Even on the beach there are rules of style, observing which, you will always look great and will not become a source of ridicule for others!

  • Say "no!" To the sun glasses in the room

Sunglasses, therefore, are called, that must protect our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. And wearing them indoors is at least impolite and reveals the shortcomings of upbringing.

  • Flip flops not only for the beach

Some still believe that flip flopssuitable only to walk in them to the beach or to the pool. This is not true! Put them on a summer party or on a barbecue with a summer light dress or shorts. Looks great set consisting of a white T-shirt, shabby jeans and vatnamok!

  • Naughty makeup

Until you get waterproof mascara, your makeup has no place near the water! Going to the beach, do not impose a plentiful make-up on your face, it looks ugly and funny when it flows down your face.

  • Dilute white with bright accessories

Undoubtedly, white color perfectly highlightstan, but this does not mean that you need to dress from head to toe only in white clothes. Even if you are going to White Party white top, white bottom, white belt, shoes and accessories will not look original and stylish. The best way out of this situation is to dilute the white outfit with bright accessories.

  • Do not need to pick up a beach bag for the color of a swimsuit

If you choose "everything under the color," then you canbecome a person who does not have enough imagination to pick up an interesting set, or worse to appear older than his age. You do not want this? Then play on the contrasts!

  • Put on fewer ornaments

On the beach, a lot of jewelry looks ridiculous, and besides it leaves traces during sunburn.

  • Choose a swimsuit that suits you!

What would look great in a swimsuit, in the firstturn, you need to feel comfortable in it! Everyone has his own type of figure and for each of them designers have long ago come up with a bunch of styles. A bad-fitting swimsuit can cause ridicule of others.

  • "No" hairpins on the beach!

It will be very funny to look if you come to the beach on his heels and drown in the sand or get stuck in the boardwalk. All your diligence will look like a diva!