Airports of the world Going on a trip, travelersthoroughly study the countries in which they are to visit: climate, political situation, hotels and national cuisine. And it is not enough, who with the same carefulness studies the world airports, from which the acquaintance with the countries most often begins. Many simply cross the globe on airplanes from the usual and ordinary point A to the desired and unknown point B, then, bypassing the terminals, go further, to the final point of their journey. Of course, the choice of the airport in which you have to land or spend some time between flights, does not depend on your wishes. But still, unfortunately, not all airports can be considered quite comfortable, accurate and safe. Otherwise, why does the company Skytrax, compile an annual ranking of airports in the world? The most surprising thing is that the quality of service at the airport does not depend on how large it is. Or from that, you fly to Europe or to Asia. According to this rating, the European air gates are not so good and comfortable, as, for example, Asian, because it was the Asian Hong Kong airport for many years occupied the first place, as the most comfortable and convenient for numerous passengers. But let's start in order.

Hospitality and comfort of Asia or the best of the best

Try to answer a simple question, on whatbased compilers of the ranking, choosing the top ten best airports. Let's say at once, there are a lot of criteria when choosing. But the main ones are the comfort and safety of passengers and, oddly enough, the accuracy. This, if we talk about the airport. And there is also the annual rating of the journal National Geographic, which chooses the most unusual airports in terms of architecture. But you, as a traveler, should be interested in your safety, comfort and accuracy of flight departures, so you do not have to spend several months, as a hero of Tom Hanks in the movie "Terminal", getting acquainted with the building's infrastructure from the inside. Despite the fact that "Europe is ahead of the rest of the world", the Asian airports rank the leading places in the ranking of "the best airports in the world". The best airport in 2011 was Hong Kong Airport. The efficiency of passenger service and the accuracy of the arrival and departure of aircraft deserve special praise. Here cases of loss of luggage are rare. And the comfort of waiting rooms can be folded legends. And this is despite the comparative youth of the airport. Among other things, Hong Kong airport provides all kinds of bonuses in the form of a modern 4-D cinema, a hall with computer games, including great flight simulators, and massage parlors. Here the main thing is not to forget that you were going on a trip, and not to miss your flight. The second place is occupied by Changi airport in Singapore. It is known not only for the fact that at the passport control each passenger is given caramels, but also because the time between flights can be spent sitting in the jacuzzi or in the pool. And all the famous tabloids of the world wrote about five blooming gardens. If your flight is still delayed or just happened, that you have to spend the night in Singapore, you do not have to huddle in the waiting room. You can easily get comfortable without going through the tedious procedure of migration control, as the hotel is located on the territory of the airport terminal "Ambassador". The three leaders are Seoul Incheon Airport. "This is comfort!" - exclaims any tourist who first entered the golden air gate of South Korea. At the service of passengers is not only a nightclub, where guests are always welcome, but also numerous gaming halls. Directly from the airport you can go on an excursion to a nearby temple or to an exhibition of pottery. The choice is great, and some travelers say that the travel agency, which is the first to offer its clients a tour of the airports of Asia, will have an endless stream of people wishing to join the Asian hospitality and luxury. The airport in Dubai is considered the best by location, convenience, cleanliness, efficiency of the information and registration services. And due to the presence of a huge number of duty-free shops and the convenience of their work for tourists, the Dubai airport has outstripped the airports of Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, bank branches provide round-the-clock services on tax refund and currency exchange. ATMs are located right in the waiting rooms, mailboxes and fax machines - throughout the airport. There is a service for renting mobile phones, showers and bathrooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, casinos. To the airports, honoring the traditions of Asian hospitality, you can relate and Peking. Despite the availability of only three terminals, the quality of service, the accuracy of departures and a comfortable rest zone, this airport ranks fifth in the ranking of the most-most. And not in vain. He is considered the most beautiful and the most high-tech airport. About its unusual architectural beauty should be said separately. Looking at a complex of buildings from the porthole, passengers compare the Beijing airport with a dragon lurking near the edge of the field. The largest airports in the world also appeared on the list of the best. Amphibian airport Siphol, striking in its infrastructure, is like a small city in the city. Every day in its walls are open all kinds of art exhibitions. Here you are unlikely to idly wander around in search of entertainment, if you have the opportunity to replenish your cultural baggage. Among other things, young people are offered four kinds of different wedding ceremonies on an air bridge or directly in the cabin of an airplane. What is called a gift for a newly-married couple or for those who are struck by an arrow of the cupid. This can be especially true on Valentine's Day. Here you can pamper yourself with various spa treatments. It's nice that the builders of this airport took care of the children and created a large game zone specially for them. The Swiss airport, although not the largest, is named the most accurate. However, what to expect from the country, where the most accurate and expensive watches are produced in the world. Only courtesy of kings. But this is not the only criterion by which the airport is among the top ten. Directly on the airport building you can ride a roller. By the way, they are issued for a small fee at the rental office. You can go cycling on a small trip to the surrounding area. And if you want to admire the city from a height, then this service is available here, you can go up to the observation deck. At the airport there are many salons, where you will be offered a variety of procedures. And this is not counting comfort zones for passengers' rest. This is where, indeed, the Swiss provided everything. The top ten list of the "best airports in the world" is the Copenhagen Kastrup in Denmark. Relatively small airport. He outstripped even the world-famous Tokyo airport, and in fact many years this airport confidently was among the top ten. What's so special about this airport? Functionality and conciseness of use of each centimeter of space of a small, by common standards, building. Sharpness in the work of the staff, the lack of delays in the processing of documents and receipt of luggage. But if all airports could be called the best, then the rating would be of no use. Unfortunately, not everything is as desired to avid travelers. And besides the list of the best, there is a list of airports, from the point of view of specialists with not very competently organized work and, as a result, unloved by tourists. the world's largest airports

Not all the gold that Europe

What is most important for the traveler,descended from the plane? Of course, the quick and painless crossing of the passport control zone, the safety of luggage, and in case there is some time to spend in anticipation of the next flight, the comfort of the waiting room. So, the old Europe, or rather its airports, does not cause rave reviews of travelers. Quite the contrary. For example, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, one of the ten largest in the world, is known as the "black hole", where your luggage can easily be lost. If the baggage was successfully delivered, then the queue for its receipt can be compared with the notorious queues for scarce goods during the builders of world communism. In addition - unsanitary conditions, a huge number of insects, homeless people, with whom the protection of the airport does not fight, apparently considering their local attraction, rudeness airport staff. You may well feel yourself not in the center of Europe, but in some developing country. By the way, if you decide to save and spend time not in the hotel, but in the waiting room of Charles de Gaulle Airport, stock up on food and keep in mind that the numerous chairs are not designed for comfortable pastime. London Heathrow, despite the fact that there are quite convenient and safe takeoff and landing planes for the take-off strips, is known for its high cost and red tape with the passage of passport control. But in comparison with the previous airport it can be called almost comfortable. Especially if you are in the zone of the fourth terminal. There it is quite possible to get a job with relative comfort, of course if you are not confused by the chill cold. By the way, most travelers complain about the irrational use of Heathrow space, here with ease you can get lost and wander all the time between flights. Well, if you manage to find time and not be late for your plane. Closes the rating of "the worst airports in the world", also a European. Rome Airport Fiumicino, as, indeed, the whole of Rome as a whole, has chosen the place of their residence for numerous feathered, and striving to snatch something from your hands. And on the bench for rest at this airport is best to sit down, after making sure that it does not have fresh bird droppings. By the way, to sleep in the waiting room, without flinching from the intrusive attention of numerous "security", it can only be from 1 am to 5 am. All the rest of the time you will now and then politely ask about the availability of a ticket for the plane and documents.

The list of the most terrible airports in the world looks like this:

  • Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport.
  • Moscow, Sheremetyevo - incidentally, not only foreign tourists, but also citizens of Russia, not spoiled by comfort, are unflattering about it.
  • London, Heathrow.
  • Los Angeles Airport, famous for its excessively vigilant guards and clamorous staff.
  • New York JFK, where you can eat only in the afternoon, at night and in the morning at this airport does not work, no cafe.
  • Delhi and Bombay airports are differentunsanitary conditions and a terrible smell. Many who have visited these airports joke that the compilers of the rating obviously did not travel to India, and therefore European and American airports were placed unfairly at the very beginning of the list.
  • Manila Airport is famous for the fact that herenumerous tourists extort money, and none other than guards and maintenance personnel. And if at this airport security requires payment of a fee or a fine, you may well require a receipt for payment. And you can not just, but you must do it. After all, you have information, which means that you are armed against extortionists in the service.
  • Another American, Chicago airport, got intoThis list is due to uncomfortable seats and not enough high-profile announcements about boarding a flight. It is not uncommon for passengers to simply miss the departure of their aircraft because of the inaccessibility of information.
  • Closes the list of Rome Airport - Fiumicino.

Of course, to list all the airports in the world andTo tell about quality of their work within the limits of a small article is difficult enough. But we hope that thanks to the above information, you will be able to be prepared for various surprises, and therefore minor troubles associated with the operation of airports will not spoil your impression of the upcoming holiday.