1 All women who at least once tried the funds formake-up, know perfectly well that it is equally important to choose good cosmetics and to remove it. Moreover, one can not negligently concern this process - it can harmfully affect the skin of the face. Make-up should necessarily be removed before bedtime. To sleep with decorative cosmetics on the face is very harmful. In this case, not only the pores of the face are clogged, which can cause irritation, comedones and pimples, but also lead to the appearance of signs of premature aging. In this article you will learn about what simple rules should be observed so as not to damage your health with make-up remover. To the process of removing makeup should be approached as responsibly as otherwise you may have a number of problems. Proceeding from the fact that the skin of the face is always obliged to "breathe", any make-up clogs the pores, suspending the natural process of regeneration. This causes a rash, accelerates the aging of the body. When you abuse makeup, wrinkles and circles under the eyes appear. If you want to maintain your health and beauty of the body, do not neglect the procedure for removing make-up.


For the correct behavior of make-up remedies, remember a few simple rules:

  • makeup should be taken daily;
  • for each type of skin should use a suitable tool;
  • removing make-up from the eyes requires the use of softer, more gentle means.

Means for make-up

All cosmetologists recommend not to useremoval of make-up with cotton wool - today there are many different napkins, wadded disks, which are intended for make-up remover. Unlike cotton wool, these products do not exfoliate when the treatment fluid is applied. Eye makeup is best done with cotton buds: moisten with a cosmetic agent and gradually remove the ink with the same movements that were applied to the eyelashes. When choosing a product, always pay attention to its composition. The presence of synthetic fibers adversely affects hygroscopicity, increasing the likelihood of skin damage.

Criteria for choosing cosmetics

The most important determining criteria for choosing make-up remover are the following:

  • skin type: normal, dry, oily, combination;
  • sensitivity of the skin;
  • Your age;
  • persistence of makeup;
  • composition of the means for make-up.

Also, you should carefully study the compositionpreparations for the presence of substances that cause allergies or irritation. Choose the most natural means for removing makeup. Fortunately, today there are a lot of manufacturers and companies offering their customers only natural cosmetics, created on the basis of natural and safe components. Means for removing makeup are divided according to the composition and method of application: "wet" and "dry". The first involves the use of moisturizers - gels, foams and mousses - requiring flushing. For "dry" make-up use cream or milk. Well suited for "wet" make-up moisturizer - foaming, it gently cleanses the skin of dirt and make-up marks. Such creams can be used both in the morning and in the evening, applying to the moist skin massaging movements. By the end of the procedure, wash the face cream off.

Procedure for removing make-up

Effective ways to take off makeup

  • Lips

Lipstick should be removed strictly in the direction fromThe corners of the lips to the middle, holding your lips with your fingers. For this purpose, milk or cream is optimal. It is better that they moisturize and nourish the skin well, since it is especially lacking in the lips.

  • Eyes

The first thing to do is to take shadows. This is done, as with the lips, in a certain direction: from the nose to the outer corners of the eyes, so that the skin does not stretch. After that, the cotton disc is removed mascara: from the roots of the eyelashes to their tips. It is also useful to use an additional cotton disc, moistened with a make-up remover, putting it on the lower eyelid. If you are going to remove makeup from eyelashes with cotton buds, do it as carefully as possible: after moistening the wand in the make-up remover, follow it through the eyelashes as if you were applying mascara. Remember: around the eyes is the most sensitive skin, so eye make-up should be carried out only by specially developed means for this. Ideal for this liquid for removing make-up from the eyes, cream or milk. Today on sale there are lotions for sensitive eyes, removing puffiness and as much as possible sparing the skin of the eyelids and exerting a tonic effect on them.

  • Face

Remove make-up - powder or tonal basis - withThe face is needed on the massage lines: from the center of the face to the temples. This is done to avoid stretching the skin. Otherwise, you may get such unwanted wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and in worse situations this can lead to a change in the face oval. Optimum fit for face make-up milk, cream, special lotions or moisturizers - foams, gels, mousses. After you have removed the make-up from your face, you should wash your face with water, wipe it with a cotton pad moistened with a tonic. It is also useful to apply a cream that moisturizes the skin. Today, a large number of products are known that complexly cleanse the skin of contaminants, traces of cosmetics that tonic and give a feeling of freshness. The large amount of such preparations allows to preserve the integrity of the hydro-lipid film, providing your skin with maximum care and health.

Waterproof makeup

Waterproof make-up, especially popular andActual in the summer season, is characterized by increased resistance. Although professional cosmetologists do not recommend using it constantly, as it strongly enough "dries up" the skin. This type of makeup differs in that it is problematic to remove it using conventional means. Attempts to do this most often lead to trauma to the skin and huge time costs. It is much safer to use for such make-up drugs with the label "for removing waterproof make-up." They include elements that are more active than the ingredients of conventional lotions and other products. In people with sensitive skin, they can cause irritation, a rash or redness, so choose carefully and carefully. In this case, it is better to stop using waterproof cosmetics altogether. To remove waterproof make-up from the eyes, two-phase products are often used, which include gel or oil and lotion. Before using this drug, you should mix both ingredients by shaking the bottle. To remove waterproof tonal creams, blush and other similar products, special cream and creams are usually used. Apply them as follows: first apply to the face for about half a minute, then use a cotton disc to remove the remnants of the product.

Care for sensitive skin

As is known, sensitive skin requiresmuch more careful attention and care. When choosing a means for removing make-up, you must take this factor into account. If you have previously experienced irritations or redness of the skin when using cosmetics, we recommend you to use milk or cream for make-up remover. Their high fat content will help to smooth the painful effect when cleaning sensitive skin. Optimum, if the make-up remover does not include flavors and dyes, since these synthetic substances adversely affect the skin condition, it is bad for it. Unlike them, natural remedies, on the contrary, will help to soften the cleansing, soothing the skin. It can be extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe, sea buckthorn oil, etc. According to cosmetologists, it is also useful to wipe the skin with a soft swab dipped in the broth of these herbs.

Advices of cosmetologists

Following the advice of the beautician Madonna, Sonya Dakar, notyou should go to bed with make-up on your face. This most likely leads to premature aging - your skin literally absorbs an abundant mixture of dust and makeup. Professional cosmetologists say that the first guarantee of the youth of the face is not even hydration, although it is very important, namely, correct and regular cleansing of the skin and exfoliation of keratinized particles. And if you believe Christine Chin - cosmetologist Kate Moss - then you should not use a sponge for makeup, which may well contain a huge number of harmful microbes. The main thing is to keep clean and hygienic, as it is quite possible to put on the skin an infection or dirt. We advise you to read: