citrus apple pie Today's hero is Tchaikovsky'sApple pie. The authentic origin of the name of the dish is still unknown to anyone, there are a lot of assumptions about this. It is believed that the sisters Anastasia and Marina Tsvetaeva regaled their guests in Tarusa with dessert. In their house there were intellectual evenings devoted to poetry, literature, music. Often, those who gathered were talking about politics, which at times grew into heated debates. Sipping hot aromatic tea with a piece of fresh charlotte, the guests felt at home in the Tsvetaeva. Why do not you create in your apartment a spiritual atmosphere of love and warmth? Bake the cake and invite friends. You can use imagination and come up with a special program, so that no one was bored. Stock up with retro records, decorate the room accordingly, put several works of Tsvetaeva on the table and serve guests a fragrant hot pie with apples. Finding a suitable recipe is not difficult. We specially selected the most delicious and simple culinary instructions for our readers. Let's look at each of them in the smallest detail.

Pie with Tsvetaeva with sweet apples

The first recipe can be safely attributed to the section«Classics of Cooking». Tsvetaeva apple pie is prepared both on margarine and on butter. We will consider the second option. To make the dish well up, it turned out to be beautiful and appetizing, before you start preparing it, be sure to sift the wheat product twice. The flour will be saturated with air, making the dough incredibly lush. If your family does not like sugary sweet desserts, take a few grams less sugar than indicated in the recipe, or buy juicy, slightly sour apples. The pie will be deliciously delicious, you'll see. This recipe is very simple and suitable for cooks of any level. A novice and even more professionals will be able to prepare a dessert in just 40 minutes. And now we propose to start a lesson in culinary skills. Ingredients: Dough:

  • 1/3 tablespoon (without slide) baking powder
  • half a glass of fatty sour cream
  • 160 grams of fresh butter
  • 180-190 grams of sifted flour (choose the product of only the highest grade)

Sour cream fill:

  • 220 milliliters of sour cream
  • homemade egg
  • slightly smaller than a small box of vanilla essence
  • 175 grams of sweet sand (if you use sour apples, we recommend a little change the recipe, adding a little more sugar in the dough)
  • 20 grams of flour


  • 450 grams of juicy apples

Cooking method: As you can see, this recipe includes fruits only, but if you want you can vary the dish, for example, adding a few pinch of ground cinnamon. It will give the product an incredibly appetizing, specific flavor. There is another option: try baking a cake not only with apples, but with raisins. It is only recommended to soak berries for a few minutes (ten to fifteen will be enough) in warm water. After you salt excess liquid, be sure to dry the raisins with a towel or paper napkins so that the filling does not turn out to be too wet. The recipe for this dessert is very simple and easy to understand even for a beginner. So, first chop the small pieces of butter and melt it in the microwave, and preferably on a steam bath. While it cools, pass through a sieve a wheat flour, then enter in it the quantity specified in the instruction of a baking powder, mix. Take the deep dishes and pour the sour cream into it, add the melted cream product here. Left a little; pour the flour into the mixture. In order not to form excess lumps, add it gradually, in small handfuls, while not stopping, work with a spoon or a whisk. Pound all the irregularities and clots, as a result you should get a perfectly homogeneous and elastic mass. Lay it in a form covered with parchment, and gently stretch your hands around the bottom of the dishes. The edges of the product raise a few centimeters up. If you do not have a special baking paper, treat the form with ordinary oil. For these purposes, not only vegetable, but also creamy, in the extreme case you can take margarine. A couple more steps, and the recipe will come to a logical conclusion. It remains to prepare the filling and completely collect the dessert. So, washed the apples well dry, divide them with a knife into two parts, remove from each seed and core. Flesh chop thin slices, then lay them evenly on the dough. If you want the filling to turn out to be more tender, grate the apples on a medium grater. For flavor, you can add cinnamon, and raisins will make the food much more appetizing. Of course, it is necessary to strictly follow the recipe, but sometimes it is not a sin to back away from culinary recommendations. Perhaps, in the process of such experiments you will create your own unique dish. For preparation of pouring it is better to use hardly warm sour cream of the raised fat content. Combine it with vanilla essence and granulated sugar, mix. Then in a separate bowl, shake the egg with a fork and pour it into the sour-cream mixture. Work with a whisk to make it homogeneous, then sift flour here. A few more times, flip the filling with a spoon, taste it, make sure it is sweet enough. Now pour fruit on it and shake the shape a little, so that the mass is evenly distributed throughout the product. The cake with apples is ready for baking, so put it in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees. After about 40-50 minutes, after you hear the characteristic aroma of fresh baked goods, take out the dish. Cover it with a clean towel and cool. We hope that the charlotte "in Tsvetaeva's style" will please both you and your relatives. This simple and fairly economical recipe is ideal for daily use. Now there is an excellent occasion for the whole family to gather for a tea party. You can use sugar powder or cocoa as an ornament: pass them through a sieve and sprinkle the food. Another good option: in each serving, put a slice of ice cream Plombir and two leaves of mint. We guarantee that this fresh and mouth-watering recipe will appeal to everyone: adults and children alike. Tsvetaeva pie with apples

Charlotte with fruits on margarine

And here is another version of a delicious pie, a recipewhich, according to some sources, belongs to the pen of the great poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. Usually the dish is prepared exclusively with apples, but we decided to move away from traditions a little, adding golden raisins to the filling. He will make the product even more appetizing and satisfying. If you get too dry berries, be sure to pre-soak them in boiling water. After ten to fifteen minutes, when the raisins become soft and juicy, drain excess liquid, and throw the product into a colander. Then squeeze the berries well and then add them to the filling. If you are not a fan of this ingredient, just discard it. Prepare a dessert with apples, and for piquancy you can lead into the dough a couple of pinch of vanillin. So, here is a recipe for you - study, memorize and bake with your soul. After all, only in this case the cake will be released to glory. Ingredients: For filling:

  • ground cinnamon - if desired
  • 700 grams of sweet apples

For the pie:

  • a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice - to quench soda
  • 160 milliliters of sour cream of medium fat content
  • Vanillin - at your discretion
  • 1 1/2 cups of sifted flour
  • 145 grams of softened margarine of good quality
  • 1/4 of a large spoon (without a slide) of baking soda (you can correct the recipe for yourself by replacing the ingredient with a baking powder)

For cream:

  • homemade egg
  • 210 milliliters of cream or sour cream
  • slightly more glass of powdered sugar
  • fifteen grams of white flour

For decoration:

  • fresh berries - if desired
  • whipped cream
  • fresh mint leaves

Cooking method: If the first recipe of the test included oil, this time, a little simplify Tsvetaeva's apple pie and make it more economical - take margarine. In order not to spoil the dish, choose a good quality product, make sure it is a light shade. The dough will come out lush and will rise well if you add a few pinch of baking powder to it. If there was not one in your house, take ordinary soda. Just do not forget to pay it in advance. For these purposes, table vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Well, now let's look at the recipe in the smallest detail. The first thing to do is knead an elastic, even and elastic dough. It should in no case be liquid, but at the same time, make sure that the mass has come out to the best of dense, otherwise the pie will turn out to be firm and dry. And this, you see, does not decorate a single dish. The proposed recipe is quite simple: sift flour through a sieve, then pour into it soda, slaked with vinegar or lemon nectar, or baking powder. It all depends on which product you prefer. When you can do it, leave the dry ingredients aside, and chop the margarine with medium cubes and melt it on the steam bath. Add sour cream and vanillin, remember, the latter is said to be an amateur. Although it gives flour products a special flavor, not everyone treats it positively. Therefore, decide for yourself whether to use this product or not. In the event of force majeure - for example, lack of some ingredient - do not be afraid to break the recipe slightly. After all, this pie with apples is almost impossible to spoil. So, the dough is almost ready - pour the flour into it and mix it thoroughly. To get rid of lumps, act with active movements, working a whisk from the bottom up. When the mass becomes uniform and becomes denser, cover it with a lid or food film and put it in the refrigerator. While the dough is infused, you have a few minutes to make the cream, which will subsequently be poured over the pie. In the bowl for the blender, put the sour cream, here enter the amount of powder specified in the recipe. Turn on the appliance and whip the food two to three times. Then combine them with flour and egg mixture. Stir until the cream has become fluffy and uniform. By the way, you can use another recipe: replace sour cream with cream. You'll see, the sauce will be just as delicate and delicious. If it does not seem sweet enough, add a few more spoons of powdered sugar to it. And now let's do the apples: after you wash it and dry it well, cut the skin off the fruit. After remove from them the middle and extra bones, and the remaining flesh grate on the grater with medium strips. And if you want, you can try another option: chop the fruit in thin slices. Sprinkle them with ground cinnamon and mix well. We start assembling the dish: take out the dough from the refrigerator and lay it on the flour-strewn table, roll it with a rolling pin. The inside of the form, in which the dessert will be prepared, treat with margarine. For the same purposes, you can use any oil - vegetable or cream. Put the dough in the dishes, level it with your hands and slightly lift it upwards. So you should have some kind of sides. Now the turn of the filling has come: sprinkle the workpiece with grated apples, spreading them with your hands on the entire surface of the product. Remember, the more fruits, the more appetizing the dish, - pour it with sour cream. To ensure that the sauce is evenly spread throughout the dessert, gently shake the dishes. Then send it to a hot oven for 40 minutes. In order not to burn the food, watch the temperature of the oven - it should not exceed 190 degrees. Before you take out the cake, check it for readiness - pierce the dough with a match or a wooden skewer. If it remains wet, it means the product is still damp inside. Wait about ten to fifteen minutes until it comes. Agree, this recipe is accessible to the understanding of every cook, regardless of his experience and the availability of practice. If you follow the instructions and follow the rules described in it, the dish will necessarily be very appetizing. When it is ready, remove it from the oven, cool it and then take it out of the dish, otherwise you risk damaging the product. To make this much easier, we recommend using a split form. It remains only to serve the pie on the table. Cut it into small portions and spread out on plates. Only from one glance at the dessert your guests should be salivating, and for this the dish should be appropriately decorated. Here is the simplest recipe: using a strainer, you need to sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar or cocoa powder. Some prefer chocolate, in this case, pre-grind the product (black, milk or, for example, white) on grater. And if you want to give the creature more piquancy and finally impress guests with their culinary abilities, apply a piece of whipped cream on each piece of cake. Then stick a couple of mint leaves in them and sprinkle with fresh berries: raspberry, red or black currant. Serve dessert with coffee, green or herbal tea. The dish is equally beautiful both in hot and cold. Bon Appetit! apple pie in color

Dessert with creamy-apple stuffing

The recipe for this delicious pie is realfind for lovers of flour products. The dish is good because it can be safely attributed to universal desserts. All the necessary ingredients are available for sale all twelve months, so the oven can be eaten both in cold and hot weather. Of course, in summer it is recommended to make stuffing from fresh plums - it's more useful, and tastier. But in winter it is not a sin to replace them with frozen fruit. As for apples, it is better to use sweet and juicy varieties. To remove sourness, add a few grams of sugar to the cake more sugar than is offered in the culinary instruction. The recipe for a dessert, which, according to experts, became famous thanks to the great poetess, has several "guises". In one embodiment, the dough is kneaded in butter, in the other - on margarine. The same happens with the cream: for example, for its preparation you can take cream or choose your home-made sour cream. The culinary instruction is, of course, a certain order of actions, which must be observed so that the dish turns out delicious and lush. However, in the event of force majeure - for example, there was no baking soda or you could not get sour cream for pouring - do not be afraid to deviate from the rules and change the prescription for you. Let's look at another of the existing types of Tsvetaeva pie - add a sink to it. Ingredients: For the cake:

  • vegetable oil (they are smeared inside the walls of dishes)
  • sifted flour - 255 grams
  • half a two-hundred-pound packet of fresh margarine
  • 1/2 a small cup of sour cream (you need about 140 milliliters)
  • 16 grams of baking powder for dough

For a sweet sauce:

  • two selected eggs
  • sour cream of high fat content - 320 milliliters
  • 180 grams or slightly more granulated sugar
  • eight grams of potato or cornstarch

For fruit filling:

