increase self-esteem Insecurity is not a terrible vice. It would seem that the terrible will happen if, because of it, you refuse to try yourself in a new job or to get acquainted with a person you like. But what if it turned out that this work is the calling of all life, and man is your destiny? you will never know it, because you were unsure of yourself and did not use your chance. If we calculate how many losses in life are due to indecisiveness and shyness, we can be horrified. Doubt devours everything - money, energy, love, success. There are only regrets about unfulfilled dreams and unrealized opportunities. But all this is never too late to change. For this, one has only to become a confident person. Using a simple training of self-confidence, consisting of simple exercises, you can better know yourself. Confidence comes from knowing your abilities and yourself. The purpose of the training: to explore and to know oneself, self-improvement, increase personal and professional growth, self-knowledge and therapy, revealing its undiscovered potential. Objectives of the training:

  • learn to live brightly and joyfully, realizing their cherished dreams;
  • learn to discover and realize their habits and outlook on life;
  • to know your true nature;
  • with absolute certainty feel in any situation;
  • to understand how one can cope with shyness and anxiety;
  • confidently support the conversation and business negotiations;
  • easy to conduct speeches in front of a large crowd of people;
  • do not be afraid to take risks.

"How I see myself, what will I be in the future"

Purpose of the training exercise: learn to work out an objective self-assessment of oneself, learn to focus attention on the result that needs to be achieved. This exercise should be conducted in a group. It is necessary to take a piece of paper, pencils and draw as you see yourself. The more colorful the picture, the better. Dorisuyte important elements of your life: a hobby, enthusiasm, pet, etc. After that, all the leaves need to be collected and mixed, after which everyone shares their impressions about each picture. Using a piece of paper and pencils, again draw yourself, but only now in the future. Aloud you need to say a kind of "protection" of the picture. self-assessment training

"If something happened ..., then I would ..."

Purpose of the training exercise: to develop a quick response to various conflict situations. Exercise is conducted in a group in a circle. One person comes up with a conflict situation (for example: "If I had stolen a purse on the bus ..."), and the second expresses his reaction to it (for example: "... I would start shouting, calling the police").

"Wings of confidence"

Purpose of the training exercise: discover new energy opportunities. It is convenient to sit down or lie down and consciously evoke the sensations that you associate with confidence. To do this, you need to dig into your memory, remember and relive several situations in which you feel very confident. Usually in such cases there is a feeling that behind the back wings have grown. The man straightens his back, straightens his shoulders and confidently looks into the eyes of others. This increases the control of the situation and improves the coordination of movements. you are absolutely self-confident person.

"The most charming and attractive"

Purpose of the training exercise: love yourself and learn how to be liberated. Exercise for women is all known, but very effective. Everyone needs to take a small mirror with them. All participants in the training need to stand in a circle. In the beginning, everyone says at least three compliments to each other. After that, each participant tells the audience about her 3 qualities, for which she can be loved. The latter quality should affect the appearance and is said in front of the mirror. If you do this exercise at home regularly, you can get stunning results. exercise wings of confidence

"Searching for real hope"

Purpose of the training exercise: to assess their real capabilities. During the week, you need to pay attention to all situations when you encounter empty dreams, and when with real hope (regardless of their size). For example:

  • In the afternoon, you get the idea that it would be nice to join a sports club or jog, after which you are distracted and forget about it;
  • rising up among the day on the scales, you are thinking that it's time to lose weight, and during the dinner refuse the pie;
  • your friend constantly tells everyone what machine he wants to buy, without the means at his disposal and doing nothing to change it;
  • the girlfriend declares, that wishes to stop to smoke already as 5 years, but anything thus does not undertake;
  • every day you think about the fact that you need to learn English or sign up for refresher courses, and do not even make a single phone call for it.

It is necessary to make a list. At the end of the week, you should carefully read it and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of feeling do I get from people who live in desolate dreams?
  • What response do people get from others who use real hopes?
  • What do people focus on in the first and second situation?
  • What are my real hopes, and what are the empty ones?
  • exercise is the most charming and attractive


    Purpose of the training exercise: realize their real aspirations and increase their confidence in their abilities. Each participant of the training should reflect on what he would like to be: how to behave, how to dress, what relation should be to yourself and others, in what environment to rotate, etc. Taking into account all this, it is necessary to make a consistent program for your own " autopilot. " It should be written according to a certain scheme. For example: "I'm self-confident, I'm good." After the completion of the program, each in turn read it aloud in such a way that the surrounding people had a feeling that this person is really like that. Using these simple 6 exercises, you will easily discover new energy opportunities for yourself. An unsure person spends a lot of energy on fear, anxiety, resentment and anger, rather than using it to achieve goals. Learn to apply this energy in the directions you need, life will become much easier and more fun. you will discover new horizons for yourself! You just have to drop all doubts and go to meet the confidence that will fill your body with energy, and the heart with joy.