We lay down on the massage table and lose weight with pleasure Agree that the treatment process for allis associated with uncomfortable sensations: pain, incomprehensible tablets, bitter medicines and unpleasant smelling rubbing. But let's remember the procedure to which the listed signs have nothing to do. With the fact that obesity is not just an unpleasant fact, but a disease, no one will argue. During the treatment of obesity, there is an urgent need to cleanse the body of toxins, and then massage comes to the aid. As to buy a massage table or even a few tables all beauty salons, medical institutions and private practitioners are seeking, the choice of a specialist is not an option. An experienced masseur first diagnoses problem zones, warms them up and "breaks down" fat tissues, strengthening blood circulation. In this case, there are types of massage that, besides the tasks of getting rid of excess kilos, perform concomitant - aesthetic: anti-cellulite massage allows you to get rid of the unpleasant "orange peel", honey absorbs toxins and nourishes the skin. There are many kinds and techniques of massage. Just want to emphasize once again that massage itself does not solve the problem of losing weight, it accompanies the process, helping the body cope with the task. The most common indications today for massage sessions are extra pounds and cellulite, which are very disturbing for women. The usual package of events looks like this:

  • diagnosis and correction of hormonal background;
  • removal of stressful background and psychocorrection;
  • balancing the power supply system;
  • purification of the body;
  • fitness, recommendation exercises for gymnastics;
  • massage directly;
  • myostimulation (muscle training with electric impulses);
  • lymph drainage (special massage, which uses current, pressure, ultrasound).

Massage is part of a system that improves the overallthe state of the body and appearance - corrects the figure, ensures a good skin condition. The optimal time for the beginning of massage sessions is the period of charging, fitness, exercise. Thus it will be possible not only to regenerate after the transferred diseases and unusual physical loads unusual for the body, but also to remove undesirable overloads, to correct the figure, to increase the level of elasticity of muscles. Studies show that the best effect in combating obesity is the balanced use of a variety of techniques and treatments, and body shaping and weight loss. After a few sessions of high-quality massage you will feel positive changes in appearance and general condition. And remember: the process of losing weight can be pleasant, if you want it.