products for breast augmentation People say that if a girl is youngthere is a lot of cabbage, she will grow a big and beautiful bust. For some it is fairy tales invented to make beauties eat more vegetables and fruits, and for some beautiful ladies - the only hope for acquiring the coveted lush forms. But even the most inveterate realists sometimes think about whether there are products that increase the breast. Unfortunately, to jump from the first to the third size is unlikely to be possible without surgical intervention. Otherwise, all the ladies would even more often look in the refrigerator. But to achieve minor changes, to give elasticity or slightly to correct the form - it is possible.

Breast Augmentation Products: Pros and Cons

To start such changes, you needuse foods that contain a large amount of phytoestrogen. However, an excessive predilection for such food is fraught with many unpleasant consequences. In some cases, this can lead to even cancer or stomach ulcers. In small quantities, the same cabbage, nettle, hops, flaxseed or beans can not increase the breast. But the fair sex, who constantly eat breakfasts or dinners for fresh fruits and vegetables, do not know what avitaminosis and obesity are. what foods increase the breast

With what to experiment is not worth it

Some products that recommend usingto increase the bust, you should not even eat it. You can hardly achieve what you want, but you can earn a breakdown after a tenth portion of raw or stewed cabbage, as well as poisoning after applying folk beauty recipes - please.

  • Yeast

Whatever yeast was not - dry orpressed, they can not help you to get the third breast size. Moreover, you should not eat raw dough, as you can beat your stomach to them. Cleaning the bowels - the procedure is not the most pleasant. By the way, if you decide to conduct such an experiment, be prepared for the fact that after it you will have to sit on a rigid diet, because the waist will definitely become more.

  • Beer

Some "knowledgeable" people recommendRepresentatives of the fair sex in the day to drink at least a liter of this life-giving and magical fluid. Firstly, it is almost impossible to find a really high-quality and natural beverage without chemistry (aromatic additives, flavor stabilizers, colorants, etc.). Secondly, even hop beer does not help you at all. Unless you want to grow a pretty belly or earn alcoholism, which is almost incurable. And in the future, excessive drinking can affect the offspring. products that increase breasts

Healthy foods

Then from what and what it is necessary to prepare dishes forbreast augmentation? Estrogen is found in soy, some spices and spices (cloves, ginger, turmeric), vegetables, fruits and herbs (pumpkin, tomatoes, papaya, apples, alfalfa, etc.). You should eat as much healthy food as possible, without overloading your body.

  • Beans

It is believed that virtually all legumes are the sameare useful and effective. But to increase the size of the bust, it is best to cook porridge and borsch with peas, beans (red, lima), lentils. In this case, you should exercise caution and constantly control your weight.

  • Tea with milk

An important role is played by what kind of herbs youwill use for welding. The usual packet tea practically does not contain useful substances and elements, but additives and dyes in it can be very much. It is better to dry the plants on their own or to buy the fees in pharmacies. So, you need the leaves of strawberries or oregano. A tablespoon of herbs pour boiling water and leave to infuse for about twenty to thirty minutes. You need to take a hundred milliliters on an empty stomach. By the way, after the drink should be a good meal, as fasting and diets will not lead you to the cherished goal.

  • Nuts with honey

Pour a jar of peeled walnuts with honey andlemon juice. Leave the resulting mixture of the day for four or five in a cool dry place. Use is recommended twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. This remedy is useful not only for breast augmentation, but it is also an excellent medicine preventing migraine headaches, headaches, colds, etc. By the way, pregnant women are recommended to eat at least one handful of nuts daily, so that they have better milk.

  • Fatty food

When a womangets better, it not only increases the waist and hips, but also the bust. And if you eat high-calorie food, while doing sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, the stomach in this case does not change. But this does not mean that the ladies should immediately switch to fast food or eat some fried cutlets, because everything needs to know the measure. It is unlikely that girls will want to later treat the pancreas and fight obesity. It is best to give preference to olive, sesame or linseed oil, and sunflower should be forgotten in this case. Eat more fish of the family of salmon, as well as herring, pork and lamb. And never under any circumstances drink food with fizzy drinks or shop juices.

  • Kashi

Every morning, eat a large portion of oatmeal,rice, wheat or corn porridge. If desired, you can add a little milk or cream. By the way, do not buy fast food, as there are a lot of extra additives in them that will adversely affect your health. useful products for breast augmentation

We consult with the attending physician

In any case, before such an experimentshould consult with a specialist. What products are better to take for breast augmentation, and what immediately should be abandoned - this will be described in more detail by your gynecologist. But what exactly is not worth resorting to under any conditions, so this is to overlay the mustard plasters, drawing iodine mesh and rubbing the juice of the cicuta. Burn is the smallest thing that can happen to you. By the way, it's impossible to find a woman who was completely herself and her body. Before breast augmentation (folk or surgically), be sure to consult your second half. And if the husband or boy convinces that he is crazy about your forms, postpone your plans for later. We advise you to read: