bridal makeup for brunettes Wedding - one of the happiest, brightest and mostunforgettable events in the life of every girl, regardless of age, color of hair or race. Over the years, your parents and you, and later your children and grandchildren will admire wedding photos. Of course, with the help of Photoshop you can correct any photos, but, nevertheless, the bride's makeup should be flawless. In order not to overshadow such a solemn day, it is necessary to provide in advance all the nuances and think over all the details, including the concept of make-up. Well, if it is possible to invite an experienced make-up artist who will be able to more professionally emphasize the natural beauty of your face and hide its shortcomings, but if not, use our tips that will prompt you how best to make bridal makeup for brunettes with your own hands at home.

Basic principles of applying makeup

First of all, evaluate your skin tone and eyes -these are the main factors in the choice of the color range of make-up. And do not forget that it should be in harmony with your appearance in general. On this day, it is best not to exploit the image of a femme fatale or a female vamp, but to choose a soft and gentle makeup. After all, a wedding is so romantic, airy and touching! That is why pastel wedding makeup for brunettes should be selected and applied with great care, although without overdoing. Surplus rouge or shadows can add a bride at least a few years, and on the day of the wedding ceremony it really does not need anything. Wedding makeup for brunettes begins with giving the person dullness. Cotton swab dipped in a special lotion, thoroughly wipe your face, especially the so-called T-zone, as well as the neck and décolleté area. Shining fresh and clean skin is the main decoration of the bride. To achieve this effect, under the tonal basis, we apply a small amount of moisturizing day cream, and carefully and evenly distribute a thin layer of powder from above. About what color should be decorative cosmetics, we will tell in detail for each type of brunette separately. beautiful bridal makeup for brunettes

Brunettes with dark skin and dark eyes

Look great girls with similar initialdata, nature has awarded them a bright appearance. Therefore, on the day of the wedding, it is only necessary to place a few accents, emphasizing the cut of the eyes or the bend of the lips. Optimal will be the choice in favor of a foundation of natural tan and the same shade of powder. Blush should be taken coral or peach, as they are designed to create only the illusion of cheek blush, and not be a bright spot on the skin. Dark-eyed girls are suitable shadows of almost all colors, but it is better to stop on brown-beige or golden tones. The underpinnings and the ink must definitely be black - this will make the look expressive and envelop the bride with a halo of mystery. Particular attention should be paid to the lips, because today they will be riveted not only with the beloved groom, but also with multiple guests who tirelessly chant "Bitter!". In order for the lips to get a smooth and smooth surface, they should be covered with a thin layer of foundation and slightly powdered. Pencil your lips with the necessary contour and cover with a sturdy lipstick or glitter cherry or peach shades.

Brunettes with fair skin and dark eyes

For light-skinned dark-eyed girls excellentthe solution will be an ivory or porcelain cream - depending on the natural complexion. Blush - calm pink tones. When choosing a lipstick, preference should be given to beige and chestnut shades. Shadows are allowed gray or blue, depending on the overall style and image. Ink and eyeliner can be used both black and dark brown, the main thing is that they emphasize the depth of view. fashionable bridal makeup for brunettes

Brunettes with dark skin and light eyes

Girls with this appearance attract attention andforce men to turn after them. Wedding makeup for brunettes of this type can be done in a pearl scale. Choosing pink, beige, purple and pearl colors, such a bride will look like a defenseless Cinderella. If you stop on silvery, azure or blue shades - it is quite possible to become a cold and majestic Snow Queen. Lipstick and blush should be natural shades and do not focus on yourself. The color of mascara and eyeliner can be combined with shadows, and you can remain faithful to the coal-anthracite, win-win, option.

Brunettes with fair skin and blond eyes

Spectacular white-faced brunettes with bright eyesit is recommended that the main focus be on the lips, using the high-quality lipstick of juicy colors - ruby, raspberry, cherry. Eye makeup can be limited to blue, gray or green shades of muted shades, it will be appropriate, as always, beige palette. To make the eyes visually more help a carefully shaded white spot under the eyebrow itself. Blush is best used in neutral colors, so as not to spoil the natural charm. Black eyeliner in this case is inferior to dark-nut, so it is worth to abandon it. That's all the wisdom about choosing a make-up for a wedding. Choose an image that is right for you and act! This day is only yours, which means you must look irresistible, stylish and even enchanting! And then the holiday will necessarily pass the way you always dreamed.