cake with cottage cheese and apples Few people remain indifferent to the hot fragrantbaking. After all, it's so nice to eat a piece of delicious delicacy, washed down with tea or a cup of warm homemade milk. Such a meal and hunger will quench and, if necessary, the mood will raise. Therefore, sometimes it is useful to indulge your weaknesses. Today we will get from our culinary "chest" the recipe for a juicy fruit dessert, which, in fact, we suggest to study to our readers. We will share some secrets that will help to bake a lush and delicate pie with cottage cheese and apples. As you know, everyone has their own preferences in food, so we decided not to dwell on one dish. Your attention is offered several options for food with a variety of fillings - with cinnamon, lemon, vanilla - with or without glaze. Which of them to give preference, it's up to you. We wish you successful baking!

Curd cake "Babushkin" with sweet apples

The first recipe was actively used in itsculinary use is still our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. This apple pie is first of all good because the procedure for its preparation is very simple, and the products necessary for baking are sold in any store, besides they are relatively inexpensive. So why not take note of the proposed dish? It will become the ideal companion of any family meal, whatever it is devoted to - birthday or just a joint dinner with relatives. Ingredients: Dough:

  • 410 grams of sifted flour
  • 10 grams of baking powder
  • 16 milliliters of vegetable oil - useful for lubricating the mold
  • 2/3 cups of granulated sugar
  • 0,5 two-hundred-gram package of margarine


  • homemade eggs - two large
  • 105 milliliters of sour cream of average fat content
  • 380 grams of fat-free cottage cheese
  • 120 grams (or slightly more) of sugar (adjust the recipe according to personal preferences)
  • vanilla sugar - optional
  • three medium sweet apples

Cooking method: Before we take directly for the recipe, let's take a closer look at some of the nuances of the dish. First, be sure to sift the flour: if you neglect this procedure, the apple pie can turn out to be thin and ugly. Passing a wheat product through a sieve, you give him the opportunity to be saturated with air, so that later the dough rises well. As for sugar, then, as you can see, its quantity varies depending on the personal preferences of the hostess. If you like very sweet pies, take 150-170 grams of sand. And now it's time to return to baking. So, the first thing to knead the dough - to do it is quite simple. Pre-sifted flour mixed with baking powder and sugar. Margarine is recommended in advance to get out of the refrigerator, so that it is slightly melted. Rub it with strips on a grater and enter to the above ingredients. Carefully rub the mass with a fork, in the end you should form a homogeneous, dense dough. The recipe is almost drawing to a close, a little more, and the apple dessert will be smoking on the table. Lubricate the innards of special utensils with oil, as soon as you can, put the dough into it (not all, but only 2/3) and gently smooth it with your hands. Now, take care of the filling: crush the cottage cheese, pour into it vanilla and plain sugar. In a separate bowl, shake the corolla eggs, then pour them into the resulting mass. Add the indicated amount of sour cream here. Wash the washed and peeled apples on the finest grater, then combine them with the rest of the products and carefully knead the stuffing with your hands. Now spread it evenly over the entire surface of the dough, top lay the remaining 1/3 of the mass. You have a closed cake; if you want, that in the course of baking on it the ruddy golden crust formed, grease a product with an egg yolk. Forward the future dessert to a hot oven, turned on by 200 degrees. After about 20-25 minutes, the dish can be removed from the oven. This apple dessert, whose recipe is now familiar to you, will be a wonderful occasion to gather with loved ones at the same table. Arrange a family tea party without any reason and enjoy socializing with each other. We wish you a good mood and a delicious meal! Pie with apples and cottage cheese

Pie with cinnamon and apple cottage cheese

We offer to evaluate one more recipe, speciallyintended for housewives who do not get along with baking. We assure, this time the dish will be unrivaled appetizing! It's all about the test and stuffing. The first is very simple to prepare and even unpretentious - you do not need to have phenomenal culinary skills to make a beautiful and magnificent product. The main thing is to sift the flour and exactly follow the instructions below. As for the filling, it turns out to be incredibly satisfying and at the same time juicy. Curd-apple assortment, supplemented with a pinch of cinnamon, will give an unforgettable pleasure to all lovers of flour products. So welcome to the stove! Ingredients: For pie:

  • one or two pinches of ground cinnamon
  • 110 milliliters of fatty sour cream
  • small pack of baking powder
  • two small eggs
  • 210 grams of tender, moderately fatty cottage cheese
  • 400 grams of sifted flour
  • three apples
  • 1 1/2 small cups of sugar
  • 130 grams of softened margarine

For decoration:

  • confectionery cream
  • cocoa powder

Cooking method: Not only the inner filling and taste of the product play a major role - it is also important how you serve the dish. After all, the pie, decorated with fresh berries, cream, glazed with glaze, looks much more appetizing than just pieces of delicacies, scattered on a plate. Therefore, if you plan to bake an apple pie for guests, do not be lazy and use fantasy. At this time, we suggest to put on it a pattern of cream and powder from cocoa. Here you will see, it will turn out very beautifully! To begin with, of course, you need to prepare the dessert. To do this, in a deep dish, sift with wheat flour, enter baking powder, half a glass of sugar (the rest will be needed later), and margarine. Last in advance, chop on small cubes. Thoroughly crush the ingredients in small crumbs. The resulting mass for a while, set aside, and yourself concentrate on the preparation of the filling. Her recipe is very simple: remove the peel from the apples, then divide them with a knife into two identical parts and from each extract the core and extra bones. Now there are two options - grate the flesh on a grater or chop it with a thin straw. What to choose, decide on your own. In any case, the dish will turn appetizing and tender. In a small bowl, whip the eggs with a whisk, gradually adding the remaining sugar to them. If you have caught cottage cheese with large grains, be sure to rub them with a fork. To save time, you can beat it in a blender. Pour the egg mixture into the product, then add the cinnamon, fruits, mix. Are we going to assemble the product? The procedure is quite simple: first lay the dishes with special paper, then put in it a little more than half of the received crumb test. Top with a curd-apple filler and sprinkle with the rest of the mass. If you use parchment, you can not treat it with oil - it will protect the dish from burning and sticking. In addition, it will be much easier to remove the product from the dishes. When finished with all the preparations, put the cake in the oven, preheating it to 175 degrees. Distinguish time - baking dessert will take about a quarter of an hour. Before you get it, check the cake for readiness. To do this, use a regular match: pierce the cake and make sure that the tree remains dry. Otherwise, the dish will have to be held in the oven for a few more minutes. Immediately before serving, cool it, then pour the cream and sprinkle the sifted cocoa through the sieve. Have a nice tea! recipe pie with cottage cheese and apples

Cottage cheese-lemon pie with apples and glaze

We suggest to study one more appetizing recipecurd dessert. This time add a few grams of lemon zest and juice to the filling - they will give the product a truly fresh fruit flavor and taste. This piquant pie deserves to be called a masterpiece. The dish will look equally good both on a festive table, and at a quiet family dinner. So study the culinary instruction, invite guests and cook with apples. It can be served with tea, and on a hot summer day, freshly squeezed juice, compote or cold milk is ideal. Happy baking! Ingredients: Cake dough:

  • Vanilla essence - to taste
  • eggs - two pieces
  • two-ounce package of butter
  • 2 1/2 glasses of flour
  • A small spoon (without top) of baking soda or baking powder
  • sugar - 150 grams

Fruit filling:

  • egg
  • 350-400 grams of sweet and sour apples
  • 550 grams of cottage cheese (buy a product of medium fat content)
  • 0.5 cups of sweet sand
  • 1/2 small lemon
  • 25 grams of cornstarch


  • 140 milliliters of milk or low-fat cream
  • sugar - to taste
  • 40 grams of cocoa
  • 25 grams of butter

Cooking method: This time we will water the product with chocolate glaze, you will see, served in this form, it will enjoy even greater popularity among guests and your loved ones. We offer a recipe for a sweet sauce on milk, however, if desired, the latter can be replaced with shop cream. By the way, if you do not have sugar, feel free to use powder. It dissolves faster, so the cooking procedure will be much easier and take less time. Let's start with the test: pass through the sieve flour, enter the baking powder into it and mix. In another vessel, shake the chicken eggs with a metal whisk together with sugar, a small amount of vanilla essence and cut into small pieces of butter. With zeal, rub the ingredients, turning them into a crumb. Add the flour and mix soft, non-sticky dough. Separate a quarter of the mass from it, roll it into a ball and put it in the freezer. Roll the remaining dough on a cutting board in a flat round cake. Put it in a dish covered with parchment. Take the lemon and grate it on the grater, squeeze the juice out of the remaining pulp. From the peeled apples, cut out the middle, and chop the pulp with fine straw. Pour it with sour nectar, if desired, add a little sugar, mix. Cold curd set for one minute in the microwave, so it will be easier to stir. Enter in the dairy product an egg, a few grams of starch, sugar and lemon zest. Thoroughly grind the ingredients, put the resulting mass in a mold on the dough, evenly distribute it with a spoon over the entire surface of the product. Top with apples and grated on a large grater previously frozen test. Place the dishes in a preheated oven. That the dish is not burnt, the temperature of the oven should not exceed 190 degrees. Wait 40 minutes, then take out the food, cover it with a clean cloth and let cool. Only then carefully remove the dessert from the mold, otherwise you may damage the product. If the pie with cottage cheese and apples is your liking, next time try to change the food a little - bring it a highlight in the truest sense of the word. Add the sweet juicy berries to the filling, just soak them for ten to fifteen minutes in warm water. As for the test, some cooks add semolina to it, which gives the cake a splendor, makes it more nutritious and dense. So, as you can see, there is something to strive for - study recipes and safely put them into practice in your kitchen!