how to clean the face of black dots at home For some reason, most men think of themselves as handsome. In this case, each of them can be with a dozen kilograms of excess weight, a brilliant bald head, acne on the nose and a bunch of debts in addition. But it is necessary to appear on the horizon of a pretty girl, as they immediately begin to assure that she was building their eyes. And they do not just say it, they sincerely believe it! That's where conceit lies off scale. It's the girl's business. Even the prettiest certainly have a number of complexes. Someone (in their opinion) has a too big nose, some have full legs, some have small breasts. And if you have comedones on your face - write was gone! A woman will not only be upset and puzzled by the problem of how to clean her face from black dots, but she can easily cancel an impending date. Of course, in this decision the girls also go to extremes. But you will agree that tolerating a charming lady with complexes is much more pleasant than a narcissistic man. By the way, about the black points. With their presence, you should not be humble. Of course, a date to cancel - this is not an option, but to perform cleaning procedures at home is not only possible, but also necessary. How to clean the face of black dots

Causes of appearance of black dots

However, before learning how to get rid of comedones, let's determine the reason for their appearance.

  • Hormonal failure in the body It can be likepregnancy, and the use of contraceptive pills. Have you noticed comedones on your face? Do not rush to buy expensive cosmetics. It is better to pass the analysis on the amount of hormones in the body and try to normalize the hormonal balance in the body.
  • Incorrect food Black points for sure"Please" you with the appearance after a plentiful feast with a fatty, sweet and spicy food. In addition, the cause may be an overabundance of caffeine in the blood or poor-quality wine, drunk the day before.
  • Bad decorative cosmetics Love our girlssave yourself! That lipstick in transition will buy, that a voice-frequency cream of a doubtful origin. And after that they are also surprised, seeing comedones in the mirror. And what do you want? Miser pays twice.
  • Inadequate skin cleansing Many womennot thoroughly washed off the makeup before going to bed, or even completely put on the painted. This produces a blockage of pores and the appearance of black dots. Therefore, no matter how tired you are from the evening, be sure to flush your makeup. By the way, the usual gel for washing is not enough. Wipe face every day with a tonic to remove any dirt that the make-up remover could not handle.
  • Chronic diseases Sometimes comedones are notifiedus not only about the need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist, but also about the aggravation of some chronic disease. Therefore do not forget before the procedure of cleaning your face to drop by to your doctor.
  • how to clean the face of black dots at home correctly

    How to get rid of black dots at home

    Now, when the reasons for the appearance on the face of comedonesclear, we will learn to get rid of them competently. We hope that each of you has already revised your diet, has learned to thoroughly cleanse your skin and threw out substandard cosmetics. Now let's talk about a number of simple cosmetic procedures that will help not only to remove black dots from the face at home, but also to improve the skin overall.

    • Baking soda A small amount of soda dilutewith water and gently apply to the skin of the face. For a few minutes, massage the problem areas, then rinse with warm water. Many cosmeticians, in carrying out such a procedure, advise to replace water with apple cider vinegar. Say, it disinfects the skin of the face and penetrates into the very depth of the pores, where soda could not be reached. Of course, this is a good idea, but, embodying it at home, do not forget that vinegar is a fairly active liquid, and its entry into the eyes can lead to trouble. So be careful.
    • Masks made of clay Dry the skin and cleanse the pores asnothing else will be white and blue clay. To do this, dilute a little powder to a mushy state and carefully cover the face with a thick layer, avoiding the eye area and the lips. Allow the mask to dry, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • Peeling Before arranging soda compressesor clay masks, the face skin should be thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, numerous scrubs and peelings are ideal. Just before you apply a cleanser on your face, make sure it fits your skin type. Also, do not abuse the peeling, otherwise the black spots will be replaced by peeling and reddening on the face. Cosmeticians are advised to scrub the skin twice a month in the winter and once a week in the warm season.
    • Cleansing strips from black dots This toolwell that helps quickly achieve the desired result at home. Therefore, if you are on a rush, and comedones spoil your carefully thought-out makeup, the position will be rescued by the cleansing strips. However, do not hope that with their help you will completely get rid of the problem. This tool gives a temporary effect, so after a pleasant pastime in the company of a loved one you still need to return to the issue of cleansing the skin of the face.
    • Microdermabrasion Very effective and long-termmeans. If earlier a similar procedure had to be performed exclusively in the office of a cosmetologist, then today microdermabrasion can be done at home. It is enough only to buy a set of cosmetics and follow the instructions, especially since such a skin cleansing will not be able to provide any face mask. Therefore, try to choose time for microdermabrasion once every six months. Then there will be no black dots on your face, and the skin will please with freshness.
    • Steam baths with further cleansing of the faceand did not find free time to visit the beautician, we will open the last secret in the fight against comedones. These are steam baths with a face cleaning. Put the water in a deep pan, throw there the favorite herb collection and, while the water boils, go for a bath towel. Next, take off the boiled herbal mixture from the fire, tilt the head over the pan and cover with a towel. Stay in steam captivity for 20 minutes to ensure that the skin is sufficiently sweaty, and the pores are opened. After that, apply a cleansing mask (for example, from blue clay) to the face, let it soak and rinse with warm water with the addition of lemon juice. Do not forget to wipe the skin with tonic, narrowing the pores. Of course, such a facial cleansing at home can not be considered as effective as a similar procedure performed by a professional cosmetologist. But if time is very short, and the skin condition leaves much to be desired, then this method will be salutary.

    Finally, I would like to wish the readersonly clean skin of the face, but also a beautiful spring mood. Smile more often, and then the interlocutor will notice not your black points, but sparkles in the eyes and an endless stream of optimism that can not help but like. We advise you to read: