good foundation foundation A tonal cream is a unique remedy thatcan hide all the shortcomings or vice versa - emphasize them so that no makeup will not distract attention from the problem skin. It is very important for girls to find a suitable remedy that will become a real helper in the struggle for natural beauty, and thus will not harm the epidermis.

Tonal basis: general recommendations

To date, there is quite a lotthe number of various firms that produce tonal bases for dry, oily, combination, pale, tanned, problematic, pigmented skin, so it is easy to choose good creams, knowing certain rules. Rule one: the shade should be natural. Girls with a very dark, almost brown face and a white neck, whose photos can be seen in the bottomless expanses of the Internet, many representatives of the fair sex cause a genuine laugh. But the unspoken rule that the color of the base that is applied to the protruding parts of the face should not differ from your color, everyone knows, but, unfortunately, sometimes even experienced and professional make-up artists make similar mistakes. So, how to choose the right shade? The simplest and most reliable way is to try the cosmetic on yourself. To do this, apply a very thin layer on the chin, cheek or forehead with a small amount of base, then wait a little. After about five to ten minutes, the foundation cream will be absorbed and your skin will become the final color. Do not trust the directories, because the result, drawn in the picture, can be very different from what you actually get. Also, do not act in the old fashioned way and do not test the remedy on the cyst or elbow, as was previously the case. All self-respecting manufacturers release small disposable samplers so that their customers can finally determine their tone freely and without sacrificing their purse. But it is better not to use the reusable tubes, on which the "Tester" is written in the stores, since you are unlikely to know how much this remedy has already stood open, and who smeared their skin before you. But there is one more little secret that very few people have heard of. On the cheekbones and wings of the nose can apply a foundation, whose color is one tone darker. So, if you do everything correctly, and not just smear the foundation over the skin, your face will look like a professional model in the photo, and not like an ordinary mask. If you have any difficulties with which foundation is best for your skin type, ask your specialist for help. Perhaps you just need to experiment with a few basics, mix them to find your tone. the most good foundation Rule two: pick up a remedy for your skin type Very often, the fair sex representatives take from the shelf the most expensive or first-found foundation, advised by sellers or girlfriends, not paying attention to the fact that it, for example, is suitable only for dry or oily skin. Such a mistake can be very expensive, since an incorrectly chosen basis can aggravate the existing problem. Determine what type of skin you have is very simple, just take a regular napkin, hold it on the cheeks, nose, forehead, then look at its surface. If the skin is dry, there will be no stains on the paper, but if fatty there will be stains. Also, do not forget that in thirty years and at forty-five women need completely different cosmetics.

  • Dry skin

After a frost or a hot day, you feel lightdiscomfort, it seems to you, that the skin as though was pulled off, you would like to wash constantly? So, you belong to this type and you need a foundation that will nourish, moisturize your skin, and prevent moisture from leaving the epidermis. Please note, it must be liquid, so that it will be easier for you to apply it to the skin. This composition usually includes hyaluronic acid, which in small amounts does not cause harm to health. However, remember that after six to eight hours, you need to rinse your make-up, as the pores begin to clog very strongly with dust, dirt, etc., which leads to dryness, irritation, pimples.

  • Oily skin

Girls of this type are constantlysuffer from the shine of the skin and increased secretion. It is very difficult for them to choose the basis, because after a couple of hours after application, it loses its basic properties and slides down. Buying this cosmetic product, be sure to learn what its composition. A good foundation cream in this case should not contain oil, as it will not be absorbed. But the presence of special particles that absorb fat, on the contrary, is welcomed. In consistence, it must be thick, dense. But you should show a little dexterity when applying such a foundation, otherwise your face will resemble a mask of clay. To do this, use a special brush, but which one is better to give preference, usually the producers indicate in their catalogs.

  • Mixed type

To this type, when the skin is dry on the cheeks and oilyon the forehead, nasolabial folds, refers to a very large number of women (up to eighty percent). In order to achieve a positive result with the use of foundation, they have to show maximum patience and endurance. The most optimal option in this case is the use of two bases that differ slightly in color. First, apply a darker remedy on the nose and cheekbones, then use a light foundation. Thus, you will look very naturally, no matter what makeup is not applied.

  • Mature skin

If you are far beyond, say, thirty, and youthe first mimic or age wrinkles began to appear, use special tonal creams with the effect of lifting. He not only very well disguises all the shortcomings, but also pulls up fine wrinkles, so that your skin will look young and beautiful for more than a dozen years. As a part of such bases, there is always glycolic acid, caffeine, extracts of plants, which favorably influence the epidermis. However, be very careful, as in some cases there may be an allergic reaction to such cosmetics. Pre-test the foundation in a small area of ​​the skin and if the rash, itching or redness does not follow, feel free to use this tool. Rule three: a dark and shimmering foundation is applied not only to the face Remember that if you are going to go to a club and use for evening make-up a foundation that is one tone or two different from the color of your skin, or a base with a shimmering effect , apply the product also on the ears, neck, décolleté zone and other open areas to look more natural. But do not forget that the dark cream is very old. Rule four: skin protection - above all Ultraviolet is not the best friend of the epidermis, even children know about it. Sunbathing can lead to premature aging, skin cancer and other equally serious problems. Therefore, whatever brand of foundation you choose, SPF 15 (and above) should be indicated on it. In winter, you can use the product with a minimum of indicators (15), in summer it is better to purchase a variant with increased protection. The fifth rule: expensive, not always qualitative. Even if you are used to orienting primarily on the value of products, be it cosmetics or ordinary things, then in this case pay attention to other indicators: composition, reviews of other girls, etc. Very often the price affects the brand name, the country in which the foundation is made, and not the effectiveness and effectiveness. Of course, rushing from the extreme to the extreme and buying the cheapest product is also not worth it, since it can be manufactured not from the best ingredients. Choose the golden mean, test, experiment, and eventually you choose the option that suits you. what a good foundation foundation Rule Six: any cosmetic product has a shelf life. The best product is one that does not harm your health, but cosmetics, which for a long time should have been in the trash can, but it is still stored in your cosmetic bag just in case, contains toxins . Always check the expiration date, and this applies not only to foundation, but also carcasses, shadows, powders, etc. Buying the basis, be sure to check the release date, and also how much time it is stored. Note that it is possible at certain times of the year, for example, in the winter, you can not use it, so you must have at least six to seven months in stock.

How to fix the "wrong" basis

Often bought in the summer foundation is notsuitable at other times of the year, when the skin is not so tanned. If the shade differs by just two tones, this problem can easily be eliminated, but if more - leave the cosmetic remedy until better times, when you, for example, visit the solarium or visit the beach. To achieve the desired color, mix the foundation with a lighter or darker foundation, depending on the desired result. However, remember that you can combine such products only if it is from the same manufacturer, otherwise the interaction of two completely different agents can cause an allergic reaction. But the likelihood that you will be able to choose the right proportions from the first time, is quite low. The situation is even worse if you have picked up the wrong shade, which turns yellow or pink on the skin. To guess with which foundation cream it is best to dilute it, the amateur will not get it, and in case of an unsuccessful experiment your face will look unhealthy, lemon, as in patients with jaundice, or pink, as after frost. A thick foundation that rests on an uneven layer, which can remind a mask, should be diluted with a regular day cream, but only if you do not have oily skin. Also you can use a wet sponge, which will help to lay the foundation in a more thin layer. We advise you to read: