Fashionable Costume Jewelry: How to Pick Your Own Earrings? If you decide to buy earrings and do not wantmake a mistake with the purchase, you should choose them very carefully. First, evaluate the shape of your face. Women with an oval face shape fit earrings of almost any shape and size. Ideal choice will be rounded carnations, earrings in the form of large or small rings, wide non-long pendants or oval earrings. It is advisable to avoid narrow long suspensions, they are able to visually extend and extend your face. Earrings can be made of any materials. Women with a square face should prefer oval earrings, teardrop-shaped, small studs with a long thin suspension or bright stone. Your task is to stretch out your face and soften its contours. This can be achieved by buying earrings with a pointed or rounded base. Flat surfaces should be avoided, it will make your face even more square. Also, on your face, small inexpressive earrings are lost. Women with a round face shape are better off buying earrings that visually lengthen and pull it. To achieve this effect, you can use long pendants of an oval or triangular shape. Triangular earrings visually "stretch" your face, give it the missing sharpness. It is advisable to avoid large and small round ornaments that round the face even more. Women with a triangular face shape approach earrings rounding it visually. A good choice will be the round shape earrings (both large and small) that will remove the sharpness of the chin. Any triangle shaped earrings will accentuate your face oval. Second, evaluate your growth. Women of low growth should avoid long suspensions, which visually make them even lower. And, on the contrary, on women of high growth, these earrings will look very impressive. Third, evaluate your age. Young girls can be free to choose the material from which jewelry is made. They are suitable as jewelry from precious metals, and inexpensive jewelry made of plastic, glass and metal alloys. Women aged are better off choosing jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and precious or semiprecious stones, pearls. Cheap jewelry on them will look inappropriate. Fourth, know the measure! If you do not intend to wear necklaces, beads or pendants around your neck, you can choose bright and large earrings. The brighter your ornament on the neck, the more modest should be the earrings. Otherwise, you run the risk of being like a Christmas tree. We advise you to read: