menu on the diet of Kim Protasov The eponymous diet is the brainchild of an Israeli doctorKim Protasov, sometimes referred to simply as "protaction". Although the name of the doctor is likely a pseudonym. For the first time, the diet of Kim Protasov, whose approximate menu is very progressive to this day, appeared on the pages of the Russian press in 1999. So far, not every diet for weight loss has in its menu such a variety of fairly high-calorie foods and such freedom in their use.

Basic principles and dietary recommendations

The fact is that its author is a supporter of a comfortableweight loss and an ardent opponent of a lightning loss of a good ten kilograms per week. All the same, it becomes somewhat sad from what you have to finish with sugar once and for all. You can drink tea and coffee as you like, but without sweets, and sugar substitute is also contraindicated. Water should be present in a volume of 1.5-2 liters. But it is not forbidden to eat the allowed products in any quantity and at any time of the day or night (yes, yes, and nights too), so as not to feel hungry. And these are raw vegetables, cheese and yogurt (without sugar and 5% fat content). Cheese should not be of any particular grade, most importantly, that it does not exceed the fat content of the same yogurt. Later in the diet will necessarily add fish and meat, but low-fat. Categorical "no" will have to say buns and other sweets, cereals, potatoes and pasta, as well as alcoholic beverages. Sausage products, soups, products with the addition of soy and gelatin, sour-milk products containing various additives and sugar are prohibited. results of Kim Protasov's diet are noticeable in a month

How it works in practice

Diet Protasova, whose menu is designed for 5weeks, involves the stages of entering the diet and the gradual exit from it. Therefore, the first and second weeks are the period when the body gets used to the new menu - these are all those products listed above, but you can also boil an egg a day, and a maximum of 3 apples of green varieties. Exit from the diet will take as long as many weeks, how long the diet itself lasts. Having set foot on the path of healthy weight loss, you should be patient and be aware that this process is not for one week, as happens in most hard mono diets. The first two weeks, when only vegetarian recipes are used, allow the body to clear and prepare for a more balanced diet. However, a free regime of consumption of vegetables will relieve hunger and give a feeling of lightness and a surge of energy. In order not to "get bored" without meat and fish products, it is allowed to eat vegetables in the form in which the person is most comfortable. If you like just gnawing cucumber, cabbage, lettuce leaves or carrots, so be it. And if it is more pleasant in the form of a salad, then you can make a large bowl of various vegetables, cut or grate there on a grater egg and cheese and pour it all with yogurt. It is best to use the recommendations of Kim Protasov in the summer, because it is in summer a lot of vegetables and fruits, and you can be sure of their freshness and one hundred percent benefit. Of course, today all products are available in winter, but it will be more expensive, and yet the vegetables grown in the greenhouse are much inferior in their properties to natural summer fruits grown under the sun. Thus, the diet limits the intake of carbohydrates, but due to the presence of yogurt and eggs in the diet provides the intake of the necessary protein and calcium. Therefore, do not be afraid of negative consequences in the form of brittle hair and nails. Low-calorie meat, whole-grain bread and a few confectionery during the day is possible, but everyone who has experienced the impact of the diet Protasov, argue that by the end of the second week the craving for high-calorie foods disappears by itself, so that even the boiled egg is already becoming redundant. When meat and fish are introduced, the use of cheese, which refers to high-calorie foods, should be reduced. The disappearance of kilograms should not be expected before the third week from the beginning of the diet, and even then it will be very slow. Losing weight begins to notice a significant result only in the last weeks. Despite the duration of the whole process, it is much easier to follow the recommendations of this diet than any other. But the transition to the traditional menu (dumplings, pasta, fried foods) will not happen overnight. This is not because the body is out of habit. The metabolism was normalized and the rhythm of the pancreas's work changed, which is responsible for cravings for sweets. A maximum of vegetables improves the activity of the intestine. Apples, mandatory for use, contribute to the ingestion of pectins and carbohydrates. The approximate menu of one day looks like this: 1st and 2nd weeks:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, dressed with grated apple, yogurt or low-fat sour cream, tea without sugar.
  • The second breakfast: an apple or fresh vegetables.
  • Lunch: salad from vegetables, a slice of cheese, a glass of tomato juice
  • Afternoon snack: an apple.
  • Dinner: cream soup with fresh vegetables, seasoned with yogurt or yoghurt, egg, tea.

3rd - 5th week:

  • Breakfast: egg, salad with yogurt, tea.
  • The second breakfast: a salad of vegetables with the addition of chicken fillet.
  • Lunch: fried chicken meat (100 gr.) With lettuce leaves, tea.
  • Snack: 2 apples, a glass of yogurt.
  • Dinner: boiled or steam fish (100 grams), vegetables.

Meanwhile, snacks can be much more,but they all consist only of sour-milk products and raw vegetables. On the pages of the Internet you can meet the Protasov diet, where soups with potatoes are included in the menu, and salads are seasoned with vegetable oil. I must say that this has nothing to do with the aforementioned diet. For 5 weeks, any soups, except mashed vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes, and vegetable oil are excluded. Only after the fifth week gradually other foods start to appear in the diet. Many nutritionists are absolutely in agreement that the diet Protasova frees a person from dependence on sweet. Slightly correcting the menu after the entire course of weight loss, including other fruits and cereals in it, you can make it a constant diet of healthy food. Fats in the diet are also limited, but not completely excluded. They are present in the diet, after a few weeks, in the form of lean meat, which is not completely devoid of fats. approximate diet menu

Nourishing, tasty and varied

In addition to general recommendations, Kim's Diet containsProtasov and recipes. The menu of the third week differs somewhat from the first two, but only in that 300 grams of lean meat, chicken or fish can be added to vegetables, apples, cheese and yogurt. The amount of cheese and yogurt is reduced, but they are not excluded altogether. So the ration remains for three weeks. To life on vegetables and greenery does not seem very monotonous, you can include culinary fantasy and invent a lot of options for all kinds of salads. For example, traditional salad ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions can be added to grated radish on a large grater or straw. And season it all with salt and sprinkle with vinegar. To taste was richer, there to send a boiled egg. Recipes for salads can be varied so much that none of the friends and will not believe that this is a permitted dietary dish. So, it is original and unusual to taste salad from an omelette, fried without oil. One egg is allowed, so it should be beaten with milk, and fry in a non-stick frying pan with a thin omelet, which is then cut into squares or straws and mixed arbitrarily with vegetables, grated cheese and yoghurt. Only you need to consider that the salad turns out to be quite high-calorie and it should be eaten in the middle of the day. Do not abuse this dish throughout the day, which can not be said about salads, in which only vegetables are present. It is not forbidden to prepare a salad with canned fish in oil, but the oil is drained before the fish is kneaded with a fork. Salad is prepared in layers, where one of the layers can make up a protein, and another yolk, then any vegetables you like. Each layer is smeared with yoghurt. The dish is rich and tasty. In an indicative menu of salads, you can include any sort of cabbage: color, white or Brussels, which fits well with grated carrots, green peas, greens. This salad can be prepared both with the participation of yogurt, and simply by wiping all the ingredients with salt and sprinkling with vinegar or lemon juice. One of the options for dietary salads can be called salad from canned corn. It is gratifying that the exemplary menu of Kim Protasov does not exclude the use of spices, garlic, citric acid and vinegar (in the smallest amounts), which gives the dishes a piquant, far from unpleasant taste. Who likes it, you can add cinnamon, ginger to salads. So, to prepare a salad of corn, the first thing is chopped garlic on garlic or grater and mixed with pepper, salt and lemon juice. With this mixture, corn is combined, which fits nicely on the lettuce leaf. Well, what is not a restaurant dish ?! Very special "sandwiches", decorated on a circle of a tomato, are very appetizing. To do this, yogurt mixes cheese, garlic, pepper and spreads on top of a tomato. As for the preparation of meat, when it is introduced into a vegetarian menu, it is better to cook it without fat or bake in the oven. Perfectly suitable for this purpose are recipes for baking for an hour chicken on salt or chicken breast in sour cream sauce. When the meat becomes available for food, it can also be added to salads. Pieces of chicken are simply fried in a dry frying pan, cooled and sent to any salad. Well it combines with cabbage. The approximate menu of Protasov does not exclude such an ingredient, as shrimps, in the composition of salads. And who tried at the time okroshka on kefir or whey instead of kvass, will not be against and Protasovskaya "okroshki on yogurt.

Exit from the diet is the key to success

Recommendations for the gradual transition to the usualdiet are not new, but not everyone willing to lose weight after the course of weight loss gradually increase the calorie content of dishes. But in vain. Many people say that the diet of Kim Protasov is just that and is good, which has a long rehabilitation period. After a five-week diet, the diet remains the same, but it is already possible to fill the salad with vegetable oil or replace apples with other kinds of fruits, except banana. Meanwhile, 5% of yogurt, on the contrary, is replaced by fat-free yogurt. In a week, porridges are introduced for breakfast, both on water and dairy. You should start with just 2-3 tablespoons. Pleasure will deliver a handful of nuts. It is necessary to try to stretch the output for at least 5 weeks, gradually increasing the proportion of fat in the diet, keeping it at 30-40%. Soups should be present only in the last week. For 2 months you should forget about pasta, bread and rice.

Effectiveness and feedback

Information on the diet of Kim Protasov does not representthere is no secret, but the author himself does not want to show his face to the general public. However, his diet is recognized not only by ordinary inhabitants, but also by specialists in the field of dietetics, because the diet does not have any strict contraindications, it purifies and revitalizes the entire body. With caution should be approached to a diet for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to pay attention to the amount of salt and fat content of cheeses. Some nutritionists believe that the translators of the diet Kim Protasov most likely admit inaccuracy, calling the granular cheese curd cheese. In Israel is very common pressed, low-fat granular cottage cheese, which the author also has in mind. Instead of the recommended yogurt, kefir fat content of 3.2 or fermented baked milk is quite suitable. Milk and yogurt with additives are excluded. But the use of multivitamins and trace elements and moderate exercise will only benefit. Experienced diets testify to the enormous weight loss for 10 weeks: from 8 to 12 kg. Even with some disturbances in diet, weight loss is at least 5 kg in the allotted period. In this case, the waist and hips significantly decrease in circumference. And yet, with all positive reviews, the diet is recommended for use no more than 1 time per year, from the middle of summer to the end of the autumn season, when it is easier from a financial point of view and more useful in terms of product quality. It is important that the achieved results remain very long.