fear of darkness You think that fear of darkness is fear,peculiar only to children? You are mistaken! As statistics show, about ten percent of adult people on the planet suffer from this fear. What are its causes and how to get rid of it? This is the story of our article - the fear of darkness is victorious!

The nature of fear

Fear (or fear) is the nature given to usfeeling, and it is given to us not by chance. Its occurrence is due to a real or imaginary threat or disaster. We experience fear as something unpleasant, and we usually want to get rid of it. But in fact it protects us from dangers and forces them to avoid. Simply put, without fear, we would all become extinct as a species (by the way, fear is an emotion that is not only in humans, but also in animals). However, it can cross borders and become harmful from the useful, turning into a strong irrational negative attitude towards anything. Although, speaking specifically about this case, the fear of darkness in adults is not entirely irrational: in ancient times our ancestors feared darkness because of the threat of attack - a wild beast or a representative of an enemy tribe could easily jump out from there. Of course, at present it is less likely (although it is possible, for example, walking on night alleys and gateways is fraught with danger to life), but genetic memory continues to arouse in us this fear of darkness. As a result - a phobia. Often in specific cases it is not only about genetic memory, but also about some psychotraumatic events. For example, you may experience fear of the dark due to the fact that you saw a horror film in your childhood, where all sorts of evil monsters appeared from the darkness. In this case, it may be useful for you to gradually converge with the dark: first arrange a dark corner in the apartment, then turn off the light in the room, then stay in a dark apartment, etc. ... Only all this must be done gradually and without excessive zeal, otherwise you will even more frighten yourself. But it's not pleasant - you go to the bathroom at night and you're afraid, right? What to do? Of course, try to defeat fear! phobia fear of the dark

How to remove fear

So, how to get rid of the fear of darkness in thosecases where you can not remember anything wrong with this related? First of all, you will need time, for nothing happens at once. And not a single phobia will recede as quickly as one would like - a long enough treatment. Secondly, it is best to combine independent work with an appeal to a psychologist about fear (if, of course, the problem is serious enough and prevents you from living). And, thirdly, try the following instruction, which we compiled to rid you of fear - if the phobia is not too strong, you yourself can easily cope with it. As a rule, in the experience of fear you can distinguish three figures: "what they are afraid of", "whoever is afraid" and "whoever is afraid". The last figure is very important, because usually from her face you tell about fear. Often you simultaneously feel both fear and some unpleasant emotions in relation to yourself, afraid: shame, anger, condemnation, etc. ... Behind it in the majority there is a negative representation about pavor. He is something abnormal, something that should be disposed of or something to be overcome. We are taught from childhood that being a coward is bad, accordingly, in adulthood, we cut off our experience of fear. The first step to overcoming fear is to clarify the attitude towards one's fear of the dark, the possibility of experiencing it, and the attitudes that affect that attitude-without it, treatment is simply impossible. Next, you need to understand what exactly frightens you in the very darkness. Very often the object of fear itself is formed from several separate fears. For example, after you allow yourself to experience the fear of the dark, it may turn out that several fears have merged: fear of uncertainty, unpredictability, threat of attack, etc. ... If you try to clarify this further, it turns out that you are afraid of a physical threat to your health and uncertainty, which, in turn, can lead to other fears. The more such fears can be identified, the better, because the desires become clearer. So, you will understand what to do next. Often at the heart of some phobias is the transfer to the object of fear of some qualities that we do not recognize in ourselves. For example, we may periodically want to attack someone and beat him, but we do not do it. Moreover, we suppress this desire in ourselves, suppress our own spitefulness, because we want to be "white and fluffy". But it does not go anywhere, and we begin to see in the environment such repressed qualities, including in the dark: it frightens us, we perceive it as threatening health and physical integrity. In order to test this, try to make a list of qualities that you can characterize the darkness, and then try them on yourself: if you experience revival, joy, fear, embarrassment or shame, it should be noted. Try to stay for a while in the form of darkness: think about your purpose, about how you live and how, being dark, treat yourself to the present, listen to your desires. Maybe you want to say something or do something - put it into practice. Then go back to your body and listen to your emotions and feelings - what is your attitude to the darkness, what do you want to say or do to it. Then jump back into the image of darkness - and so several times. Your task is to establish a dialogue and peaceful relations with the object of fear. In some cases this is enough to make the phobia recede. But, alas, this is often not always enough - fear can persist after this, because the danger of darkness does not disappear anywhere. In this case, you need to try to come up with as many effective methods of combating the danger. In this you can help understand the situations in which you are strong and protected. What unites these situations? Where do you get your strength at such moments? Find the answers to these questions - and the phobia will retreat almost certainly! Any fear can be overcome if you know how to do it. And if you add to the effective actions of self-confidence and in your abilities, then you generally will have the sea knee-deep! Work with your fears and do not hesitate to contact specialists if necessary - there is nothing to worry about; on the contrary, the results will be faster and more reliable. Unfortunately, very many people refuse to help specialists for a variety of reasons - someone thinks that a phobia is not a problem at all, someone does not trust psychologists, and somebody is banal about saving money. Of course, what to do is up to you. But remember - the fear of darkness can significantly reduce the quality of your life. We advise you to read: