baby bath bombs Probably, it will not be possible to find any women,which would refuse from a hot bath. Bath is truly a unique invention of humanity - it can relieve tension after a hard day, but can also tone up, give strength. It all depends on what kind of bath you take. Bombs for baths are truly a wonderful thing! Once in the water they bubble and hiss creating a whirlpool effect, slowly release their natural aromatic ingredients and fill the bath with fantastic fragrances. Especially these little "pops" are popular with children, and even if your baby did not like water procedures before, be sure that with bath bombs your baby will just fall in love with bathing. Balls for baths can certainly be bought, but it's much more interesting to make bombs for the bathroom with your own hands. The lesson is very interesting, not labor-consuming and not at all expensive. If you have a child, we are confident that he will take part in this creative work with great pleasure and help you to make bomb baths for yourself with your hands. The big plus in making bombs with your own hands is that you will know what is in them, and therefore you will be sure that they are 100% composed of natural components. Still it will save, because the prices for bombs in stores are much higher than their real price.

Ingredients for bombs

What will be needed to make a bomb forbathroom with their own hands? In fact, not so much - recipes, ingredients, molds, and a little free time. Oh yeah, almost forgot - of course, you will need a wish! The main components that are used most often when creating bombs for baths are citric acid, soda and essential oils. In addition, various dyes can be used to give the bombs the desired color. On sale you can find a variety of forms - for every taste. True, they are often not expensive to stand. But it does not matter - it's quite possible to make a bomb for a bath at home, even if you do not have special molds. In this case, you can easily use the ice-freezing mold, chocolate candy mold, molds for children's kulichiki, etc. The effect of "effervescent balls" is absolutely independent of their shape. with my own bath bombs

Relaxing bath bombs

If you get tired at work, it's worthtry to make bombs that will help you as quickly and fully relax. There are many such recipes, but we offer you the most effective of them:

  • Lavender oil

First of all it is necessary to make a bomb fora bathroom with lavender oil and milk, which will fill the bathroom with a gentle dope and help you to relax. Lavender oil will easily relieve you of headache or fatigue after a hard day, will help calm down and relieve insomnia. For it, we need: soda (4 tablespoons), citric acid (2 tablespoons), milk powder (3 tablespoons), sea salt (1 tablespoon), grape seed oil (2 tablespoons), lavender oil (20 drops), dried lavender crushed (1 tablespoon). Preparation of the "fizzy ball" is simple - first mix and rub the soda and citric acid in any dish that is convenient for you. Then add the milk powder, pour the grape seed oil into the mixture. Stir thoroughly and add dry lavender and sea salt, drip lavender oil. From the nozzle, pour a little water into the mixture and mix. If the mixture begins to hiss and foam, do not add water any more. In the mold, pre-greased with any vegetable oil, lay out and tamp the resulting mixture. After 10-15 minutes, gently remove your bombs and leave them to dry for 5-6 hours. All you can with satisfaction is to take a miraculous bath.

  • Almond bath

Almond bath bomb is ideal for thosepeople who work a lot physically. After a hard day's work, such a bath will breathe new life into you. For its preparation you need four tablespoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of citric acid, 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 1 tablespoon of almond oil. If you want your bomb to be a beautiful lemon color, you can add a quarter teaspoon curry. Making this classic bath bomb is - in a glass or plastic bowl, mix all the ingredients - first soda with citric acid, and then add almond oil and if necessary a little water. Fold the resulting mass in a suitable sized mold and tamp. The similar bomb lasts about three days.

  • Mint bomb

If your main activity is mental, notdo without a mint bath bomb. True, its manufacture will require effort from you, but it's worth it. In the thermos, place five tablespoons of chopped soap, pour them with three tablespoons of boiling sunflower oil and leave for an hour, then use gauze to wring out the oil. Mix three tablespoons of soda and citric acid, add a mint oil and place the mass in the mold, leave to freeze - usually it takes 20-30 days.

Invigorating bath bombs

If you need not to relax, but cheer up,It is worth paying attention to other bombs for the bath. They perfectly tone up the body - in just 10-15 minutes you'll be as cheerful as ever. By the way, such baths can be taken in the morning, instead of showering. If, of course, you have free time.

  • Bottle with ylang-ylang oil

First of all it is necessary to make a bomb for the bathwith coffee and butter ylang-ylang, which will cheer you up and give you new strength. Ylang-ylang oil softens the skin, helps with healing of wounds and irritations on the body, normalizes blood pressure, and coffee gives vivacity and energy. You need citric acid (2 tablespoons), soda (4 tablespoons), starch (3 tablespoons), wheat germ oil (2 tablespoons), ground coffee (1 tablespoon), sea salt (1 table spoon), spoon), ylang-ylang oil (15 drops). Manufacturing is quite simple. Soda and citric acid should be carefully spooned in any convenient container, mix with starch mixture. Add the wheat germ oil and again mix everything thoroughly, pour the sea salt and ground coffee. Pour into the mixture the ylang ylang oil and mix well with the rest of the components of the future bomb. Spray a little water on the mixture - just do not overdo it. Take the mixture in the palm of your hand and squeeze it firmly. If the mixture falls apart, add some more wheat germ oil. Spread the mixture into molds pre-lubricated with vegetable oil and carefully tamp. After a few hours, take out the bombs and leave them to dry on a sheet of paper for 5-6 days.

  • Lemon Bomb

If you wake up very hard in the morning, you canto prepare lemon bombs for a bath. To make it simple, you will need only soda, citric acid and, of course, lemon. Fresh lemon grate together with zest, mix with soda and add a quarter of a teaspoon of citric acid. Pay attention - the reaction will begin immediately, so as soon as possible place the mixture in the mold and always cover it with plastic wrap. After five to six hours, shake the bomb out of the form on a sheet of paper, leave for a week. bomb baths


And you know that you can make bombs for a bathwith their own hands, which perfectly raise the mood? Problems at work? Do not people understand you, and the dog broke new tights? Instead of being angry with the whole world, go to the bath. Of course, after learning about how to make a bomb for a bath, which can eliminate your spleen.

  • Bombs with cinnamon

For example, you can prepare a bomb for a bathroom inhome conditions with cinnamon, coffee and cream, which has a wonderful toning effect, relieve you of depression and help wake up in the morning. You will need: dry cream or dry infant formula (1 tablespoon), citric acid (2 tablespoons), soda (4 tablespoons), cinnamon (1 tablespoon), coffee (1 tablespoon), glycerin or grape seed oil (2 tablespoons), any essential oil (15-20 drops). Mix carefully in a plate or mortar a citric acid, dry cream and soda. Add cinnamon powder and base oil (glycerin or grape seed oil) to the mixture. After thoroughly mixing, add any essential oil and ground coffee. Next, you need to add very little water with a sprayer. The resulting mixture should be laid in the molds well, ramming it. After 10-15 minutes, get your "pop" out of the molds and leave to dry for 5-6 hours. Do not make too much stock - better once a week to prepare a fresh batch.

  • Chocolate Bombs

At home, you can cook stunningbombs for the bath, which will not leave indifferent any of the fair sex - chocolate. There are different recipes, but we offer you the simplest, but not the worst. On a small grater, grate the tile of your favorite chocolate. It is possible dairy, it is possible bitter - the main thing that without nuts and raisins. Mix three tablespoons of baking soda, one and a half tablespoons of citric acid and three tablespoons of chocolate, add a little water and tamp the mixture into a mold. After a few hours, take out the bombs from the mold and spread them on paper - they will dry for about a day. Now that your bombs are ready, you can safely dial a bath of water, dip "effervescent balls" into it (one or two, it all depends on their size) and enjoy the creation of your own hands. Bombs are very cute bubbling in the water and bubble, filling your bathroom with useful and very pleasant fragrances. As a reward for your labors, you will get a delicate and fragrant skin, beautiful hair and a great mood, because essential oils are so useful for our body. Just remember that the temperature of the water in the bathroom should not be too hot, and the duration of the water procedure - no longer than 30 minutes. In the event that you have any diseases of the cardiovascular system, talk with your doctor in charge - it is possible that you are generally strictly prohibited from bathing. Also remember that this or that component of the bomb can lead to the development of an allergic reaction. Therefore, when choosing suitable recipes, carefully study the composition. If you make bombs for children, avoid strongly smelling essential oils. If the above recipes you like and you decide to make bomb baths constantly, do not be afraid to experiment with essential oils and additives for bombs, so you can create new masterpieces for your water procedures. The main thing to remember is that before using these or other essential oils, you should carefully read the instructions and do not overdo with the dosage. Create, try, experiment, create your own recipes and your life will be a little more interesting! We advise you to read: