitoris. varieties of intimate plastics

Indications for surgical defloration

Surgical defloration is indicated in women,which defloration does not occur in a natural way because of the peculiarities of the structure of the hymen. Also, cases of hymenal infection are known, when during menstruation the blood can not come out and accumulates in the vagina. This pathology is called atresia. In cases of atresia, surgical intervention is mandatory. And the earlier, the better. Surgical defloration is performed under local anesthesia. A week after such a surgical intervention, the patient will be able to live a full sexual life.

Surgery for the plastic of the vagina

Sometimes postpartum complications, such asthe lowering of the walls of the vagina, the appearance of scars at the site of the perineal rupture, an increase in the vaginal volume, force the woman to see a doctor. These complications not only become an obstacle for sexual intercourse, but also affect the well-being of a woman, as they are the cause of pain, constipation and urinary incontinence. Depending on the degree of complication, the physician chooses the procedure of the operation. In any case, after surgery, the patient will have to follow a certain regimen. It is forbidden to sit for 10 days, it is necessary to exclude sex for 1.5 months and do not forget to spend daily syringing using an antiseptic solution. Thus, intimate plastic is carried out not only for aesthetic purposes, but also in terms of medical indications. Of course, on the one hand, why change what is natural, especially if the cosmetic defects of intimate places do not affect health in any way. But, on the other hand, women increase their lips, breasts, do plastic surgery on the face, although this is also not entirely natural. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the desire to be beautiful in everything, the main thing is to be in harmony with your soul and body.