25 frames - losing weight Many of us today are obsessed with the idea of ​​losing weight,which is due, more likely, fashion trends than an urgent need. But, one way or another, this goal appears, looms, and we frantically begin to look for ways to achieve it. The most popular way to lose weight is a diet, but not every person is able to give up his favorite delicacies day after day for a long time. In addition, many of the diets now offered provide for the exclusion from the diet of substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body and a good skin condition. As a result, a thin waist gets its owner quite expensive: as a result of vitamin deficiency the skin becomes dry and problematic, and health begins to give more and more alarming signals, demanding increased attention. Not wanting to pay such a high price for fashionable harmony, we are trying to find more acceptable methods of dropping weights, sorting out a lot of special literature, snooping around the world wide web, and, oh, a miracle! - we find! There is, there is this magical way, which not only makes it possible to become like Angelina Jolie in a few days, but is realized without special efforts and any restrictions in nutrition. Such a miracle cure is the widely advertised program of 25 frames for weight loss. This technique has been propagated for almost fifty years, and there are many rumors about it today. Supporters of the methodology argue that 25 frames is a panacea for many troubles, painlessly and absolutely imperceptibly bringing information to the subconscious of the person that positively influences the solution of any problem. They are trying hard to convince the Internet audience of the effectiveness of the program, which promises incredible harmony to anyone who only deigns to type in the search engine short phrase: "25 frames for losing weight download for free."

What is 25 frames?

There is a whole army of specialists tryinggive technology "25 frames weight loss" some scientific justification. They explain this fact in the following way: any video image is a rapidly changing picture, making up the video sequence. If in this video every 25 frames will carry information of a certain kind, it will be elusive for the eyesight. However, at the level of the subconscious mind fixes this information and orientes its relative behavior towards it.

How does the technique work 25 frames?

Thus, the technique of losing weight 25 framesare nothing more than a unique encoding for losing weight. Many sites offer 25 frames free download, some sell discs with the program "Slimming 25 frames." It is installed on the computer and ... Oh, a miracle! Working on it in the familiar mode, you can gradually, without much effort, turn into Angelina Jolie. The only inconvenience of this method is that, due to the increased speed of the monitor's flickering, the eyes get tired a little. However, according to many, the ultimate goal is worth to endure some discomfort. Developers of the program "25 frames weight loss" advise to initially apply it no more than half an hour a day, for three weeks. Then a week break is made, after which 25 frames for weight loss are used again for half an hour a day for three weeks. This mode is repeated three times. All available methods of weight loss 25 frames represent, as one of the most painless and convenient ways of losing weight. At first glance, this is so, because all the debilitating, cruel diet 25 frames can be replaced without difficulty. It is enough to download 25 frames, or purchase the "Slimming program 25 frames", and, following the recommendations, run the program daily for half an hour. And to enhance its effectiveness in the morning, after waking up, and before going to sleep you need to pronounce phrases from the slimming program 25 frames. 25 frames - losing weight

What really is this magic technique "Slimming 25 frames"?

25 frame reviews have very different perspectives. Someone who has experienced the impact of the slimming program 25 frames, praises her enthusiastically, and someone claims that this is another duck, designed to drain money from naive simpletons. After all, sites selling discs with 25 overs, say that you can download the free 25-frame slimming program. However, in this case the probability of forgery is very high, and too frequent flashing of personnel in such programs can cause significant harm to the person's vision and his health in general. There is also such a category of fat people, which when losing weight through 25 frames of reviews leaves satisfactory. They assure that the program of 25 frames for weight loss is just a miracle cure for overweight, there is no alternative, and no 25 frames will be replaced. So what explains this cardinal difference in the evaluation of the product, which is called: "Slimming program 25 frames"? Weight loss is a process that is individual for every organism. Therefore, there can not be the same guidelines for weight loss. Of course, for a certain part of people, the 25-frame slimming program is an excellent method for achieving the desired goal. These are, as a rule, those who need only an additional way of auto-suggestion for this achievement.

A bit of history

This phenomenon, like the 25th frame, began to causesignificant interest among the general public in the fifties of the last century. It was then that the first commercial experiments were started, based on the methods of influencing the subconscious with the help of an additional frame, which carries the relevant information. The founder of the idea was a certain James Vaikeri, who suggested inserting into the movie phrases that appeared when he demonstrated on the screen in just a thousandths of a second. The audience did not have time to fix this third-party information, however, according to the marketing agency that developed this technique, it was postponed in the subconscious of people, forcing them to buy popcorn and cool drinks in significant quantities. This method of increasing sales of any products was immediately widely publicized by the press and caused a wave of indignation: the society protested against extraneous interference in the psyche of people, for fear of its negative consequences. However, as it turned out later, these fears were completely in vain, since in fact all the hype around was nothing more than an advertising trick. The group of scientists demanded from James Vaikeri to repeat the experiment in the presence of the commission, but the results disappointed the observers: no dramatic changes in the behavior of the people who watched the film happened. As a result, further developments of subliminal methods of influencing human consciousness were already conducted in secret laboratories, and public experiments were prohibited by law. Once again, interest in this phenomenon broke out in the seventies of the last century. On the movie screens appeared horror films with a flickering death mask, some rock bands used in their albums read the reverse phrases and so on. However, these facts were explained more by the pursuit of popularity than by the belief in any influence on the subconscious. It was then that the term "25 frames" that had become familiar today appeared. In general, it meant the possibility of informing, with the help of modern electronic means, unconscious information into the consciousness. Popular literature explains this effect in the following way: the human brain can critically perceive visual information supplied at a rate of 24 frames per second. Additional, 25 frames, mounted in the image, the brain is not realized, but the subconscious level captures and remembers it. Thus, theoretically, a person can be inspired by anything, anything.

Internet fraud

This theory and to date has a lot andadepts, and adversaries. The main thing is that it became the basis for a mass of Internet scammers offering to download 25 frames for learning languages, download free 25 frames for weight loss and stuff. The influence of 25 frames (twenty-fifth frame) on the human brain seems quite plausible to many, therefore thousands of users of the World Wide Web, hoping for a miracle, are trying to free them to use them in mastering some sciences or rapidly achieving other goals. And here begins the adventure. The dangers of this download are incredible. For example, the proposal "Download free slimming program 25 frames" looks very attractive and quite innocuous. Well, is not it tempting to download a 25-frame slimming frame for free, and without making any effort, get a gorgeous figure in just a couple of months? However, in practice, it turns out that the 25-frame slimming download for free is not so easy - initially you need to send an SMS message, the cost of which is quite high. Of course, the full people do not stop at this seemingly insignificant obstacle - money, in this case, for them - is not the main thing. The messages go away ... into oblivion. Response codes for downloading usually do not come. The result, - download the program 25 frames for weight loss for free not only fails - it does not download even for a fee! Trivial SMS-scam, designed for gullible people, and today still works successfully, bringing considerable profits to its creators. I must say that with a great desire on the Internet you can find and sites from which you can slimming programs 25 frames free download. However, in such generous gifts, as a rule, there is an even more serious danger than in useless messages. They contain very unpleasant surprises in the form of all sorts of viruses, capable in a short time not only to read all the information from the computer, but also completely destroy the hard disk. And we do not have to rely on the reliability of antivirus programs in this situation - often viruses are more cunning than these faithful guardians of our computers. 25 frames - losing weight


You can, of course, admit and the option thatsomeone succeeds without problems programs to lose weight 25 frames to download without much damage, install them and, anticipating an excellent result, to start using. This act, perhaps, with full right can be called the most reckless of those examples of which are given above. The consequences of the impact of such methods on human consciousness are unpredictable! After all, in fact, the proposal: "Download 25 frames weight loss" means to take independent steps in the area of ​​the coding of consciousness, which can turn into all sorts of surprises even under the supervision of specialists. The risk of side effects in this case is very high, because the depths of our subconscious - an unknown abyss, and how it reacts to extraneous interference, can not be predicted! In other words, before you enter into the search engine the phrase "25 frames to lose weight download", you need to think carefully - is it worth it to expose yourself to such a number of dangers? After all, if even you can find the required file for free, the 25-frame slimming program can harm the psyche, which will reflexively resist the effects from outside. However, this issue raises many doubts. It is likely that our subconscious does not notice any signals of this kind. And then those who conceived weight loss, 25 frames to download, of course, you can. However, it will be completely useless for weight loss, but it's not entirely possible to influence the state of vision - the frequent flickering of the monitor causes excessive eye fatigue.


On the ad: "Slimming program 25 frames free download" can not pay attention! Nothing is given to us for free, and this case is no exception. And the excess weight, if there is a need, can be reset in other ways. Fortunately, today there are quite a lot of them! We advise you to read: