Be yourself Today, individuality is in vogue.Blind imitation of idols is the lot of adolescents or women who are hopelessly behind the times. Your style and your own demeanor - these are the signs of a strong formed personality. How can you create your own style, choose based on your own personality, and not be reputed to be an unsuccessful copy of one or another actor? First, let's figure out what a style is and how to choose it.

What is your own style?

Individual style of clothing is the image of a woman,reflecting her mood, character, everyday demeanor and even habits. It forms over the years. By style, you can recognize a person, characterize him. Each actress who went down in history had her own style. Think of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Both of these beautiful women had their own unique style of clothing, the ones they chose became the objects of imitation of thousands of women around the world, and it was their taste that distinguished them from the general mass of Hollywood actresses. From the foregoing, it follows that it is necessary to choose your style based on your individual habits, lifestyle and character. If you prefer to play sports, then pick up your clothes in a sporty style, but don't go overboard. Sports leotards in the theater are still not suitable. Lovers of a feminine look will surely love flowing dresses and high-heeled shoes.

How to start forming your style?

First of all, remember one small rule. If you choose to choose one style of clothing, this does not mean that you must strictly adhere to all of its canons. For example, during a working day you can be a business lady, and in the evening you can re-emerge as a fatal seductress. The main thing in the style of clothes is the presence of the rod, to which everything else is built up. As such a rod, you can choose a classic style of clothes and dilute it with bright details from a sporty, feminine or rock style. Classics in this case is considered the most optimal, because never goes out of fashion. In addition, it is on things of the classical style that futuristic details look particularly advantageous. It's like a blank canvas, on which you can write any landscape. The main thing is to be able to select these details and not change yourself in preferences. If you love roses, for example, why not add a black evening dress with a massive brooch in the form of a scarlet rose? Any idea worthy of attention of others. Be yourself - and you will succeed. We advise you to read: