Knitted jersey is a warm and faithful "companion" in your life! We are already used to the fact that in our wardrobesthere are knits. It's stylish, beautiful, comfortable and comfortable! They are taken to work, for walks, for sports and often, as evening dresses, if is connected from especially beautiful, elegant yarn. Knitted knitwear can be monochrome, multicolored, with a pretty naive pattern, Norwegian, Scandinavian, that is, with northern ornaments, with motley stripes, lacy patterns or connected from melange (combining several colors into one thread). Since the shiny threads have long been used in any product, like decor, knitted hats, scarves, sweaters, pullovers, waistcoats and even skirts are also decorated with shiny (silver, gold) threads, cords, ribbons. Knits emphasize femininity and attractiveness, they are also convenient for men, and no child can do without knitted things and little things from an early age. We are inseparable from knitted knitwear, as things from it do not crumple and are convenient for taking them on the road. But that your favorite thing lasts a long time and you feel free in it, nice and pleasant, you need to take care of it properly. Strength, beauty and durability of knitted products depend first of all on how we wash them, weave them, dry them or steam them with an iron, that is, we take care of them. Here are the main 3 useful tips:

  • Knits need to be washed more often than others. Take care that they are not too contaminated, as often washing the heavily soiled areas on such a product, you can damage it.
  • Do not wash jersey in the washing machine, even inthe most "delicate" mode. No, even the most expensive washing machine, will not replace your sensitive hands when washing. Hand wash should not last long. Never wash in hot water! In this case, things will be 2-3 sizes smaller!
  • Do not rub the knitwear with your hands, twist it and iron it! If the knitted product after washing and drying has been crushed, it should only be slightly evaporated.
  • If you follow these simple recommendations, then your favorite knitwear will last for a long time and will please you in any weather for spite of the fickle fashion! We advise you to read: