trouser suits for women Every modern girl has time to do many things: be a good caring mother, a beloved and loving wife, a professional at work and just a beautiful woman. We do not forget about fashion, because to look good is to feel confident. World fashion designers again made sure that every fashionista could emphasize her personality by choosing a suit that occupies an important place in the everyday wardrobe of every girl. After trouser suits women's fashion - this is not only an ordinary way to emphasize your social status. With it, you can create a refined and elegant image. In addition, the properly selected trouser suit has a more sexy look than a short skirt, and looks more refined than a cocktail dress. Knowing that pants have become the subject of a women's wardrobe, having passed the hard way, everyone knows. Coco Chanel was the first woman to fight for the right to wear pants. But still, even partially, she failed to instill a love for trouser-like products. Since then, more than one follower has tried to teach women to wear pants, and today such a costume is not only very fashionable, but also comfortable for every girl. trouser suits for women 2012 photos

Current models

What fashionista would not like to try on the imageconfident strong woman? Many fashion designers today offer their fans to choose strict suits, which are characterized by graceful silhouette, strict lines, femininity and hidden sexuality. Perhaps, special attention should be paid to the incredibly fashionable model in the school style. Costumes made from knitted fabrics were presented in their collections by Valentino and Chanel. Unisex style is always in fashion. Many representatives of fashion houses hastily represent in their collections models of androgynous style, which combine a female and a male beginning. Especially fashionable models in 2016 can be considered suits made of velvet. So, velvet pantsuits women's 2016, the photos of which are presented below, will create a stylish and fashionable image. Each fashionista will like glamorous Balmain suits, which will allow you to always stay in the spotlight. The underlined shoulders, the narrow sleeves, the deep V-neck, black or gold, will make you incredibly fashionable and stylish. Very fashionable are the costumes in a frankly masculine style. The combination of a voluminous jacket with broad shoulders and narrowed trousers looks very bold and attractive. A gray suit with tight-fitting tight trousers can be supplemented with a leather strap at the waist of a bright contrasting color. Very fashionable can be considered the costumes of an adjacent silhouette with shortened narrow pants. It is important to be able to correctly choose the length of your jacket, which must match the proportions of the figure. Not less fashionable combination - a jacket with straight wide trousers extended to the middle of the thigh. A jacket can have asymmetric cuts or details. The emphasis will be the belt, large buttons, drapery, lace or fringe. trouser suit for women

Prints, colors, accents

The main accent of this season is the coloring; atchoosing a color suit, she must interest others. Trouser suits 2016 are made in a delicate color scheme. Very relevant are: yellow, beige, white, light shades of gray, pistachio. Also in vogue bright juicy colors: green, red, blue, orange, purple. Dark and black colors can be perceived, as always fashionable elegant classics. This year, very popular prints, which did not pass even such seemingly strict suits. Fashionable animals are prints, cucumbers, saturated gouache colors, a variety of flowers, birds, photo prints. Also today, to this costume, you can pick up large ornaments of natural soft colors. It is very relevant to consider accents in the form of wide belts and large buckles. Women's trouser suit can be supplemented with a hair clip or a brooch on the lapel of the jacket. Brooch with floral elements used to look old-fashioned, but now has become a rather fashionable complementary accessory. pants suit for women

Suit to the place

Without a doubt, the leader among business suits forwomen, are those that are made in a gray color scheme (from the most delicate pearl to dark anthracite). If the rules of your office are not too rigid, you can experiment with other color solutions, for example, use terracotta, lilac or black. The best option for a winter suit is, of course, wool. And the most diverse: smooth, soft, bulky, bulky or in the hem. For warm weather, fabrics like flax or cotton are suitable. In order for an ordinary trouser suit to turn into an evening dress, choose velvet or satin. Also put on a shiny top, add beads or bracelets, and also - a favorite handbag-clutch. Modern women's wardrobe is very difficult to imagine without a trouser suit, which is a symbol of elegance, comfort and business activity. Such a suit is appropriate everywhere. In it you can feel more confident, because besides all the positive qualities, a jacket and trousers will perfectly hide a couple of extra pounds.