what to wear to a party The most wonderful day of the year is approaching - on March 8. This spring holiday is one of the most beloved in our country. On International Women's Day, ladies, undoubtedly, become the object of special, intense male attention, and positive emotions simply hang in the air. Therefore, many women from year to year are asking the same question: what to go to a party to look attractive and impressive on this wonderful day. After all, the spring corporate should be incendiary to celebrate in the company of colleagues in such a way that everyone has in memory exactly your unsurpassed image.

Variants of festive outfits in accordance with the character

Russian designers this year recommend choosing clothes for the holiday in accordance with the distinctive features of your character and singling out four options for festive toilets:

  • Calm

what to go to a party This style is most suitable for those women,who devote a lot of attention to their careers in their lives and are patient, restrained and modest from birth. The main differences of this order will be maximum simplicity and minimal decor. For example, you can choose a one-color discreet dress in combination with a luxurious brooch, large beads or a bright wide belt. Minimalism in clothes emphasizes femininity and draws attention to such details of your image as a hairstyle, figure and make-up. Therefore, you should not save time and money on visiting the salon. After all, on a festive day, everything should be perfect.

  • Modern

What to wear on March 8 The most popular color of the season is spring-summer 2011-white. If you have a desire to meet the latest trends in the fashion world, then do not regret when choosing a dress by March 8 white. In light clothing, you will always be in the spotlight. Choose wide trousers with a tight waistcoat or a multi-layered skirt combined with a satin blouse.

  • Romantic

what to wear for a party photo Spring comes to every girlthe desire to be loved and become even more attractive than before. This goal can easily be achieved with the help of a well-chosen toilet. A romantic and mysterious image fits almost all the girls and women. Its main elements and attributes are an accented bust, an overstated waist line, open shoulders, a light easy cut of skirts, ruffles, ruffles, bows and gentle pastel shades pleasing to the eye. For example, deciding what to wear on March 8, 2011, you can buy a cocktail dress that has a length not above the knee. It must necessarily be fitting from above and flared below. It is very important not to overdo it with the cut-outs, as it looks vulgar and vulgar, which is completely unacceptable in such a refined appearance.

  • Cheeky

what to wear for a corporate party If you are an impulsive, very energetic girl,active and constantly in motion, wear something original, asymmetrical, extraordinary, iridescent expressive colors. Ask the women's festival for their fashion, create an individual and unique style, and you will stand out from all the ladies present at the party.

What to wear for a corporate party?

A holiday is a wonderful occasion for everyone.women demonstrate to all their charm, beauty and perfect sense of style. When it comes to a party in the circle of employees and superiors, there are many questions about choosing clothes for her. What to wear for a corporate party? - this is an age-old question of all working women, which becomes a priority on the eve of March 8, the New Year or some other holiday. The difficulty is that the outfit for a corporate party must meet certain criteria - be discreet, but at the same time festive and fashionable. For example, a sexy mini skirt and an open bright top and blouse are well suited for a festive evening with the family, a bachelorette party in a company of girlfriends or dates, but not at all suitable for a corporate. Absolutely the win-win and the most optimal variant of clothes for a party in the circle of colleagues is a dress. Remember, determined by what to wear at a party - a photo where the ladies in dresses look always stylish, feminine and elegant. Universal was and remains "dress for any occasion", performed in pastel colors, in black or cinnamon. It will look luxurious both independently and in combination with a jacket or cardigan. But in any case, do not forget that clothing for the corporate should not be provocative. Psychologists say that if at work you have chosen for yourself the image of a modest one, then at the party you should not shock your colleagues with an excessively open neckline that causes red lipstick and immodest, cheeky behavior. From the point of view of psychology, all this in a complex can cast co-workers' thoughts about your unpredictability and inconstancy. A sharp cardinal reincarnation into a vampy woman can signal an alarm to your leadership and he will have a subconscious mind that lightheadedness is your true character trait, and that you certainly do not take it seriously. So, if you are in a normal life sex bomb, and at work it's unknown to anyone, then at a party it's better to keep the golden middle, without exposing your sexuality to public view.

Choosing a dress for corporate

A significant part of the day many women undergonamely at work. You are always in cares, plunging your head into endless streaming business and very often do not pay due attention to your appearance. Therefore, to have fun and without disappointment to have fun and how to relax, you should carefully consider what to wear at a party, and photos from fashionable glossy magazines will help you in this. The outfit should be chosen so that he necessarily approached the type of figure and at the same time answered the latest fashion trends of the spring of 2011. what to wear on March 8, 2011 This spring, of course, the dress is in the lead. Choosing an evening option for the spring corporate, we can afford to be to some extent frivolous and very cheerful, because the cold has already passed. The variety of evening dresses and cocktail dresses in collections of famous brands is so huge that it is possible to choose a suitable toilet for such a case even ladies with the most pretentious taste. Because designers this year offer dresses and sarafans of various lengths and any colors, from knitted mini and ending with luxurious evening models to the floor. The style of dresses for a party should be chosen, considering all the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. There are several tricks that we recommend you to use, choosing what to go to the party:

  • It is better to choose dresses made of lightweight fabrics, because they look more solemn, and in the course of the evening you definitely will not be hot.
  • Remember that the deep cut on the back is not only more attractive than the decollete, but it looks much more stylish.
  • The corset corrects the imperfect shapes and simulates the desired shape.
  • The "American" armhole, beautifully opening the shoulders, subtly softens the angular shape.
  • The dress, which has an oblique bottom and diagonal lines of cut, will give you slenderness and extend growth.
  • The folds of soft drapery will add the necessary volume in the right place.

what to wear for a party on March 8 If you still feel more comfortable inpants, do not experiment on this day. They, too, will look pretty impressive with a smart top and jacket. To such an apparel fit either very tight trousers-puffs or sufficiently wide trousers made of flowing fabric with soft folds.

Attire should be appropriate

In order not to be mistaken, choosing what to wearfor a corporate party, it is best to clarify the style of clothing in advance. For example, ask the organizers of the corporate or those responsible for it. Requirements for appearance depend, first of all, on the level of such an event and venue, as well as on the characteristics of the company. The basic requirement for clothing is that it matches the theme of the evening. If, for example, a corporate event dedicated to the Day of March 8 takes place in a bowling club, then the business suit or evening dress will be clearly inappropriate. At the same time, the appearance of a sweater and jeans in a restaurant will be regarded as a disrespect to all guests. With festive clothes you must emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Often at informal events with colleagues, when, despite the non-working atmosphere, you need to adhere to an elegant and strictly style, men can change a boring office jacket to a fashionable blazer or do without it at all, and replace the shirt and tie with a sweater. Women are better off choosing a dress or pants with a blouse and diversifying their toilet with a large (within reasonable limits) the number of accessories. Sometimes the dress code is indicated in the evening invitation, for example, it says that you must wear an evening dress of a certain color or a gray business suit. In this case, the fulfillment of such requirements is mandatory. In recent years, conceptual parties, as well as masquerade balls, are in fashion, where it is assumed in advance that the employees will be dressed in original costumes that are clearly appropriate to the theme of the party. For example, when a company organizes a "cowboy evening", everyone, regardless of position, should be in jeans, shirts in a cage and cowboy hats. First of all, choosing what to wear on March 8, 2011, evaluate the company and the situation where you are invited. After all, we can not disagree with the statement that the outfits for the evening in the circle of friends and in the circle of business partners will be radically different. The outfit for a corporate party will not seem too dull if you carefully approach the choice of hairstyle and makeup, wear high-heeled shoes, elegant ornaments and accessories that correspond to the holiday. Here, on what your imagination will suffice, beginning from brooches, laces, beads and finishing stylish bright kerchiefs and various hairpins. But do not forget that on March 8 you are a queen, and not a glittering peacock feather, so do not overdo it. We advise you to read: