therapeutic fasting for weight loss Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem. Yes, everyone wants to look attractive. However, a few extra kilograms, which every month becomes more and more, can lead not only to obesity, but also to a number of other diseases: to high blood pressure, impaired liver function, and "malfunctions" with cardiac activity. The reasons for such troubles are different: they are hereditary predisposition, and hormonal failure in the body, and increased craving for food due to stress or psychological trauma. But the result is always the same - a steady increase in weight. Such changes in the state of human health often lead to increased drowsiness, lethargy, often a decrease in mental abilities and a certain "inhibition". Stay in this form can, of course, for a very long time. Many do not even notice how in just six months or a year the shooter stops at a mark, 10 kilograms higher than before. In this situation, the main thing is to think in time about what it will lead you to. Remember, there are no insoluble problems. We will talk about the methods of weight loss existing today and we will dwell in detail on such as curative fasting.

The Benefits of Curative Fasting

Many of those who have problems withoverweight, instead of fighting, prefer to "jam" the difficulties. But this is the way to nowhere! Look in the mirror, compare yourself in the past with the one whose reflection you see in the present, and just say: "Enough!". The first step in solving the difficulties is to recognize their existence. If the beginning is already taken, go to the next step - to the stage of direct treatment. For weight loss, you can choose several options. Today, there are a lot of centers that specialize in combating obesity, there are a huge number of books and techniques developed to solve these kinds of problems, the head goes round from the variety of various diets. Another method that gives a lasting result is a medical starvation. What is its advantage, you ask? Firstly, if you refuse to eat for a certain period of time, weight loss occurs quickly and safely for the body, the stitch and flabbiness of the skin is not observed. Secondly, because of the lack of an acute need for food, the process of losing weight is easier and the person transfers it more easily. In addition, thanks to this technique, you will not only achieve weight loss and become much slimmer, but will also see positive changes in overall well-being - there will be a "second" breath, lightness and airiness in the movements, fatigue, indigestion and feeling of a full stomach will disappear, and heart activity will improve. Most people make the mistake of believing that fasting is not a normal and complete refusal to eat. Do not confuse such concepts as unloading therapy, diet and forced renunciation of food. Nature itself tells us what to do if health fails. So a sick animal will never eat until it feels much better. Based on such observations, the specialists developed this method of losing weight. Nutritionists believe that fasting, aimed at healing, is fully justified. However, everything should be approached wisely. If you decide to lose weight in this way, be sure to consult a doctor. Otherwise, ill-considered self-medication can lead to serious consequences, which will be very difficult to eliminate. useful therapeutic fasting for weight loss

How you can starve: different methods

Some people do not eat for weight loss after six, there isand those who prefer to completely give up food. But why and for what purpose? - that's the main question. When choosing a medical starvation, be sure to consult with a specialist, read the literature, in general, get the knowledge to do everything right and not do yourself even more harm. Each person is "slagged" to some extent, which leads to the appearance of various diseases, sometimes quite severe. In this case, purification through fasting is salvation. Stepping on such a path, first of all it is necessary to remove all the excess from the intestine. Thus, freed from debris, the body will switch to backup power at the expense of its own reserves, that is, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The correct regimen of weight loss, prescribed by a doctor after a complete examination and under his supervision, and a consistent exit from it - a pledge of your health and success! Starvation solely for the sake of a slender figure should not be an end in itself. Remember that a strong weight loss can lead to irreversible consequences. There are different methods and types of therapeutic weight loss, which are described below. Dry fasting This method of treatment implies a complete renunciation of food and any liquid for a certain period. In addition, some sources recommend even some time not to wash, do not take a shower and bath, refuse to rinse the mouth and wash your hands - in general, completely limit contact with water. It is believed that dry fasting will give the maximum result only if you fully follow these principles. This course is usually designed for one to three days. It is better to go through it in specialized health-improving complexes or sanatoriums, under the supervision of a specialist, under an individual program. First, it is psychologically easier, and secondly, in case of health problems you will always be provided with the necessary assistance. Water starvation This is the most common way to lose weight and treat certain ailments. This starvation implies a complete refusal of food and the use of exclusively water, and in any quantity. To properly get out of this state, it is better to drink a couple of glasses of fresh carrot juice from early morning until lunchtime. In addition, in order to enhance the purification effect, people practicing this method recommend using only distilled water. Cascade method of fasting This method is sometimes called cyclic. Its peculiarity is to eat and starve during periods. Suppose, for one day there is, and in the next 48 hours completely to renounce food. Or use it in such intervals: two days through three. As a rule, dry cascade fasting is carried out, that is, during the days of refusal from food, the liquid is also excluded from the diet. To properly exit this cycle, you need to drink as much water as possible, and after a while - a glass of low-fat kefir. Starvation on herbal tea or juices Tea starvation is suitable for lovers of green (herbal) drinks. In this case, it is allowed to drink extremely unsweetened tea and completely refuse to eat. As for the method of weight loss on juices, you can only eat fruit and vegetable fresh. Such a curative program contributes to the general cleansing of the body of toxins, saturation with vitamins, and, of course, weight loss. The duration of the hunger strike To combat overweight, an integrated approach is needed - it is a strong-willed restriction in food, and a low-calorie diet, and regular physical activity, as well as gymnastics and water procedures. In addition, you should understand that it will take several months of constant effort to detune your excessive appetite. Some believe that they do not eat much, but you need to restrain yourself even more, while eating small portions, very thoroughly chewing. In this case, the organism will "be satisfied" with a smaller amount, since there is a connection between saturation and the amount of chewing movements. Also, in the process of crushing food in the mouth, the peristalsis in the intestine increases several times, which in turn helps to improve and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The methods of starvation are classified not only by the method of carrying out, but also by its duration. So, one-day or one-day is a kind of unloading day once a week, which includes renouncing food, but drinking water. The most common among the supporters of weight loss period - three days. During this time, the best result is achieved, and, at the same time, the negative consequences of refusing food are very low. A very long seven-day medical starvation is directed, first of all, to purifying the whole organism and getting rid of some ailments, and a ten-day or a month-long one should be conducted strictly in specialized institutions.

How does weight loss occur?

Starting to starve for weight loss or treatment, you needto realize that this process is rather complicated and difficult both from a physical and psychological point of view. However, these methods really work to reduce body weight, because in the first place fat reserves of the body melt. In the early days, weight loss can reach one to two kilograms per day, in the future, this index drops to 300 grams. Here is an example scheme:

  • With a one-day refusal to eat, a person loses from one to three kilograms.
  • In the next five to ten days, depending on your experience, another seven (plus or minus three) "leave".
  • When fasting on medium terms(ten to fourteen days) weight loss is about ten to twelve kilograms. If you do not stop there, then in the future it will be about one kilo in three days.
  • However, these are average indicators. There are certain factors that influence how much the body weight decreases. Let's consider them. useful therapeutic fasting for weight loss

    An experience

    A person who regularly practices medicalfasting for the purpose of recovery, loses much less weight in weight than a beginner. The more often such events are held, the faster the body turns to food with internal reserves, as a consequence - a slight decrease in body weight. Beginners have a hypoglycemic crisis later, the mechanisms of "switching" are started longer and kilograms "melt" faster. In addition, as purification, as a result of constant starvation and the reception in the future of healthy food, the body's resources will be spent more economically.

    Motor mode

    It would seem that the more physical exertion inthe fasting period, the stronger the weight should decrease. However, in reality a person who leads an active lifestyle can lose fewer kilograms than a bed rest. This is especially noticeable after a hypoglycemic crisis. This is due to the fact that our body, while in motion during the day, begins to intensively absorb nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen, and use them in biosynthesis. At night, gas exchange decreases, and we have to use internal resources with great zeal. Therefore, moving in the period of refusal to eat, you additionally "feed" your body. In this case, the main rule is not to overexert yourself! Additional procedures. If you want to get rid of extra pounds in a short time, then in the process of losing weight, faithful assistants are additional procedures. For example, swimming, sauna, massage and others - they help improve blood supply, resulting in metabolic processes and fat consumption are much faster.

    The priority of dry fasting

    Such fasting is best used onthe initial stage of entering the ordinary. The best option - the first few days (two or three) without water, and then use it, focusing on well-being. Carrying out this method of losing weight, as well as treatment, adhering to longer terms, without adequate experience and medical supervision is quite dangerous. Doctors do not recommend the use of "dry" days in the middle of the cycle of ordinary fasting, because during this period the body needs water for full biosynthesis. In the first two or three days of complete renunciation of food, when your body switches to internal nutrition, due to the active splitting of fats, a sufficient amount of its own liquid is formed. Also in the tissues of the body there is a certain reserve of excess water, so at this time dry fasting is transferred much easier and leads to rapid weight loss. There is a certain pattern: the better the state of a person before the onset of fasting, the easier it is to follow the process, and the less it will lose kilograms. The fact is that a healthy body quickly turns to internal nutrition and spends less on the necessary substances. Otherwise, in the presence of any ailments, additional energy and resources are spent on carrying out restoration activities.

    Constitution and age

    Starving, young people lose weight faster thanelderly, which is associated with increased activity of metabolic processes occurring in a young organism. In addition, the fuller the person, the more kilograms he loses in the first days, as there is a disposal of excess fluid that has accumulated in the tissues.

    The practice of curative fasting

    It is believed that the best results are given bystarvation of average duration in combination with proper nutrition afterwards. The fact is that the greatest weight loss occurs in the first two weeks of refusing to eat. In addition, it allows us to launch a mechanism of deep cleansing of the body, which continue for a long time after the end of the course. The best option - to spend several times (about two or three) starvation of medium terms, while after that use "healthy" foods for a month. Another important factor is cleaning procedures, which must be done before the beginning of weight loss. It should begin with a one-day abstinence from food, and only then increase the duration of fasting. This will help not only to gradually reduce weight, but also "program" yourself to maintain the right way of life, to abandon overeating. If you do not learn to control your desires during the recovery period, then, after starving two or three weeks, you will not get any decent results, and afterwards you'll get better again. After a fast, the body begins to actively absorb nutrients lost during this time, so if you do not limit yourself in time, the balance arrow will return to its previous state. There may even be an excess of these indicators by several kilograms. Therefore, if your goal is simply to reduce weight, and not completely change the way you eat and the habits associated with it, then fasting will bring a short-term result. Think about whether it is worth raping your body in this case? We advise you to read: