how to create your style in clothes Many women dress, not respecting the directionfashion and adhering to one rule: "it is convenient for me." But all the charm (and complexity at the same time) is to find your style - it's your own, individual and original. And for this you need to know a few rules, under which you can really not be afraid to make a mistake or look ridiculous.

Determine with style

  • Think about how you would like to look - sporty, expressive or elegant;
  • Decide what colors you want to wearclothes - brighter or, conversely, warmer and pastel colors. Perhaps you prefer a successful combination or you like to use bright accessories in a general calm manner;
  • Now you need to decide on the type of your figure - so it will be easier to pick up your clothes, following the advice of stylists.

Five basic principles: individuality, relevance, shape, color and the concept of a single style will help create your own unique style in clothes that will make you unlike others and stand out from the crowd. Individuality This is one of the most important concepts for style. Creating your own unique style is, first of all, the ability to stand out against the background of other people dressing in "style." Even if you like everything in the fashionable direction, think up something special, special in clothes, which will allow you to show an image in an unusual interesting perspective. Relevance Another basic rule of a stylish woman. Before you buy this or that clothes or accessories, think carefully about what it will be possible to combine a new thing and where in this order it will be possible to go. As a rule, each has its own time and place. For example, the classic style in nature will be just ridiculous, and the sports style in the office is simply out of place. The concept of a single style This means that the outer clothing should match what is worn under it. Unfortunately, now this principle has almost outlived itself, very often you can see under a strict coat a small flirty dress. If you are not indifferent to the opinion of others, pay attention to ensure that the main suit and outerwear harmoniously combined. Figure Figure also plays a very important role in creating your own style. Style - is, first of all, the ability to profitably emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide its shortcomings. Buy only those clothes that are perfect for you in size - no less and no more. Avoid excessively tight-fitting pieces of things and dimensionless hoodies that are unable to add style, and accordingly, will not bring you pluses. Short skirts are for young girls with perfect legs. Knowing well all the pros and cons of your figure, each of us can properly submit ourselves. The main thing is to want to look in the eyes of the real queen. Color Choosing the color of clothes that perfectly matches the general image, you will always look young, bright, fresh, fashionable and stylish. how to create your style in clothing correctly

Choose clothes according to the figure

Pear-shaped type It is important to hide the hips andemphasize the upper part of the trunk. A slightly flared bottom, a fitted top and obligatory shoulder pads. Emphasize your top - a deep neckline, beautiful accessories, perhaps chic bows or stylish breast pockets. In general, we do everything in order to divert our eyes from our wide hips and full legs. Flat type In the presence of a flat type (the so-called rectangle) you generally can not survive - everything will suit you! Tight dresses and trousers, super-transparent blouses and tops, short shorts and mini-jackets - you can do it without embarrassment and without hiding your charms. Full figure Do you have a complete type of figure? Then take note: you need to wear loose knitted jackets and cardigans, straight skirts and trousers (by no means narrowed or extended down), oblique cut too for you. You can not wear "flying" things, ruches, flounces and large accessories in the form of bows and roses. In general, remember - your task is to visually draw the figure - vertical stripes, the original design of the seams in the direction from the bottom up, lace finish. By the way, many full ladies (even quite full) look just gorgeous! They really feel like queens and their kilograms just do not notice. Hourglass Despite the craze for flat and rectangular parameters, this type is ideal and shows all the charms of a female figure. Emphasize the waist - wide belts, tightly fitted blouses and sweaters, thighs should be covered, and the decollete is extremely frank. Suits, jackets, blouses and tunics belt with a belt or strap, and tight-fitting shirts and blouses, shirts and tops, let them always be in your wardrobe! Now you will be fully equipped and cope with the task - after all, how to create your own style in clothes you now know for sure. how to create your own style of dressing yourself

The basic rules for choosing a wardrobe

  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the chosen clothes - comfort, above all! The obsessive sense of "not at ease" has not yet brought pleasure to anyone and has not added confidence;
  • Before you start choosing a style andTo replenish your wardrobe, stand in front of the mirror and carefully inspect your figure. Be critical - do not attribute yourself to a thin waist and not too heavy hips - you need to know exactly the type of your figure;
  • Do not forget to take into account your status, position in the team or in the society when choosing things;
  • First, buy yourself basic things - for example,black trousers, a skirt and a few blouses. Just remember - if the basic things go bright, then accessories and all kinds of waistcoats there should be in pastel and light colors. The same rule "works" in the opposite direction;
  • Always consider your age - youth outfits are ridiculous and ridiculously look at the ladies of elegant age. No matter how it sounded banal, but the image must correspond to the status and age;
  • Style can be changed and supplemented, and do it daily.

Well, that's the way, just and interesting you canFind for yourself a unique style, according to which you will differ from all. Your style can also become a calling card - you will be recognizable. For example, Lady Gaga became popular precisely because of her shocking dresses, hairstyles and shoes - this is also her style. Yes, in the selection of style, do not forget about your hair - on the head there should be a harmonious continuation of the whole image.

The main elements of the wardrobe

  • Jeans - usual, classical cut and without additional ornaments;
  • Dress - also strict and better than two, even if they will be of different lengths;
  • A few blouses - are better than monochrome, but with different sleeves (long, short);
  • Black classic trousers - just choose exactly the shape;
  • Jacket or cardigan;
  • A pair of sweaters (jumpers).

This will be the basis, and then just addher any decorations, accessories and stylish chips. By the way, on the basis of this foundation, you can make any image, come up with even an exclusive option.

Little black dress

Many forget that the usual black dress, famous from Coco Chanel, can become a real treasure. Only you need to know the rules of choosing such an apparel:

  • The dress must be strict, even without a hint of jewelry or accessory;
  • The length of such a dress should not reach the knee by 5 cm, or be strictly in its middle;
  • To the dress you should have black nylon stockings;
  • Sleeves - strict, without any buttons, locks or lace inserts, ideally the dress should be completely sleeveless.

That's all! Believe me, this little dress will be the most important decoration of your wardrobe. To him rely classical shoes - hairpins and a pointed (closed) sock and a string of pearls on the neck, and a small handbag (you can clutch). Yes, and do not forget a drop of your favorite perfume and a good mood! Your wardrobe should be stylish, and the style - original. Do not blindly follow fashion trends - there are no universal things and that which fits one can not be at all like looking at others. Therefore, be more determined, try to focus only on your wishes and intuition, and you will necessarily succeed! We advise you to read: