black spot remedy Probably, in the world there is no woman whowould be completely satisfied with her appearance. Blondes are painted in brunettes, brown-haired women dream of a platinum shade of hair. High want to become lower, and miniature girls, on the contrary, choose a heel higher. Then, after that, please the female sex! But there is a flaw that worries absolutely all women who have it. These are black dots. What only girls do to get rid of comedones! Overpay the beautician, buy a bunch of expensive ointments and scrubs, flood the Internet with requests to suggest the best remedy for black spots. In fact, getting rid of comedones is not so difficult. The main thing is to know a few proven techniques and be patient.

The reason for the appearance of black dots

But before you look for a cure for black spots, let's figure out the reasons for this lack of skin:

  • Improperly selected cosmetics Tell me how inmostly choose a cream and lipstick modern girls? Correctly, guided by the tips of advertising. That actress in the video liked, then the shade fell in love. As a result, the cream in a beautiful jar not only does not improve the skin condition, but also manages to clog the pores, causing the appearance of black dots. And who, tell me, is to blame for this? The girl, of course, will sin on the manufacturer. But we know something with you, that the reason is in the customer who bought the cream, without consulting a beautician.
  • Inadequate cleansing of the skin All of us necessarilywe wash off in the evenings the make-up and the dust accumulated for the day on the skin. But not all of us do it competently. Often girls do not completely remove cosmetics from the face, and its particles are hammered into the pores.
  • Stress Probably every profession one way or anotheris connected with experiences. Someone did not pass the project on time, someone got a nervous client, and someone just got tired of working and dreams about the sea. As a result, stress and black spots on the face.
  • Hormonal failure in the body It happens as in pregnant and lactating girls, and in older women who entered the climacteric period.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases Sometimes ourthe body signals an impending disease not only with painful symptoms (which each of us safely "pinches" with pills), but also by external manifestations: acne, comedones, spots on the skin. Unfortunately, not all correctly recognize these signals and start a fight against black points, whereas the whole body needs to be treated.
  • Remember how all of usdrove in the student years to harvest? The noisy city was replaced by endless fields, endless lectures - songs with a guitar, short skirts gave way to comfortable jeans and a shirt. Romance! Only for some reason after such pastime the skin of many female students was covered with notorious black dots. And this is quite natural, since it was difficult to take care of oneself in the field. And the dust in the fields periodically clogged into the pores, causing acne and the appearance of comedones.
  • the best remedy for black spots

    How to prevent the occurrence of black dots?

    Do you know which disease is best treated? The one whose appearance was avoided. So it is with black dots. To get rid of comedones, of course, you can, but it's much easier to just not let them appear. How to do it? Now we will teach.

    • First of all, thoroughly clean the skin in the eveningsIt is not necessary to use expensive gels for washing. It is quite enough that the product suits your skin type. After the remnants of cosmetics have disappeared into the drainpipe, wipe your face with a tonic.
    • Do not forget about peeling Often this procedure is the most effective in the fight against black spots.
    • Limit consumption of tea, coffee, carbonateddrinks and red wines. Of course, you can moderate all the above mentioned liquids, but if your rate is 5 cups of espresso a day, then do not be surprised if you are met with black dots in the mirror.
    • Be careful when choosing facial creams and makeup. Better if these tools will be given to you by a cosmetologist, taking into account the type and condition of your skin.
    • Do not touch your face with your hands! Often girls involuntarily touch the fingers of the skin of the face, as if checking whether their comedones were in place and whether an acne disappeared from the forehead. Lovely you are ours, do not do this, because on your hands for a day accumulated a huge number of microbes, which you safely carry on your face.
    • Eat less fat, sweet and spicy. If you can curb yourself, then for the updated diet you will be thanked not only by the skin, but also by the stomach, which is incredibly difficult to cope with heavy food.
    • Drink more water Each person should drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. You are no exception.
    • Do not forget the way to the beautician Periodicallyevery self-respecting girl should clean the face and other preventive procedures. How often? You decide. Just remember - the more time you give yourself, the better will be the condition of your skin.

    remedy against black spots

    We get rid of black spots at home

    Suppose that the cosmetologist has written you to the receptiononly next Friday, and to get rid of black points it is necessary already now. In that case, it's time for you to learn how to deal with comedones at home. Peeling In the first place you need to remove the keratinized skin. For this purpose, suitable as a normal facial scrub, and self-made exfoliating products. Grind a handful of oatmeal in a blender, add 1 yolk and a tablespoon of honey. Stir all ingredients thoroughly. Home scrub for the face is ready! If this recipe seemed to you not too effective, you can prepare a coarser, but at the same time and effective coffee mixture for peeling. For her, we need 2 tablespoons of black ground coffee, 1 egg and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. All components of scrub are traditionally mixed and applied to the face. Home cleansing of the face Brew 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile in a saucepan with boiling water, steam over the steam face (15 minutes under a bath towel is enough). After that, disinfect hands and gently try to squeeze out black dots, pressing the nails on both sides with clogged pores. It is very important not to overdo it. If black dots are not squeezed out, then either the face is not sufficiently steamed, or the comedones are not "ripe" yet. It is better to leave the procedure until the next time, when black dots will be more pliable. After cleansing the face, wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide, and then - with tonic pores. Masks for the face As an additional tool in the fight against comedones, you can use face masks. By the way, they need to be applied just in the period when the facial skin is steamed and therefore susceptible to treatment of any kind. Those who are limited in time, you can take as a basis for a mask of white (or blue) clay. The more patient and persistent advise you make the following masks yourself: Acetic mask Mix in equal proportions honey and apple cider vinegar, just make sure that both components have good quality. Bad vinegar can burn the skin, and the candied honey will finally block the pores of the face. After you are convinced of the freshness of the products used, apply the honey-vinegar mixture on the skin, let it soak. Rinse with warm water. Mask of tooth powder and hydrogen peroxide Strange neighborhood, is not it? Nevertheless, cosmetologists say that it is the tooth powder, diluted with hydrogen peroxide to the mushy state, that can save girls from black spots. Try it. Mask of shaving foam And again the unusual components. At this time, the basis of the mask will serve as shaving foam. No, we are not going to remove excess hair. We'll just dry the pores and get rid of the black spots. To do this, take 2 teaspoons of shaving foam and 1 teaspoon of shallow salt, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Mix all the ingredients, apply a thin layer on the face. Gelatine mask-film for the face And here it is necessary to work a little. Pound 1 tablet of activated carbon into a powder, mix it with 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 teaspoon of gelatin. Allow the components to stand for 1 minute, then put in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (depending on the selected temperature). Cool the mixture and apply a thin layer on the face. Allow the mask to dry, after which add 1 more layer of gelatin gruel. After the second layer has dried, you need to lie in peace for 15 minutes. Talk, laugh and swear is prohibited. The face must be immovable, otherwise you will earn yourself a couple of extra wrinkles during the fight with black dots. means against black points

    Salon methods to combat black dots

    So, "hour X" has come, and you go to the reception toto the cosmetician. He, after examining the face and assessing the scale of the problem, offers a number of procedures to choose from, which you did not even hear at all. What to do? To trust the opinion of a cosmetologist? This, of course, is the right decision. But still we advise you to get acquainted with salon methods of fighting black dots in order to look more confident next time.

    • Hand cleaning of the face This is practically the sameThe procedure that you tried to do at home is only performed by a qualified cosmetologist with the use of modern tools and the latest technology. The advantages of hand cleansing the face are that at the end of the procedure your pores will be really clean. But in order for this to happen, you will have to suffer a little pain (and this is a minus of this method).
    • Vacuum face cleaning Here the pores will be cleaned more carefully, using a special vacuum, which under a slight pressure will squeeze out all the black points that have settled on your face.
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of the face The most modernmethod of getting rid of comedones. It is worth, of course, more expensive than the two previous procedures, but also the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning is higher. At least, this is stated by all beauticians.
    • Chemical peeling This method impliesexfoliation of the upper layer of the face skin with the help of special fruit acids. Suitable chemical peeling is not for everyone. Yes, and tan after it is not recommended. Therefore, we still advise you to pay attention to the more traditional methods of combating black dots.

    Those whose struggle with black dots onlybegins, we advise you to be patient. The main thing is to carry out all the procedures systematically, at least 3 weeks, otherwise all attempts will be futile. And you want to be beautiful this spring, right? So do not be lazy! We advise you to read: