indication of laser tattoo removal Modern youth began to do more and more oftentattoos on your body, considering it a fashion trend. For tattoo artists, this has already become a wonderful business, allowing you to earn a lot of money. Often young people come to this decision, without thinking that the drawing on their body will be eternal. Of course, now there is an opportunity to reduce tattoos, but it is quite expensive, and the track from the removed tattoo will remain in any case. The most famous and best method of removal is laser removal of tattoos. This method of getting rid of an unwanted and annoying figure is perhaps the most reliable and effective. Many people are wondering whether any tattoo can be removed? Practice shows that small tattoos can be removed without a trace. In applying the pattern, the needle uses the best materials and very durable inks. This indicates that the process of deleting a drawing is not very simple, and the result of the data can not be 100% successful. Very often after the information on the skin there are small scars.

Laser tattoo removal: the process of drawing a picture

What does it mean by laser removaltattoos? A certain flow of light energy is directed to any particular color of the picture. As a result of light exposure, the painted areas are broken into tiny fragments. Sometimes repeated exposure of the laser to the painted areas of the body is required, which will allow to finally remove the pattern from the surface of the body. Here everything depends on how much quality ink was, and from the depth of ink penetration into the skin. The plus of this procedure is that it does without any cuts and is completely safe. The laser does not damage the unpainted parts of the skin, but only affects the ink. In case the ink has been injected too deep, several laser clearing sessions may be required, which as a result may lead to not very pleasant consequences: the skin will get a heat stroke, bubbles appear on its surface and pain will arise. No matter how good the laser was for removing tattoos, the likelihood of the appearance of scars after the procedure is still high. laser tattoo removal requires consultation with a specialist

Indications for laser tattoo removal

The easiest way is to note the tattoos,applied to the bodies of white people, especially on the buttocks, legs, arms and chest. In places where there is very little fat (for example, on the fingers), drawing a picture is much more difficult. The result after such cleansing of the skin is unlikely to be perfect. It is worth saying that the removal of tattoos is also unpleasant, as is its application. Pain sensations and their intensity depend on the pain threshold of each individual person. Figures that were applied to the body several decades ago, to reduce much easier than those that were applied in recent years. Modern ink is quite resistant, the complexity of the drawing is noticeably different, and its dimensions have become longer with time. Many believe that the bigger the tattoo, the steeper it is. Sometimes during the laser removal of tattoo requires the use of painkillers. Often during the removal procedure, ointments that have an anesthetic effect are used, sometimes local anesthetization with a drug is required.

What does the laser tattoo procedure involve?

As a rule, laser exposure lasts a fewminutes. The duration of this exposure is determined primarily by the nature of the tattoo itself. Most needle-inflicted 1-2 months, it all depends on the complexity of the tattoo. Before proceeding to the procedure, a special protective screen is put on your eyes. In a small section of the tattoo, the master checks the patient's reaction and his individual susceptibility to laser radiation. Removal of the drawing with the help of a laser is performed by a series of sufficiently fast pulses. To reduce the tumor after laser treatment, ice is applied to the skin. After some time, an ointment with disinfecting effect is applied to the treated area of ​​the skin, and then a sterile bandage is put on. Caring for skin exposed to laser treatment should be the same as after sunburn. There may be some side effects, including hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the skin. There is a possibility of non-passing scars or infection. In addition, the skin that has been exposed to the laser can remain tanned for a while. laser tattoo removal process

Types and types of laser for removing a picture

Laser tattoo removal can be carried outdifferent types of lasers. So, there is an alexandrite laser. Such a laser is used to remove green, blue and black tints of pigment tattoo. There is also a ruby ​​laser, which is almost identical to alexandrite, since it displays the same shades from the skin. But, unlike alexandrite, a ruby ​​laser works much slower. It is worth noting that none of these lasers can not bring out the red tint of the tattoo from the skin. The most universal and, perhaps, the fastest one can be called a neodymium laser. There are 4 types of this laser. The laser can be green, red, yellow and infrared. Green is used to remove orange, yellow and red tattoos that are located in the epidermis of the skin. Unsaturated professional tattoos can be reduced with the help of such a laser. The yellow laser is able to bring out the blue tints of the tattoo. Red displays the blue, black and green shades of the pigment that are in the epidermal layer of the skin. Ensure the best cosmetic result will help infrared laser. He is able to get rid of dark tattoos, which are located not only in the epidermal layer of the skin, but also in the dermis, and the saturation of the pattern does not matter. The advantage of such a laser is the minimal pigmentation change in the skin of the skin. There is also such a method of removing the drawing as a selective photovoltaic. This method of excretion does not require the use of anesthetics, but nevertheless it can not be called painless. The procedure involves sequential drawing of the picture in several stages. The first stages involve a decrease in contrast and a decrease in the brightness of the picture, and the subsequent steps are aimed at comparing the skin tone.

Contraindications for tattoo removal

Not everyone is able to reduceapplied to the body drawing. For example, a fresh or newly made tattoo is a contraindication for information. Any inflammatory processes occurring in the area of ​​drawing, serve as a serious contraindication for excretion. In addition, laser removal of tattoos is prohibited with the presence of mechanical damages in the area of ​​the picture, as well as in the presence of oncological neoplasms. Diabetes mellitus and bleeding disorders are one of the main reasons why a procedure can be refused. A cosmetologist can refuse to give you a procedure if there is at least one of the above contraindications. If the patient still insists on carrying out the removal procedure, he is given the opportunity to sign documents confirming the warning and his consent. The deduction of the figure is now considered to be a cosmetic procedure. It is much more expensive than drawing a picture on the body. The consequences of excretion may not be very joyful. There are other ways to remove the boring pattern from the surface of the skin. To avoid such expensive and unpleasant procedures, think a thousand times before you fill a figure with your body. Do not believe the myths that report the temporality of the picture. It is important to know that everything that is applied to the body with a needle is forever. We wish you success.