type of figure apple Picking clothes according to your figure is not so easy. As a rule, in the process of selection we come across a lot of nuances. Each time, looking at Hollywood beauties from the covers of magazines, you do not cease to be surprised at their ideal parameters. However, in fact, no woman can boast of an ideal figure. Simply, many are very sensitive to their body and, given the characteristics of their shape, they are able to select items competently.

What kind of figure is an apple?

In this article, we will look at the wardrobe of women,having the type of the figure "apple" and will try to determine as precisely as possible what things are capable of concealing shortcomings and emphasizing the dignity of the "apple". The main thing is to feel in harmony with your body, then in any situation you will look perfect, and feel accordingly. Such a figure can not boast an aspen waist, and the appearance of 2-3 extra pounds immediately becomes noticeable, and it is in the abdomen. For the most part, "apple" women have big breasts and slender legs - this is their main trump card. clothes for apple type

Choose the right clothes

Dresses Take your choice very carefullytselnokroenyh dresses. If you are attracted to this particular style, then stop on sleeveless dresses or dresses with a slightly overstated waist. A dress with a slanting cut will look great, and a dress with a belt will emphasize a not too noticeable waist. It is better to adhere to monochrome colors and avoid light streaming materials that have the property of flying off while walking and creating extra volume. Shirts and tops When choosing the top for a dress, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • It is better to give preference to knitted and knitted things, because they perfectly retain their shape;
  • Do not stop your eyes on too tight tops - such things categorically do not fit the "apple". However, as well as too baggy. Stick to the golden mean;
  • The neckline on the shirt can be any: "boat", V-shaped, high collar, figured cutout. Do not be too shy of the neckline - you have a beautiful chest and do not need to hide it;
  • Avoid shirts with fluffy sleeves;
  • It will look good tunics, tight breasts and loose around the waist;
  • Try to choose things, the length of which is below the waist;
  • A good addition to the blouse will be a vest. He will emphasize the waist, making it more slender.

Pants and skirts Choosing the bottom for a dress, rememberthe most important rule: only dark shades! Skirts should be with a high fit - this style will hide the tummy and emphasize the waist. A trapeze skirt will help visually create the shape of an hourglass, and a skirt-sun combined with a semi-fitting top will make your figure slimmer and slimmer. Do not buy a pencil skirt, it will only aggravate the situation. And try to avoid the mini, the ideal length for you to the knee and to the middle of the calf. If you wear a skirt with a belt, avoid too bright colors of this accessory. You are contraindicated in jeans and trousers with a low fit - choose a high or medium. It is such a cut will not open the "rollers" in the waist. By the way, trousers with patch pockets on the pope are perfect for you - they will balance the figure, and it will look harmonious. Outerwear "Apple" suit a coat of classic cut, with the length of the knee. Things will look good with original details, for example, with large beautiful buttons. You can also afford to wear down jackets, the main thing is to choose the right style - semi-adjacent. Figure on clothes Diagonal cage, vertical strip, as well as any patterns stretched vertically visually make the figure more slender. On the contrary, horizontal strips and curved patterns emphasize completeness. Avoid multi-layered dresses. Asymmetrical multi-layer skirts, dresses with frills and draperies visually "break" the figure. Therefore, if you want to look slim, you should avoid such styles, choosing in contrast to elegant and minimalistic things. Literate Length How to determine the length of a shirt or blouse that is ideal? This is not difficult at all. Find the widest place on your hips and step back from it five centimeters higher and just as low - these two lengths and will be the most optimal. The length of the skirt, as a rule, depends on the heel height. Shoes Try as little as possible to wear shoes without a heel. Of course, sandals on a flat sole are indispensable in the summer heat, however, it is preferable to replace the ballet shoes with the slipper-boats on a modest heel. Remember that shoes, with both round and square nose visually shorten the legs, and sharp nose, on the contrary, lengthens them. Important details We advise you to exclude from your wardrobe wide bracelets and belts, tights in a mesh, large bags and bulky beads. Carefully choose the color of clothing: beige, white and pink - these are the colors that fill the figure, and brown, black, red and blue, on the contrary, make it slimmer. beautiful figure type apple

How to hide the flaws of the figure?

Full shoulders and arms Hide the fullness of the arms and shoulderswill help flared sleeves, as well as sleeves three-quarters. It is worth to abandon the fluffy sleeves-lanterns, bulky shoulders, but decorative shoulder straps, on the contrary, are welcome. Choose things with original trim: a bright pattern or embroidery on the chest, which will divert attention from the full hands. Visually, to balance the figure with wide shoulders and narrow hips will help slightly flared to the knees and tight hips skirts. But blouses owners of such a figure is recommended to wear with an oval neckline. Turtlenecks and tapering to the bottom of the skirt, on the contrary, it is better to exclude from your wardrobe. Too big breasts Avoid dressed prints and applications, give preference to monophonic fabrics. Ladies with a large bust will also suit an ensemble consisting of a dark top and a lighter bottom. A shallow triangular or rounded cutout shape on blouses and shirts is ideal for your figure. Avoid too tight or, conversely, too loose styles, for an emphasis on the waist, use the belt. Bad waistline You can emphasize the waist line, as with a belt and belt, and other tricky tricks. For example, competently combining the bottom and top in the clothes of contrasting textures and colors. To achieve the desired effect, you can use a combination of dark gray pants with a fitted shirt in beige color. Also a good result will be obtained by combining a silk blouse with a straight woolen skirt. Try to avoid too tight-fitting blouses and dresses, sarafans and tunics of loose cut with an overestimated waist are more suitable for you. Small growth The faithful assistants of low-growth women are the well-fitting styles with an emphasis on the waist, as well as vertical stripes and patterns. Visually increase the figure will help light shoes, as well as shoes on the platform or high heels. Straight trousers with an overstated waist and flared jeans give the figure a slender figure. While skirts above the knee in combination with short tops or, conversely, long skirts in combination with elongated blouses can visually reduce growth. Once again, the figure "apple" categorically does not fit:

  • Too tight things;
  • Things made of material with a large pattern;
  • Too narrow skirts and trousers;
  • Too large lapels.

That's all the wisdom. Following these recommendations, you will easily pick up the perfect wardrobe and look stunning, regardless of the type of your figure! We advise you to read: