causes of the appearance of warts In modern cosmetology laser removalwarts are very popular, this method is suitable even for children. The causes and places of occurrence of such formations and their removal by laser therapy are discussed in this article.

Why and when do warts appear?

Appear this build-up on the skin after getting intothe human body of the papilloma virus. So, more than 60 varieties of this virus can provoke their appearance. The virus is transmitted through a handshake, contact, through any household items after the infected person has contacted them. When the virus enters the skin, it enters the body through microcracks and settles in the nerve tissue, which explains the frequent appearance of warts after stress and during periods of depression, disorders and nervous tension. Often, warts appear on the soles of the feet due to the wearing of substandard shoes, which provokes excessive sweating. Warts are always associated with unscrupulousness and dirt, around people are disgusted. With such neoplasms it is necessary to fight, because, in addition to spoiling the appearance of the skin, some of the species can degenerate into malignant tumors. They often appear during a period of weakening of immunity, experiences, but there are people who carry the virus, whose warts do not make themselves felt throughout their lives. To avoid infection, you need to wash thoroughly with soap and hands after walking on the street, after touching the handrails of public transport and door handles. laser for wart removal

How to avoid the appearance of warts and their degeneration into tumors?

Before giving advice on the prevention of warts, you need to tell what they are, depending on the place of their appearance.

  • common warts or benigneducation, most often appear on the hands, especially on the fingers. Most of these warts occur as a child. So, the wart can come out alone or as a whole cluster.
  • warts on the soles of the feet look a little different than on the hands: they are flat and they can be difficult to distinguish from calluses.
  • on the face often there are filiform warts, they are narrow and long. Favorite place of their education are eyelids, neck and lips.
  • On the neck, scalp, as a rule, there are warts of irregular shape. They can be both on a narrow stalk, and oblong in shape.
  • on the external genitalia warts-condylomas appear. Outwardly they resemble more red and pinkish vesicles than ordinary warts.
  • In order not to provoke the appearancewarts, their growth and degeneration into a tumor, it is necessary to monitor the hygiene of the body, avoid dampness and sweating. It is also very important to follow the scratches and cuts: they "facilitate" the penetration of the papilloma virus into the body dozens of times. If any formation has appeared on the body, in no case can it be picked and removed independently: this will provoke either its further growth, or it will appear elsewhere. In addition, due to mechanical damage, the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor is greatly increased. laser wart removal procedure

    Laser Wart Removal

    Today, there are many ways to removeformations on the skin: this is a special plaster, and removal of liquid nitrogen and folk methods. Removing the formations on the skin with folk methods almost always does not bring the desired result: warts arise soon again. In addition, such self-medication can cause their accelerated growth and reproduction. The most effective way to remove warts is a laser. Removing the lesions on the skin with a laser is the safest and most effective method. Its advantages include:

    • Absolute painlessness of the procedure: a special nozzle built into the laser cools the place of its effect on the skin. The maximum that can be felt is a slight tingling.
    • The laser beam penetrates to the one specified by the specialistdepth, therefore, not only the surface of the formation is removed, but also its root. This is a very important point: the risk of further formation of lesions on the skin is minimized.
    • The laser acts directly on the wart itself, without damaging the skin around it. After the procedure, there is no scarring, no white spots, but pure beautiful skin.

    The procedure for deleting is as follows: on the spine and the wart itself is affected by the laser beam and coagulation of the protein structures takes place. All living cells of warts die, and a week later it falls off. If you are faced with such a problem, do not delay treatment: warts can deliver not only discomfort by their appearance, but also bring painful sensations in the future (especially plantar). It is important not only to come to a cosmetology room that has all the necessary equipment, but also to get to a competent specialist who will correctly assess the situation and get rid of the wart forever.