torn jeans with their own hands Fashion is a lady with a very changeable mood, andall of us repeatedly observed how some ultra-popular thing suddenly became obsolete and useless to anyone. However, no matter how time passes, and torn jeans still do not go out of fashion. This is understandable, because they are to the liking of absolutely all mods and women of fashion: rebellious adolescents, glamorous divas, students and even movie stars. We invite you to join the most stylish women of the planet and make fashionable ragged jeans with your own hands. In all the designer collections this year, the jeans are always present. Unfortunately, their cost for many girls remains so transcendental, that one has only to dream of a couple from Alexander McQueen or Dolce and Gabbana. There are also more budgetary brands, for example, Mango or Zara - in the range of these stores you can also meet similar models, but there is considerable risk of meeting your clone (and not only one!) In the subway or at a party. Do you want to become the owner of a unique thing without spending a few months on it? Then read about how we make fashionable ragged jeans with our own hands!

Step-by-Step Action Plan

Surely you have in your wardrobe lying around the old anda worn-out pair, which I do not want to throw out, and I do not want to wear it any more. Calmly, that's exactly what we need! Apply a little dexterity of hands and creativity - and you will get a fashionable "candy" at your disposal. What do we need in addition to a pair of jeans for the embodiment of creative ideas?

  • A sharp knife and scissors - these are the ones that you will be working most of the time. We advise you to use a clerical knife - it is very convenient to use. Just observe the basic safety precautions!
  • A small piece of soap. It is necessary for drawing the markup in the places of future cuts. But if you decide to "shred" light or white jeans, then the soap will not work - it is better to take a simple pencil instead.
  • A fragment of dense plastic, boards, plywood or cardboard, not very large in size, so that it can be put inside jeans. It will protect the back surface from unplanned damage.

The vacuum cleaner is also not a problem for youclean up after yourself; but this is not directly related to the process of making holes on clothes. That's all you need. It would seem, why do I need an instruction in which I will describe how to make ripped jeans? It's so simple - cut and carry. But no! In this case, there are subtleties, of which we will tell you. You want to get a nice and fashionable product, not a spoiled item of clothing? To begin with, try to depict on paper what you want to realize later. Do not forget to take into account in the figure all the details: the style of jeans, the location of pockets, the width of the pants, the landing and color. And then you can imagine a narrow glamorous sliced ​​white jeans of forty-second size, and you only have glued dark blue forty-fourth. And from the second, alas, the first will not work. Remember that the model can be additionally decorated not only with holes, but also with scuffs, highlighting, buttons, embroidery and patches; the main thing - in all this respect the sense of style and measure. Think carefully about where you want to place the incisions, what they will be the size. Consider the fact that the denim differs in special weaving, and in order to make holes of the necessary length and width, you will not have to tear it, but cut it, otherwise instead of what you want, you will get a diagonal hole. After you have painted on paper the project of the future "designer" thing, it can be transferred to the jeans themselves with soap or pencil. The next step is actually the cuts. Put the inside of the pant legend, which was discussed above, and start creating! Denim is better to cut through one movement, so try to do everything clearly and confidently. Having made an incision, be sure to take care of its "decoration": if it turned out too neat, then let out a few threads and rub it with sandpaper - for more negligence. The appearance of jeans should scream that they broke accidentally. You can also add a few drops of style to the image, using a whitener such as Vanish: it will lighten and weave the fabric, making the resulting holes look even more "grunge". Sometimes you want something very glamorous: in this case, you need to remove all the longitudinal threads and release a few transverse - so you can make a beautiful fringe, as if from a glossy magazine. Well, if you overdo it and it's too sloppy or too long, just cut it. It happens that the soul asks for some unusual and creative solutions - the same can happen in the case of your jeans. As you already knew, there are many ways to make fashionable ragged jeans, and we want to tell you about one more thing. To implement it, you will need a small grater, pumice and awl. The beginning will be the same as in the previous version: come up with a sketch, which you can then transfer to jeans with soap. After that you will need to (well, but carefully!) Walk on them with a grater, and then treat the resulting holes with pumice stone. If in another way we suggested that you process the thread with a knife, then in this case use an awl to fluff them. On these jeans will look great stylish patches of lace, leather or colorful cotton. how to make ragged jeans with your own hands

Some useful tips

So, you probably already understood what to doragged jeans at home is quite simple - there would be a desire and a drop of creativity. However, that's not all: there are a lot of nuances, the presence of which distinguishes the spectacular design thing from the spoiled pair of jeans. Carefully read them, because it depends on the fate of your appearance! Before you "cut" a pair of pants, you need to know about some of the features that jeans fabric has. For example, if you make slots in narrow spaces, then they will stretch in the future, and in wide ones - on the contrary, they narrow. This fact must be taken into account when considering the size of your cuts. Now with regard to design. Naturally, ragged jeans - this is a huge space for creativity. However, if you do not have enough ready-made ideas, then we have already come up with everything for you. You can make the cuts a short distance from each other - you can even almost right. So you easily create the effect of careless rubbing, but it's important not to overdo it, otherwise you risk getting one big hole instead of your knee, for example. An alternative design option is also possible - when several holes are located chaotically and at a great distance from each other. This concept is called "rather pants than solid holes". Jeans remain careless and seemingly shabby, but at the same time quite accurate - this option is generally more suitable for free-sitting models. The most extreme design, when the incisions cover a fairly large area - for example, from the hip to the middle of the knee. In order to wear such a creation, you need a certain courage. If you have it, then go ahead - do not regret jeans fabric. When else can you feel like a freedom-loving rebel? Now a few words about choosing jeans for the application of their creative abilities. If you want the thing to look stylish and good, it's better to choose not very dense denim of a rather light shade - on it the cuts look beautiful and very much in the subject. Speaking about the model, you should not choose for design experiments classic jeans, which are perfectly tailored to the figure. The incisions also do not look at all on the flare type - it's tasteless, and you'll look like a dirty hippie-ragwort in them. Therefore, if you want to become the owner of a truly excellent option, it is better to make tattered and worn jeans from the "skinny" model or trousers of free or direct cut. If you want your image to be not only "torn", but also "grunge", then white splashes will give it the right color. You can apply them to your jeans with the same Vanish bleach (or the most ordinary "Whiteness"), a hard brush and a fine metal mesh. Before you start experimenting directly with the cloth, be sure to practice on the newspaper. Then take the mesh, put it on the denim and sprinkle the paint over the mesh. Finish by achieving the desired result (only do not overdo it with bleach - remember that it takes time to fully manifest). After the fabric brightens, rinse the jeans in the water to remove the remnants of chemicals. And in general, after finishing the process of producing ragged and battered jeans, it is recommended to wash them in the car - to fix and strengthen the desired effect. That's all. Now you can show off new things to your friends. None of them will guess that these fashionable jeans were made not by Italian designers, but by your hands - of course, if you do not tell us about it. Do not be surprised if they also want to get their own design thing. In any case, such jeans are universal and convenient - they can be supplemented with almost any outfit. We wish you to enjoy your new clothes! We advise you to read: