how to tune in to work after the New Year holidays Christmas tree, champagne, tangerines, Olivier - all thisis a symbol of New Year's holiday. Every time we make a list of plans for the future and pledge ourselves to fulfill them. The government of the Russian Federation in the middle of the last decade made us all "gift", announcing a universal ten-day New Year holidays. On the one hand, this, of course, was a joyful news, because we all finally had the opportunity to qualitatively relax after a long work year. But on the other hand, after a couple of such holidays it became clear that I do not want to go out to work in the middle of January, and I need two more weeks to recover from the New Year holidays. In this article we will tell you how to speed up this process and make it as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Why are long holidays dangerous?

It would seem, rejoice: you were given the opportunity to rest at the expense of the employer! And a long rest like it is much more useful, because the organism has time to adapt to it. However, everything is not so simple, and the long New Year holidays together with joy bring grief. The first thing that comes to mind is their immediate harm to health. It so happened that in Russia every holiday is celebrated with a grandiose, that is, with alcohol and abundant food. Accordingly, for some of us, the New Year holidays turn into a ten-day drinking party, and this is absolutely not useful for the body! Naturally, most people do not "celebrate" from morning to night, but still consumed a lot of alcohol and food at times more than on regular days. Another important reason why the New Year holidays can spoil the mood is boredom. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, completely banal boredom! In today's world, it is common to work and rest gradually, but concentrated, and we get used to it. And when faced with the situation when we were given as many as ten days to rest, we do not know what to fill them with. Okay, on the first of January we slept. The second went to the cinema, a shopping center, a bowling alley and a swimming pool. And then what to do? You just do not know what else you can do, you miss, and it's very tiring. The situation is further complicated by the fact that our body is arranged as follows: a real rest for us is a change of activities. During the working week, you constantly change occupation: work, home, rest, work, home, rest and so on. On New Year's holidays you will not be able to do this, because all your time is filled with idleness. And as we have already said above, any normal person has ideas for recreation ending somewhere in the middle of the holidays. And it would be nice if these vacations were allocated to us in the summer (although it seems like our government promises to consider such a question)! It would be possible to think up so many wonderful classes: walks, trips to nature, barbecue, beach - all that we so love to do in the warm season. However, in a twenty-degree frost, putting your nose on the street is very problematic for most of us. Although there is a way out of this situation: you can choose one of the winter sports and devote to it all the days of the New Year holidays. But in this case the trap that underlies our entire article awaits you. Most likely, in ten days you will get used to this way of life so much, when you do not have to go anywhere and you can spend time in your pleasure, that the idea of ​​going to work will cause you to have a nervous tic and a desire to escape to Goa. Accordingly, everyone in any case comes to the main question, namely - how to recover from the New Year holidays? how to tune in to work after the New Year holidays

How do I tune in to work after the New Year holidays?

So we came to the most interesting - to the answeron the question of how to tune in to work in the office after the New Year holidays. Immediately I want to say that there are no miracles, and slight discomfort after the commencement of workdays is quite possible. However, we will tell you how to make it the least pronounced. So, we are tuning for work! Prepare in advance In fact, the first step to tune in to work after the holidays, you need to do even before them, namely - to put things in order on your desktop and in business. We all know that the time before the New Year is an emergency, and a lot of things fall on the head of every employee. So, in order to go to work after a long vacation in a good mood, you have to finish these things, but rather try not to accumulate them (otherwise on the eve of the holiday you will look like a stolen horse). Try to carry out the orders of the authorities immediately, without delaying them in the long box, so that you do not have accumulated an unreachable heap of cases. In addition, it is not recommended to leave the most complex responsible cases "for later", since the collision with them after the holidays will not please you at all. Before the holidays, be sure to put things in order on the desktop and in the computer, because it is much more pleasant to return to cleanliness, rather than into a mess. Yes, and the strength in the future it will save, because you do not have to think about what and where lies. Relax for real As we already mentioned above, many people perceive the long New Year holidays as not a long-awaited vacation, but as a torture of laziness and idleness. Naturally, when after this you, tortured and tired, go out to work, then you just want to hide under the table and not see anyone. Therefore, the simplest and most obvious thing that you can do to make work not seem like double penal servitude is to have a good vacation. If you have long lacked time for a family (and we know that a modern working woman does not always have it), then you can fill this gap. Get together in the living room and have a great time! Play board games, create crafts, communicate, watch family movies - in general, do all the things that you did not have enough time last year. Go somewhere together, because a long winter vacation - a great opportunity to establish a family relationship. But it is by no means the only one. If you do not like the winter and the cold outside, go somewhere in warm countries. Let it be expensive, but is it not for this you have been working all year like a damn? In addition, after the New Year flights significantly fall in price, and you can ask the agent to pick you a tour corresponding to your capabilities. If you can not go abroad, you can rest here. It's just that you need to plan your holidays so that you will never be bored! And then a good impression of winter rest will be indispensable for you in moments of fatigue and adaptation to work. Make a plan of action Another option that helps reduce the "harmful effect" of work - drawing up a plan. You can do it on the first working day or even on the eve - as a warm-up before entering the business rhythm. The most important thing is to sort out the cases in terms of importance, and also in content. Please note that all organizations have different schedules for employees to work, therefore, it will be difficult for you to hold joint meetings or projects in the beginning and the middle of January. Do not immediately after the holidays expect a violent surge of activity and plan a whole bunch of cases. Try to get as smoothly as possible into the working channel - this is how you can reduce the stress of this. This is normal, if a few days you will go to the swing, so for the first week, plan no more than one important thing per day and dilute your schedule with simple activities that do not require special involvement. Indulge yourself It would seem that in this particular? You, as usual, go to work, you get paid for it - what other bonuses are needed? You are mistaken! Immediately after the holidays it is not easy to get involved, so treat yourself with understanding and do not force yourself. If you do not succeed, postpone and try to do it the next day. For each completed business, reward yourself with something sweet and pleasant - a chocolate bar, a warm bath, and maybe even a pleasant purchase. For a while it will add to you positive, and when you come to, just gradually cancel these little joys. In general, treat yourself with patience and understanding. If something does not work out quickly and well, then allow yourself to be a little stupid and slow in this difficult period of your life. Do not demand too much from yourself, because at the same time being the best worker, mother, wife, girlfriend, housewife and just a woman at the same time is impossible - most likely, somewhere "black holes" are formed. And it's not scary - just correctly prioritize and pay attention to really important things. Find a balance in life Very important and useful is the balance. This means that in your life equally important are its most important spheres: family, work, friends and your desires and needs. If in any of these parties there is a skew, then you will feel sad and depressed, because something from this list in your life will be missed. Of course, the list of spheres can vary, because for everyone in life their things matter. Do not forget that attention to all this must be given daily, and especially this applies to the first days after the New Year holidays, when you so need strength and good mood. All this will help you cope with the stress caused by the transition from one lifestyle to another. Observe the regime of the day This will be an island of stability in the ocean of changes for your body. Yes, you have to rebuild from rest to work, and that's why you can not afford to sit by the TV until late at night or sleep until dinner on the weekend. Well, even if during the New Year holidays you keep at least a semblance of the regime - then for you there will be no additional stress its appearance after the end of the vacation. Remember that the regime should be physiological if possible. Find out what your sleep rate is, and be sure to allow yourself to sleep as much as you need. If you are an owl, you should reduce the morning's fees to a minimum and try to do everything possible in the evening: to wash your hair, prepare your clothes, gather - so that in the morning you could only wash, dress and go to work. Well, and, of course, no excessive workload and affairs after the New Year - save your strength! Communicate with colleagues It sounds a bit strange, but it's a fact: communication with colleagues is a great way to quickly get into the working atmosphere. Ask them how they spent the New Year's holidays and tell us about it. Gradually from informal communication it is possible to pass to discussion of working plans and any projects. Agree that solving something together is easier and more fun, because in this case the problem does not seem so global, and many goals are better than one. It is likely that one of the colleagues can also tell you something specific about any of your working problems. In addition, it will become clear to you whether your team members are at work, and you can be charged with enthusiasm from someone who feels more cheerful. Think Positively In the end, the beginning of the working week - it's not so bad, especially for those who are engaged in the favorite thing. During the long New Year holidays, you have already probably missed your favorite work: to achieve professional goals, communicate with colleagues, the walls of your home office, after all. Think about what you are familiar with and familiar with: the work computer, the color folders on the desktop - these are your usual and stable benchmarks in the space in which you spend most of the day. Positive thinking helps not only in work, but also in life. You can even try a special psychological exercise - to find ten pluses of the fact that you go to work. Already on the third point you realize that the world is not so bad, and it is quite possible to afford a little work. For example, you can think about the upcoming weekend and tell yourself that in order to earn the right to rest, you need to do all the important things this week. The most useful thing you can do is add interest to the work. Try to diversify the usual monotonous activities, as in childhood: when we got bored, we just came up with some kind of game and dealt with it, and it radically changed things. Learn to leave work at work It sounds simple, but many of us do not know how to do it at all. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why it is hard for us to go to work after the holidays, when the working and personal spaces are merged together. So if you do not want to walk listless during January, learn to leave work problems in the office. To do this, you can use a couple of simple rituals invented by you, the purpose of which will be to leave the role of "I'm an employee" and enter the role of "I'm homemaker". Examples of such actions may be an evening bathroom or a shower, changing into working clothes, some light and traditional snack or any other occupation that will symbolize for you such a transition. You'll see, it will definitely bear fruit! Motivate yourself Psychologists noted that after the New Year holidays more than eighty percent of employees experience a general decline in motivation and desire to work. But it is motivation that is the source of energy, so necessary for our life activity! Therefore, if you want to enter the working track, you need to motivate yourself. It should be understood that each person has his own list of motivators: for someone it's money, for someone prestige, and someone works exclusively on praise from the boss. In any case, try to create around yourself an environment that would include these factors. Very useful in this case will be the reading of the relevant motivating literature: it is constructed in such a way that by the middle of the book you begin to feel the inner ascent and the inflow of energy. But you need them for you to return to working rhythm after the weekend! Do not forget about yourself We already wrote about this above, but the repetition is the mother of the teaching. Your health and the state of the body is the most important factor in the state in which you will go to work and how quickly you will enter the rhythm. Therefore, during New Year's holidays, it is not recommended to abuse alcohol, fatty foods, and lying on the couch (but you probably already know all that). Do you remember how useful walking tours are in the fresh frosty air? Be sure to include them in your schedule - in addition to beneficial effects on the body, they will give you the opportunity to be alone with yourself and restore inner peace of mind. If possible, go in for sports: it helps us keep ourselves in shape and contributes to the development of the so-called "hormones of happiness" - endorphins - that will not be superfluous during the cold winter period. It is natural, if after New Year's weekend you have some time dominated by the inner desire to stay longer in a festive state. But very soon you will take the need to go to work and reconcile with it, and our advice will help you do this as efficiently and painlessly.