  • 120 grams of juicy dark plums
  • five to six small apples


  • white ice cream or powdered sugar - optional

Cooking method: The cake in question is itself incredibly appetizing. But we suggest making it even more tasty and juicy. To do this, you have to "refresh" the classic recipe: along with apples, we add a few fresh plums to the filling. We recommend choosing dark sweet varieties, while the fruit should not be too dense - try to buy ripe, large products. Enough talk, let's get straight to the point. To prepare the dough you need a soft margarine, so in advance - somewhere in 20-30 minutes - get it out of the refrigerator. Then chop the medium pieces and, combining in a deep bowl with sugar, carefully pound with a fork. Enter the sour cream here, pour it in small portions. In a separate bowl, pour the flour (do not forget to sift it!) And baking powder. By the way, instead of the last one you can use soda vinegar, which is extinguished. The resulting dry mixture is mixed, and then send to the previous ingredients. Actively working with a whisk, give the mass a uniform consistency. As a result, you should form a moderately dense, elastic dough. When you are done with all the preparations, roll the dough a little with a rolling pin into a round layer of medium thickness. So that it does not stick to the working surface of the table, sprinkle it with a small amount of flour. The resulting billet for the future cake is transferred to a special detachable dish, processed with oil. That the product is not burnt, we recommend using parchment - carefully mold it. Raise the edges of the dough and form bows from them. Remove the dishes aside, and pay attention to the preparation of a gentle filling. The traditional recipe includes sour cream, but for lack of it you can always add home or shop cream. So, pour the dairy product into a deep bowl, here pour out the sugar mixed with starch. Then in another bowl, whip with the help of a metal corolla selected eggs and enter them into the future cream. Actively mix the mass until all lumps disappear, and it will not become perfectly homogeneous. Add the ground cinnamon or, for example, vanilla essence to the resulting flavor sauce. Each recipe has its own "pluses", so you just have to choose the most suitable option for yourself and your loved ones. Now it is necessary to prepare the filling: for this, wash the washed and dried plums with a knife in two parts, remove the bones from them, and chop the remaining pulp in large pieces. With apples, carefully cut the skin, get rid of the core, then cut the fruit into thin strips or cubes. Some rub them on a grater, but this method is more suitable for a dish with one kind of filling. And this is a completely different recipe. Combine the ingredients - apples and plums - in one bowl, add 2/3 of the total mass of sour cream to them, mix well. Pour the resulting sauce on the dough, gently flatten it with a spatula, and then cover with the remains of the sweet mixture. Remove the dish in a preheated oven, the optimum baking temperature is 180 degrees. Record the time and periodically look at the clock. About a quarter of an hour (or a little more), take out the food. Serve it with ice cream, for example, with a filling or fruit. In this form, a pie with apples will look much more appetizing and will win the hearts of every member of your family. Finally, we will suggest another simple recipe for decorating - sugar powder or chocolate chips. Cook with imagination and love! We wish you success! Tchaikovsky Apple Pie Prescription

Pie from a multivarquet with an apple filling

Of course, in the time of Marina Tsvetaeva, no oneknew did not know about any multivark, but today this device has won the love and popularity of many housewives around the world. It is used not only by European and Russian women. Due to the convenience, simplicity and economy - the qualities that a multivarker possesses - it has been heard on all continents. If you, too, are a happy user of this culinary assistant, we suggest using it to make a cake. The following recipe is specially designed for multivark. So study, prepare and reap the fruits of your activity. Apple dessert will come out insanely delicious, juicy and will certainly take a worthy place at a family dinner. Ingredients:

  • 900 grams of fresh apples
  • several small brown sugar biscuits - for filling
  • 185 grams of sifted wheat product
  • margarine or butter - 140 grams
  • 170 milliliters of cream
  • a small spoon (without top) of a baking powder


  • 350 milliliters of 20% sour cream
  • two large eggs
  • three grams of vanillin
  • two large spoons of flour
  • slightly less than a glass of sweet sand

Cooking method: Make a steam bath and put on it a bowl of margarine or butter, cut into cubes. Turn on the slow fire, enter into it sour cream. Preheat for another one or two minutes, stirring constantly. Then, in a deep bowl, sift the flour, combine it with a baking powder for the dough and pour out the sour cream mass. Thoroughly knead the dough so that no lumps remain. It should be elastic and moderately dense. Cover the mass with food film and remove it in the cold for about half an hour. Now let's pay attention to the preparation of a gentle cream. Usually it is made with sour cream, but we will take home cream. Sprinkle sugar in them, a couple of whispers of vanillin. Then whip with chicken eggs, when they get uniform, mix the resulting mixture into the cream. To make it come out not too liquid, add a natural thickener - wheat flour. If you have a mixer, we recommend using it to whip the sauce. In this case, the mass will be more homogeneous. The recipe is nearing completion, there is very little left. Beforehand peeled apples cut with a knife on very thin slices, only do not forget to remove from them bones. We begin to collect dessert, this is done as follows. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll it out a little, then gently lay it on the bottom of the multivark, stretch it to completely cover the bottom of the dishes. Then form the sides, due to which the filling will not decay. Now distribute along the whole cake slices of apples, spreading them in a dense even layer. Sprinkle the products with brown sugar, if desired, add two or three pinch of ground cinnamon. You will see, the product will acquire an absolutely incredible aroma. Snap the multivark cover, then set the "Baking" mode and select the cooking time - 60 minutes. Now you can do something pleasant and useful for yourself. When you hear the signal, turn on the same mode again, only this time put the dish for half an hour. After the specified time, remove it, cool it, divide into portions and serve it on the table. For decoration, you can sprinkle the product with powder or pour on jam.

Pie with pear-apple filling

Tsvetaeva apple pie is familiar to many,perhaps just not all know the true name of the dish and the history of its occurrence. As mentioned above, the traditional filling recipe includes only the above fruits. But this does not mean that you can not use imagination and add your zest to the dish. We offer a variety of classic pies juicy ripe pears. In combination with apples you will get an incredibly delicious treat. And that he was not only tasty, but also beautiful, let's present the product in its original form - decorate it with whipped cream and sweet fruit sauce. Ingredients: Sand base for pie:

  • Butter - 110 grams
  • 1/3 two-hundred-gram can of sour cream (take a product of high fat content)
  • a cup of flour
  • 150 grams of granulated sugar (the filling is so sweet enough, so do not add this ingredient to the dough)
  • eight to ten grams of baking powder or baking soda
  • salt - optional


  • eggs - two pieces
  • 240 grams of thick sour cream
  • a few pinch of starch (it is better to use potato) - take no more than two large spoons
  • vanilla - at your discretion
  • sifted flour - five teaspoons


  • cinnamon and powdered sugar - optional
  • four medium sized apples
  • three ripe dense pears

Fruit sauce:

  • 40 grams of butter
  • large pear (for two servings)
  • 35 grams of brown sugar

Cooking method: Let's start with kneading a short-dough, now you will see that the procedure is not at all complicated. Do not believe me? In vain, judge for yourself. So, starting practical training in cooking, first take a sieve and sift through it with wheat flour. Then add the baking powder into it and mix. If you decide to use soda, be sure to extinguish it with table vinegar or lemon juice. Fruit nectar should only be freshly squeezed. Chop the oil in large pieces, combine it in one bowl with salt and sugar, then rub the mass with a fork. You can warm it up a little on the steam bath, then put the sour cream in the dishes and whip the ingredients, actively working with a metal whisk. In sour cream mixture add flour, so that the dough does not go lumps, pour out the product gradually, one or two handfuls. When you are done, carefully knead the dough with your hands, roll it into a bowl and put it away for a while. To ensure that it is well rolled and not crumbled, experts recommend holding the sand in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Preparation of the filling should begin with washing the fruit. Dry them with a towel, then remove from the excess fruits: bones, cores, tails. Now remove the peel from the apples and chop them into very thin slices. Similarly, do the same with pears, clean them or not - decide for yourself. Sprinkle the products with sugar, then mix. Give them some time to stand - the fruit will be given juice, and the dish will be much more appetizing and more tender. If desired, you can add ground cinnamon into it. Just keep in mind that this spice is not liked by everyone, so be careful. If the product is baked for guests, it is better not to add the specified ingredient. It remains to prepare the cream: first, fluff with the help of corolla eggs, turning them into a homogeneous mass. Then add sour cream, vanillin, and combine the flour together with the starch in a separate bowl. Dry ingredients pour into the cream and stir with a mixer or blender. Remove the dough, smash it with your hands, then roll it out on the table. Put the resulting layer in the prepared dishes for this. It should be treated with oil or covered with parchment, this will help protect the product from burning. Stretch the dough all over the bottom, then laying out the top of the fruit filling, form a low side. Send the dish to the oven, heated to 190 degrees. The average cooking time of the dessert ranges from 40 minutes to an hour. To not get it ahead of time, be sure to check the pie. To do this, pierce it with a toothpick and see if there is any leftover dough on it. If not, then the dish is well baked and ready to serve. Allow it to cool, then gently remove it from the mold and lay it on the table. If you plan to regale guests with fragrant delicacies, we strongly recommend that you decorate it. Variants of weight, for example, you can sprinkle the product with powder or chocolate chips. However, there is another more original way: put the caramelized pears on the dish and pour it with a sweet sauce. The recipe for gravy is very simple: remove the core from the fruit, cut them into small slices and fry in melted butter. When they darken a bit, enter the sugar. Ideally, it should be brown, but if there is not one, take ordinary sand. Before serving, cut the cake into portions, decorate with pears and pour sauce. Have a nice tea! Apple dessert will appeal to even opponents of sweets. After all, he is very gentle and not too cloying. The filling for a pie can be different. For example, to make the product light acid, add one or two handfuls of cranberries or cranberries. A very tasty combination is obtained with pears, plums and currants. We offered several interesting and delicious recipes to the readers' court, we hope that at least one of you will be interested. Improve your culinary skills with us!